Errors, Omissions and Obfuscation

Mohammed Said, CAS


207 paragraphs of defamatory libel when Said had knowledge, or ought to have had knowledge, of the truth

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The Society’s Attempts to Reach Out to Ms. Moore and her Responses

Paragraph_sentence Correction of false and/or misleading statement(s) with evidence-support truth added
64_1- || On August 6, 2019, I contacted the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre (OCDC) and left a voice message stating my request to visit Ms. Moore. I contacted the OCDC again on August 20, 2020 and left another voice message. Scott Monreau from the OCDC contacted me on August 27, 2019 and left a voice message asking me to call him back which I did on this day. I did not receive a call back. 64_1- || Said’s choice to play “phone tag” with prison staff do not constitute a real effort to reach out to the mother of two vulnerable children. He could have sent a letter to which she could have responded. Moore sent out a significant amount of mail during her unfair period of forced remand due to Kiska’s provably false allegations and also sent to the CAS 54-page fax detailing what had transpired to which she received never received any response.
65_1- || On November 11. 2019, I contacted the Elizabeth Fry Society residence where Ms. Moore was residing and requested to talk to Ms. Moore. I was advised by the receptionist that Ms. Moore was not present in the residence at the time. I left a message with the receptionist for Ms. Moore call me when she returned. I did not
received a call back from Ms. Moore.
65_1- || Moore never received any such message.
66_1- || On December 19, 2019, the Society’s lawyer Tara MacDougall and child protection worker Sara Brien (who was covering for me as I was on vacation) met with Ms. Moore and her legal counsel at the Court House. I have reviewed Ms. Brien’s contact log in which she indicates that she provided Ms. Moore with a list of parenting programming. Ms. Moore stated that she would like to work cooperatively with the Society and was happy to meet with the worker in January 2020. 66_1- || While Moore did meet briefly with replacement worker Sara O’Brien at the courthouse, no list of parenting programming was ever provided. Even if it were, it would be odd. She was the primary caregiver since the birth of her children in 2006/7 until 2016 and for two years thereafter. During 2017 and 2018, when Kiska chose to work instead of being with the children on his parenting days, she technically remained the primary caregiver until the unlawful child apprehension of 20190201. Moore’s parenting skills have never been questioned by anyone; nor should they have been.
67_1 || On March 20, 2020, I sent email to Ms. Moore acknowledging that she had expressed willingness to work cooperatively with the Society and that she was having difficulties getting to see a psychiatrist and that I would be happy to meet with her at her convenience and provide help. 67_1 || FALSE: Moore never expressed anything about any psychiatrist and has no record of any e-mail from Said on 20200320. Moore has never had a psychiatrist and has only received acute care from those whom operate out of The Ottawa Hospital and the Montfort Hospital.

Noteworthy is that Said stated in his 20191031 sworn Affidavit, that Moore had been admitted to the Royal Ottawa when, in fact, she never had.

68_1 || On March 25, 2020, I sent a follow up email to Ms. Moore reiterating my readiness to meet with her and help her to find a psychiatrist and to do anything else that I could to help her. 68_1 || FALSE: Said’s 20200325 e-mail to Moore is evidence that he fabricated and documented alleged statements in order to generate a false “paper trail”. His “follow-up” was a response to my attempt to reach the psychologist whom was supposed to participate in my self-requested psychiatric assessment to deal with the Crown scandalous NCR allegations. Said was simply leveraging the e-mail thread for his own purposes of continued unwarranted allegations about some chronic mental illness.
69_1- || On March 26, 2020, Ms. Moore responded to my emails with a subject “You are a terrorist” and stated that ” You sent me the attached e-mail which, like most of your correspondence, is pure nonsense”. Ms. Moore further stated in her email that she never received any list of parenting courses from anyone and that the suggestion
she required any is preposterous. Ms. Moore added that I illegally apprehended her two children in February 2019, that I illegally committed criminal defamation, perjury
and multiple crimes related to the fabrication of evidence and false affidavits. Ms. Moore stated that she was not in Ottawa. Ms. Moore stated that I and others employed by the CAS, the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, the Office of the Attorney General , Ottawa Police Service and others are terrorists.
69_1- || Moore’s 20200326 reply alerted to Said alerted him to the fact that by virtue of the definition of terrorist activities in the Criminal Code of Canada, he and others are guilty of [domestic] terrorism.
70_1- || Ms. Moore further stated in the above e-mail that she had alerted the American authorities in 2019 and she was reaching out to the authorities in Ireland, the United Kingdom, as well as the Canadian Embassy, that my group has not yet infiltrated. She said she began to contact thousands of people via Facebook and warned them of my group and that we were specifically targeting indigenous persons and African Canadians. She stated that she updated social workers, psychologists, teachers
throughout Ontario and across Canada on “your groups wicked practices”. Ms. Moore further stated she had been providing evidence by distributing printed materials throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe since her arrest in July 2019. She said she contacted a group of victims in Ottawa to join her in a class action against, not just the CAS but all members of “your group”.
70_1- || Moore has been simultaneously exposing:

    • the gross negligence of the CAS,
    • the emotional/psychological abuse of herself and her children carried out by the CAS and
    • seeking assistance internationally

since 2019 because she has received zero assistance from Ottawa Police Services. (The specific contents of Moore’s e-mail are viewable at paragraph 69.)

71_1- || On April 9, 2020, Ms. Moore sent me e-mail inquiring how her children were doing and asking when and how I intend to return her children to her care. Ms. Moore was communicating from Mexico. On April 15, 2020, I responded assuring that her children were doing very well, that they were doing their school work on line and that their academic standing had improved, and that Cate was consistently doing Math tutoring which she loves and her marks in Math have gone up and that at the end of
the tutoring session she participated in a swimming program.
71_1- || OBFUSCATION: Moore heard nothing more from Said until she received an e-mail from The John Howard Society’s worker, Sue McHenry, stating that for some reason Said was attempting to reach her through them.

The 20200409-20200504 e-mail thread to which Said refers in paragraphs 71 to 77 demonstrates how each CAS employee (Mohammed Said, his former supervisor (Isabel Guindon), his current supervisor (Kelly White) and CAS lawyer Tara MacDougall) chose to ignore evidence of severe domestic violence being endured by Moore and her children.

72_1- || Regarding Ms. Moore’s second question about involvement in her children’s life, I advised her that I would like to know what she was doing to address her mental health condition and that it would be helpful if she was seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist or a general physician and could provide me with consent to speak to
them. I added that once we are able to understand how her mental health is doing, we can begin discussions about what sort of contact she could have with the children and that the children’s views and preferences would be sought through their OCL. I added that – at that point- her contacts could start with exchange of letters and photos as an example. I stated that, due to COVID -19 restrictions, I was unable to meet with her in person and offered to set up a telephone call or virtual video chat meeting at her convenience.
72_1- || Moore’s “mental health condition” is and has always been situational, not chronic: she has been driven into a state of psychosis multiple times when enduring Kiska’s abuse of her and/or her children as fully described in Dr. Iris Jackson’s 20180327 Opinion to which the CAS has had access for three-and-a-half years. Evidence of Kiska’s severe forms of emotional, psychological, psychiatric and financial abuse is abundantly clear throughout her medical files, police files, CAS files and divorce files. Said’s perpetuation of some chronic mental illness serves one purpose only: his client’s deplorable divorce strategy.

Said’s CONFLICT OF INTEREST is undeniable.

73_1- || On April 18, 2020, Ms. Moore responded to my email and stated that my email indicates that I have no capacity to reason and that she already knows I have
absolutely no compassion and that if I have no capacity to reason and have no ability to feel compassion then ” you are more like a sociopath than a human being. Ms. Moore provided several reasons why I have not been arrested yet.
73_1- || Correct: The specific contents of Moore’s e-mail are viewable at paragraph 71.
74_1- || On April 24, 2020, Ms. Moore sent an e-mail to my former supervisor, Isabelle Guindon requesting a new case worker for the family file. She stated that Mohammed Said is a pathological liar that fabricates evidence, lies in affidavits and despite all evidence to the contrary, continues to purport that she has chronic mental health issues. 74_1- || OBFUSCATION: Moore has been requesting a new case worker from Isabel Guindon (“Guindon”) since 20190619 but only received trespassing threats if she asked in person or no response whatsoever if she asked by phone or e-mail. She only learned that Said had a new “supervisor” on 20200427 as viewable in the e-mail thread at paragraph 71.
75_1- || On April 27, 2020, my supervisor, Kelly While, responded to Ms. Moore’s email mentioned above and stated that she had the opportunity to review her family’s file and that there is no evidence of inappropriate behaviour contained within and that we will be happy and welcoming to hear from her and her doctors regarding the
status of her mental health and that we continue to want to work cooperatively with her towards addressing the protection concerns. Ms. White stated that she will not
be changing the worker at this time and that the Society would like to support her in addressing the outstanding the child protection concerns and potentially help her to
re-establish a relationship with the children.
75_1 || Correct: Kelly White has also chosen to remain wilfully blind of that which Said has done to her family.

CAS does not have the competence to acknowledge domestic-violence-without-the-bruises or understand that there is no “treatment plan” for abuse other than fleeing the abuser. (Sadly, Moore’s children have been forced to remain with Kiska; to young to recognize the type of psychological abuse that Kiska enjoys most … gaslighting. 

76_1- || On April 28, 2020, Ms. Moore responded to Ms. While asking if Ms. White has a psychiatrist and/or a psychologist that she might be able to speak with to assess Ms. White’s behaviour and/or motivation. Ms. Moore further asked if Ms. White has spoken with my psychiatrist and/or psychologist and that I clearly show the characteristics of being a full-fledged sociopath who should in no way be working anywhere near children. 76_1- || Correct: though I am not a physician, I have studied enough to know that pathological lying is a symptom of an underlying mental illness.
77_1- || On May 4, 2020, the Society’s legal counsel, Tara MacDougall sent e-mail to Ms. Moore and stated that she was responding on behalf of supervisor Kelly While
regarding change of the case worker and that Ms. White has chosen not to change workers on her family file. Ms. MacDougall further stated that if she disagreed with
the Society’s position that she has a mental health condition, the fastest and easiest way of moving forward would be to see a family doctor and/or a psychiatrist and
provide consent for the person to speak to the Society about their professional assessment of her mental health. Ms. MacDougall advised Ms. Moore to use the Society’s complaint process as explained in the attached brochure if she has a complaint about the way her family’s file is being handled.
77_1- || The 20200409-20200504 e-mail thread to which Said refers at paragraphs demonstrates how each CAS employee (Mohammed Said, his former supervisor (Isabel Guindon), his current supervisor (Kelly White) and CAS lawyer Tara MacDougall) chose to ignore evidence of severe domestic violence being endured by Moore and her children.
78_1- || On July 10, 2020, child protection worker, Kristin Moir, send e-mail to Ms. Moore, respectfully asking her to delete Ms. Moir from her contact list and that she has never been involved in her CAS matter and that she has never met her, her ex-husband or her children and that she has no knowledge of her family file or
anything pertaining to herself or her children. Ms. Moir added that she would not read her e-mails, would just delete them upon receipt and that she would have better
luck if she directed her requests to the correct personnel, Mr. Said and Ms. White. Ms. Moore continue to keep Ms. Moir in her contact list.
78_1- || FALSE: Kristen Moir (“Moir”) is not a child protection worker. She is the Executive Director who received a formal child protection concern against Kiska from an Elizabeth Fry Society employee whom had reviewed my court documents, medical files and evidence in December 2019.

Moore included Moir in most correspondence so that she could not deny liability by claiming that she had no knowledge of the ongoing abuse of Moore’s children and herself, when she definitely did.

Furthermore, at the time, Moore was receiving nothing but “delivery failure” receipt from both Said and White as discussed at paragraph (link to evidence)

79_1- || On July 13, 2020, the Society’s legal counsel, Deborah Souder, sent e-mail to Ms. Moore advising her not include her or any staff from Ottawa CAS in e-mails that pertain only to family law matters, and that the Society has no role to play in the financial aspects of her separation such as property valuations division of property and support issues and should not be privy to personal financial information about her or any other party. Ms. Moore continued to ignore this request. For example, on July 17, 2020, Ms Moore sent e-mail to Ms. Souder regarding updated valuation of the matrimonial home. 79_1- || The CAS is well aware of the manner in which Kiska has abused Moore financially to the point of “homelessness”* and impoverishment. It has chosen to ignore the undeniable facts to demise of Moore and her children.

*Importantly, and completely misreported in both CAS files and OPS files, Moore remains a 50% owner of the matrimonial home situated at 1244 Lampman in which Kiska currently unlawfully enjoys while Moore is denied access because she is:

  • forced to abide by CAS’s illegally-obtained, restraining-order conditions which it slipped into the 20190226 Motion at Kiska’s request.
  • forced to abide by conditions in her 20201013 Released Order which were slipped in by a Superior Court Judge who was duped by Crown prosecutors who provided false information to the court.
80_1- || At one point I counted about 37 individuals in a e-mail thread with the subject “Tampering with Evidence || FW: Kiss your $70M/yr goodbye … || RE: More
Evidence || FW: PS. Power of Attorney || FW: 20200828 Assignment Court Documents || RE: Pardon? || RE: Witnesses || FW: C.A.S v V. M. and J. K.”. Some of these include the Attorney General, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Bianco, Aldina Russell, Tara MacDougall and Deborah Souder (CAS lawyers), Bonnie Stafford (CAS Unit Assistant), Kristin
Moir and myself (CAS CPW), Deborah Scholey (OCL), Shuah, Patric, Daniel Gervais, Bender A and Daoust from Ottawa
police and James Law @
80_1- || Given the severity of the CAS’s gross negligence, Moore has informed as many associated parties as reasonably possible with the hope that someone will be in a position to take action.

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