Errors, Omissions and Obfuscation

Mohammed Said, CAS


207 paragraphs of defamatory libel when Said had knowledge, or ought to have had knowledge, of the truth

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Efforts to Arrange for Ms. Moore’s Access with her Children

Paragraph_sentence Correction of false and/or misleading statement(s) with evidence-support truth added
81_1-2 || In consultation with the father, Jonathan Kiska, Ms. Moore’s access with her children Sean and Cate was scheduled on Wednesdays from 5:15 PM to 6:15 PM, fully supervised at the Society office. Mr. Kiska committed to drive the children back and forth to access. 81_1-2 ||  Moore was never informed of any weekly access appointments at any point in time. It is highly unlikely that since Kiska refused to answer the phone for six months to permit any communication between Moore and her children that he would commit to driving the children to spend time with her.
82_1- || Immediately after the court appearance on February 27, 2019, I approached Ms. Moore in front of Court Room 23 and stated that arrangements have been made by the Society for her to see Sean and Cate on this day (February 27, 2019). Ms. Moore stated that she has nothing to do with me and refused to discuss the matter. 82_1- || Moore would never have turned down any opportunity to see her children: this statement is false.

Noteworthy is that this illegally-obtained 20190227 court order was granted for Oral Reasons Given (not refutable testimony served in advance) and Moore was, again, not permitted to be heard by the court.

83_1 || On April 8, 2019, Ms. Moore left me a voice message and was referring to the court appearance on this day and stated that what terrified her was that her kids are in the care of John Kiska and under the supervision of the CAS.

83_2 || Ms. Moore further stated that she was advised by the judge to contact me and obtain full information about
the “threats and depth of the supervision order under which John Kiska will care for the children.” In fact, in Court, the Honourable Justice Linhares de Sousa advised Ms. Moore to contact me if she wanted to see her children.

83_1- || Ms. Moore did not ask to see her children until May 16, 2019. Throughout this period, Ms. Moore contacted me several times but never inquired how her children were doing nor did she express interest in seeing them.

83_1 || FALSE: On 20190408:

  • forced to attend the hearing while detained by telephone because Justice MacLeod refused her request for an adjournment,
  • when Moore had zero chance to prepare as she had been falsely accused by Quebec Provincial Police merely hours before she was schedule to appear against the CAS on 20190314 and forcibly detained
  • as the CAS and Justice Shelston* jammed through some obviously back-dated 20190314 substituted service order (so that Moore would not receive any materials)
  • so that the CAS could “not really serve” a 20190312 Amended Application (which Moore would know nothing about)
  • and then the CAS could “not really serve” a 20190313 Amended Amended Application (which Moore would know nothing about)
  • as the “Honourable” Justice Calum MacLeod stated “The court finds that the mother, Deirdre Moore, is in default of these proceedings!! on the scandalous 20190408 FINAL child protection order!!

Moore stated to the court (not Said) on that day that she was not sure which terrified her most: care by Kiska or Supervision by the CAS … and for good reason!! (She should have added “justice served by SCJ judges.)

83_2 || FALSE & FALSE: Justice MacLeod, not de Sousa, suggested that Moore obtain information on the breadth (not threats) and the depth of the CAS supervision. As per Said’s own admission at paragraph 202, Kiska’s behaviour has become aggressive even though he has accomplished everything that he wants: the matrimonial home, the children, Moore out of his life and, most importantly, 95% of his income.

Kiska no longer needs to exploit the CAS: it saved him tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. With Moore nearly fully removed from his life, the real Kiska—to which school principal Aisling O’Donnell was referring (see bottom three lines of CAS file entry)—is now beginning to reveal himself to the CAS. Who will protect Sean and Cate, now? Following years of crime, their devoted mother is nowhere to be found and they do not even know the real reasons why.

83_3 || OBFUSCATION: Said is well aware (see exhibit from his 20190801 Affidavit)that Moore was arrested merely hours before the 20190314 CAS hearing, detained for six weeks unnecessarily and found not guilty 0n 20190429 after his malicious 20190408 court order was granted without her being heard. It took several days for her to recover her valuables and possessions from the police and following her:

  • false arrest,
  • forced detention,
  • bizarre hospitalization (where she was fully ignored by Dr. Paule Kemgni (“Kemgni”) even though Moore begged her to review the medical files that she (arranged to have couriered) to the hospital)
  • Kemgni’s extended detention up until the day after her scheduled 20190408 court appearance described at 83_1),
  • Kemgni’s NCR assessment based entirely upon the self-serving hearsay of Kiska and his companion sister as readily admitted on page 2 of her scandalous report. That she had zero appreciation for the problem with basing an opinion entirely upon the hearsay combative divorcee was grossly negligent, at a minimum.

she was very nervous about returning to Ottawa in case she would be falsely accused of something worse! (With good reason: that with which she is currently stands accused by Kiska described in the (insert link)

Perhaps Moore did not ask Said to see the children; however she certainly attempting to speak with the children and also couriered to them birthday and best little sister gifts. She still has not received confirmation that Kiska ever gave them to Sean and Cate, though they were retrieved.

*Note that Justice Shelston is the judge, along with Justice Engelking, whom permitted family lawyer Gonen Snir to be removed from record in the most illegal of ways.

84_1- || On May 16, 2019, Ms. Moore emailed me stating that she would be in town from May 27-31 and requesting a visit with her children be scheduled. Ms. Moore further added in her email “you are finished, as is Kiska. It’s just a matter of time”. I emailed Ms. Moore back and stated that the Society will make the necessary arrangements
for her to have a visit with the children.
84_1- || My animosity towards Said and Kiska is no secret. They have both intentionally inflicted an incredibly degree of emotional suffering and mental harm on my children and me.

Visitation supervisor Jenn Campbell (“Campbell”) dodged my calls and e-mails until finally a pre-visitation meeting was book four weeks later for 20190619.

85_1- || On May 17, 2019, Ms. Moore left me a voice mail message and stated that she was curious as to when her visit with the children would be. She also told me that she was in the United States for a psychiatric conference and that she would issue a lawsuit against the Society. Ms. Moore further stated that she would be in Ottawa to collect her belongings and work on some banking issues. 85_1- || Clarification: Waiting for a visit to be scheduled with her children, Moore remained in the United States with a focus on rebuilding her career. During her networking efforts, she learned that the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association was scheduled to occur in San Francisco. There were a few spots which remained open and her company, SAQOTU Inc., was accepted as an exhibitor and she met with psychiatrists and VAW supporters from around the world.
86_1- || On June 11, 2019, the principal of Sir Winston Churchill school, Wanda Mills-Boone, contacted me by telephone. She referred to one of the numerous emails from Ms. Moore, which are sent to many individuals in the community, indicating her intention to send flowers to her daughter Cate and her plans to attend the school’s upcoming Fun Day. Ms. Mills-Boone stated to me that due to the Court Order, she advised Ms. Moore against sending flowers and attending the Fun Day and that she has notified the school resource officer (SRO) of this information as well. 86_1- || Until 20190627, Moore had never even received a copy of the illegally-obtained 20190408 court order. She did received a very brief, abruptly-ended call from her daughter whom cried “Aren’t you even going to come to my graduation?!” and then was forced by Kiska to end the call.

Moore immediately attempted to find some way to let her daughter know that she had not abandoned her as was apparently being claimed by Kiska. She thought that sending flowers would be possible; however, the CAS/school denied a simple bouquet of flowers from an alienated mother to her distraught and emotionally-tortured daughter.

87_1- || On June 19, 2019, Ms. Moore attended the Society’s office and met with CYC Jenn Campbell in order to take the first steps towards arranging an access visit between herself and the children. After her meeting with Ms. Campbell, Ms. Moore requested to meet with me, and I made myself available. Ms. Moore stated and pretended that she was taking a picture of the date February 5, 2019 (the date of the children’s placement under the father’s care) on her calendar. In fact, Ms. Moore took my photo and secretly recorded the conversation and posted a video of this on LinkedIn and YouTube. As a result of this, I directed my legal counsel to write to Ms. Moore to inform her that I had not consented to this recording and that she should remove any photos or videos of me off the internet immediately. 87_1- || Moore’s audio recording of Said on 20190619 provides evidence that he violating the CYFSA on 20190201 when he unlawfully apprehended her children without a warrant when they were not in danger: Moore’s dates were off by one week*; however, the other details were accurate:

Following the unlawful child apprehension, Said forged lawyer Tara MaDougall’s signature and lied in his 20190405 Affidavit to, for no lawful reason, remove Moore from the lives of her vulnerable children. Accordingly, Moore took Said’s photograph because she believes that he is a criminal of whom others should be warned so that they can better protect themselves and their families. Moore has shared this photograph with other victims of Said’s.

*Her paperwork, journals and agendas were stolen from her during her forced detention at Laval Leclerc 20190409-20190429 prior to her being found not guilty.

88_1- || On June 20, 2019, I had a home visit with Mr. Kiska and the children. Sean and Cate stated to me that they were willing to have access with their mother and that they were looking forward to seeing her. I explained that there are rules and directions for access visits for everyone to ensure children enjoy their access with parents in a
safe and healthy environment. Sean and Cate understood that there are also consequences if such rules are not followed.
88_1- || Unknown
89_1- || Ms. Moore’s access with Sean and Cate was scheduled to occur on June 26, 2019 at 5:30 PM. It was agreed that Ms. Moore would attend the CAS office 30 minutes earlier (at 5 PM) to meet with Ms. Campbell. 89_1- || Ms. Moore was prepared for her visit and brought gifts for the children. According to Said’s previous Affidavit, her children were excited to see her as well. Her visit was unfairly cancelled by Jenn Campbell, however, when she colluded with Kiska to create a new rule by which she would have to abide: confiscation of her cell phones.

Moore offered to leave her cell phones turned off and outside of the room; however, given the evidence stored on each phone and the amount of theft that she had endured (including two iPhones that she had purchased for her children which were confiscated by Kiska during 201902) she did not want to risk losing them.

Moore was prepared to follow every rule that was detailed in the guidelines provided to her and discussed at length on 20190619. Campbell’s arbitrary cancellation of Moore’s visit was incredibly cruel to Moore’s children and Moore. Campbell failed to uphold the paramount purpose of the CYFSA, to promote the best interests, protection and well-being of children, on that day in order to appease Kiska.

90_1- || On April 29, 2020, Ms. Moore sent an e-mail asking to be assured that her son Sean would receive his birthday gifts and her daughter Cate would receive her best-little-sister gifts by May 8, 2020 without any consequence to her for violating some “illegally-obtained” court order and/or bail condition. 90_1- || Insert link to e-mail
91_1- || I contacted the father, John Kiska by email on May 1, 2020 and referred to Ms. Moore’s e-mails asking for the children to be returned to her care, to be allowed to be involved with them and requesting to be allowed to send gifts to the children. I assured Mr. Kiska that Ms. Moore’s mental issues are a protection concern, however, I stated that the Society would facilitate delivery of the mother’s gifts to the children should he agree. 91_1- || Unknown
92_1- || On May 1, 2020, Mr. Kiska contacted me by phone and stated that he read my e-mail and believes that any direct or indirect contact of the mother with the children is breach of the court order, including providing gifts to the children through CAS. Mr. Kiska added that he believes giving gifts to the children will only create anxiety for the children and that it illustrates that mom is not around. Mr. Kiska further stated that it would have been OK if mom was dealing with her mental health condition and something like this would have given a good impression to the children but that it would not create any positive experience and that the children would get annoyed when they realized that mom was in Mexico and they would say, they thought mom has no money and would ask why mom was spending money in Mexico and not on rent so they could visit her. 92_1 || This paragraph evidences how Kiska is not remotely interested in the best interests of the children. He has said and done everything to prevent contact any form of contact and Said has fully enabled Kiska ongoing emotional torture.

Moore lived in Mexico for two months because it was incredibly cheap to do so and she was running out of money: Kiska had not made his measly $1,230/month spousal support payment since February 2020.

93_1- || On May 4, 2020, Ms. Moore sent e-mail to Tara MacDougall regarding change of workers and sending gifts to the children and stated that Ms. MacDougall’s e-mail was laden with errors, omissions and malicious obfuscation as usual and that she does not believe Ms. MacDougall has the Power of Attorney for Kelly White and, therefore, her response has little value. Ms. Moore added that Ms. MacDougall’s information about process and complaints is vague and devoid of meaningful information and that the organization has abused her children, not protected them. 93_1-|| Likely correct and incredibly accurate: link to evidence
94_1- || On June 22, 2020, I received an e-mail message from Dr Perkins stating that the mother’s demands and e-mails to their clinic have escalated despite her response to redirect her to CAS and that they would like to clarify the access rights for the non-custody parent in this case and that the Canadian Medical Protection Association (CMPA) is represented by lawyer Corey Willard to assist her in determining the best next steps to manage this situation. 94_1- || Kiska has not been awarded sole custody of Sean and Cate. Furthermore, what possible harm was their in Dr. Perkins informing Moore of their basic health? What possible “child protection concern” is created by a mother showing concern for her children via their doctor?! Moore has been unfairly denied her right to know about their well-being for 21 months when she was their primary caregiver for their entire lives. link to evidence
95_1- || Ms. Moore has had no access/contact with her children since they were removed from her care in February 2019 and placed in the father’s care. She had not asked to see her children until May 16, 2019. Between May 16, 2019 and June 26, 2019, the Society made several attempts to facilitate her access and she refused to abide by the rules and directions of the Family Visitation Program and the visit that was scheduled on June 26, 2019 was cancelled while the children were waiting in the designated area of the Society’s premises. 95_1- || The CAS’s horrific treatment of Moore and her children between 20190516-20190626 was discussed at paragraph 89_1.
96_1-2 || On October 15, 2020, Ms Moore left me a voice message and sent me an email message stating that she has been prevented from communicating with her children for over 19 months and that she would like to see them on that afternoon or the following day. Ms Moore attached court order and said the order is ” permitting me to have immediate access to Sean and Cate”. Ms Moore attached copy of the court order attached as Exhibit “I”. 96_1-2 || Note how paragraphs 96-98 completely contradict that which Said claimed at paragraph 185_1 where he states “I have had no contact with Ms. Moore and have not received any e-mails from her since September [2020], so I am uncertain whether she remains in custody or not.”


97_1 || On October 16, 2020, Ms Moore sent me an e-mail asking me to respond to her previous e-mail and that she would like to see her children on this same day. 97_1 || Addressed at paragraph 96.
98_1- || I could not respond to Ms Moore until October 19, 2020 as I was out of town for a Team Building Day the whole day on October 16, 2020. On this day, I sent an e-mail yo Moore, acknowledged receipt of her communication of October 15 and 16, 2020 and indicated why I was not able to respond in a timely fashion. I stated to Ms Moore, in my email, that I would meeting with her at the Society office on Telesat and proposed 3 dated for her to choose whatever works for her. 98_1- || Why did Said fail to mention that I chose the first available date: Tuesday, October 20th at 3:30 p.m. and met with him at that time with legal representative Shawn Ferron.

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