Errors, Omissions and Obfuscation

Mohammed Said, CAS


207 paragraphs of defamatory libel when Said had knowledge, or ought to have had knowledge, of the truth

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History of Involvement

Paragraph_sentence Correction of false and/or misleading statement(s) with evidence-support truth added
11_01-02 || The Society has been involved in various capacities since 2013. All referrals relate to the mother’s mental health concerns. 11_01-02 || FALSE: The very first referral was due to severe domestic violence from Kiska being endured by Moore as documented in the CAS file.

All of the abuse endured by Moore and her children has been ignored by the CAS, perhaps because there are no physical bruises with Kiska’s form of abuse.

Child Protection Concerns

Paragraph_sentence Correction of false and/or misleading statement(s) with evidence-support truth added
12_01-3 || There is a long history of the mother’s mental health concerns impacting her ability to parent.

Ms. Moore has been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, with paranoia issues regarding her ex-husband.

Ms. Moore has been “formed” under the Mental Health Act many times.

12_01-3 || FALSE: Moore’s “history” of mental health concerns have been entirely abuse-driven and have only affected her ability to parent due to unwarranted, lengthy hospitalizations and incarcerations directly related to Kiska’s false collateral information and false allegations/testimony.

Moore’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder was entirely due to Kiska lying to psychiatrists about his emotional and verbal abuse: the term for that is “psychiatric abuse”. Kiska has attempted to have Moore formed (successfully and unsuccessfully) numerous times. More importantly from a child protection prospective, however, is the number of times that Moore brought herself to the hospital to seek refuge; and the answer to that is: EVERY TIME except for the first.

Any reference to paranoia has been due to the reliance on false collateral information supplied by Kiska and his companion sister.

Diagnoses that were not plagued with Kiska’s self-serving hearsay were situational and not chronic: Acute Adjustment Disorder, Brief Psychotic Disorder with marked stressors and Psychosis NOS. Moore has never exhibited ANY symptoms of mania or depression required for bi-polar disorder. Kiska fabricated all symptoms that lead to that diagnosis.

13_01-04 || When the mother is unwell, she believes the father is monitoring her and is a psychopath. 05_01-04 || FALSE: Moore has been informed, after describing Kiska’s behaviour to psychologists and counsellors, that it resembles that of a malignant narcissist (i.e. high-functioning sociopath). The suggestion by Dr. Drew Kingston regarding psychopathy may also be correct. Only a complete psychiatric examination would be able to determine from which of the so-called Cluster-B personality disorders explains his continuous emotional, psychological, psychiatric and financial abuse of Moore. The degree of maliciousness of his pathological lying throughout the divorce proceedings which initiated in 2013 is undeniable.

Moore and her children have had their Apple devices used for recording and gaslighting: this has been achieved via techniques such as “blue-jacking” and “blue-phishing”. Some examples of the Technology-assisted Stalking and Harassment that Moore has endured is currently being uploaded/described on Moore’s advocacy website at

14_01-02 || Ms. Moore presents as paranoid, with a pervasive believe that there is a conspiracy between Mr. Kiska, the Society, the police and judiciary to deprive her of her children and that her children are being physically and emotionally abused by Mr. Kiska, aided and abetted by the Society. Attached to this my Affidavit as Exhibit “B” is a copy of an e-mail sent July 13, 2020 from Ms. Moore to Society counsel Deborah Souder. 14_01-01 || FALSE. Kiska informed Moore’s parents that he would “go for the jugular” and “spend his last dollar” [to ruin her]. In no particular order: He participated in an eviction scam where all of her belongings were stolen. He lied to the court to get away with negligent financial support. He lied to psychiatrists to force lengthy hospitalizations for diseases that she does not have. He lied to police to force lengthy incarcerations. Now, he is lying to the courts so Moore is denied communication with her children forever. There is ZERO paranoia and 100% victimization by Kiska which has been fully enable by the CAS, the OPS and the Crown Attorney’s Office. The documentation of this reality is undeniable.

Moore had never once accused Kiska of physically abusing the children. Kiska enjoys the control that comes from emotional, psychological and financial abuse. It is in that way that he abuses Sean and Cate who have gone without a devoted mother for nearly two years for no valid reason whatsoever.

15_01-2 || Ms. Moore sends multiple emails directed to numerous community members, politicians, police officers and health professionals, and Society Workers who are not involved in her Family Law, Criminal Law or Child Protection Case. Attached to this my Affidavit as Exhibit “C” is a copy of an e-mail exchange between Ms. Moore, Mr. Kevin Haggerty the Editor of the Canadian Journal of Sociology and a professor at the University of Alberta and Inspector Dan Jones of the Edmonton Police Service which illustrates this point. 15_01-2 || Moore has been an advocate for mental resilience and fortitude since 2015. First through the CMHA and then through her own company, SAQOTU Inc. Raising awareness on the fragility of mental health is one of her company’s Mission Statements. She seeks to raise awareness through the Mental Health Commission of Canada and, in  2019, she attended the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting as an exhibitor.

She includes many in her e-mails so that they cannot claim ignorance of that which Kiska has done to her and her children. CAS Executive Director Kristen Moir, for example, who received a third party complaint from senior staff at the Elizabeth Fry Society regarding Kiska’s abuse of Moore and her children, will not be able to deny liability as she has been made fully aware of that which Said, Campbell, MacDougall and others have done.

She is also seeking assistance to stop that which Kiska and the CAS have done to her and her children. Kevin Haggerty was a close friend of Moore’s during high school: she reached out to him in case he knew of someone at the RCMP who could help as she was receiving no assistance from Ottawa Police Services.

16_01- || Ms. Moore believes that she is being targeted, “gang stalked” and terrorized by Mr. Kiska (with no evidence of this). She films and posts on-line her interactions with various professionals (CAS, bank employees, VIA Rail employees, etc). She makes ongoing threats to start civil actions, criminal prosecutions and actions against various professionals (myself, lawyers for the Society, various Justices of the Superior Court including Justice Beaudoin, Justice MacEachern, Justice Audet and Justice Engelking). Attached to this my affidavit as Exhibit “D” is a copy of an e-mail from Ms. Moore to Travellers Feedback dated August 28, 2020 and a copy of an e-mail from Ms. Moore to James Law Assistant Trial Co-ordinator SCJ Ottawa of the same date which illustrates the point. 16_01 || FALSE: Moore has abundance of evidence that she has been terrorized by Kiska. It is unlikely, however, that Kiska has the time nor the talent to harass Moore in EACH of the ways in which she has been “terrorized” so he has likely recruited assistance. For example, when all of the accounts in her RBC chequing payee list were changed to his so that she would inadvertently pay his bills, it was likely not Kiska but someone he had hired who did the “hacking”.

To pretend that individuals do not perform such tasks for retaliatory ex-spouses would be incredibly naive. It is common knowledge that police make themselves available for hire for the purpose of stalking and harassment . Technology hackers are a dime a dozen. These types of individuals are referred to as organized “gang-stalkers” and their techniques are very well documented . They are used by people such as Kiska because of their piranha-style of harassment which makes it difficult, but not impossible, for them to get caught. Kiska can them be in a position to say “she can prove that I was behind it”.

CAS employees, police officers, Crown attorneys and judges have disobeyed laws all to Moore’s demise; mostly, defamatory libel and offences related to false Affidavits. This is undeniable. (See details at paragraph 9 where Moore’s former lawyer Snir, and Judges Engelking and Shelston all ignored the rules on how to remove a lawyer from record. Plus, Moore’s Motion materials were limited to five or ten pages while Snir could file over 100. That hardly seems fair and that is exactly how Moore has been treated during her attempt at divorcing Kiska by multiple judges since 2015.) Whether they are gang-stalkers or terribly incompetent is impossible for Moore to know; however, she does have the right to seek damages and is currently actively involved in one such action. Everything has been stolen from her, including her children, her clothes, her dog and her cat. To not attempt to get everything back, including her reputation which has been decimated by years of co-ordinated character assassination, would be foolish.

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