as of December 16, 2020

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Bail Variation Consent Form

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  1. Remove condition #1: Report to Ottawa Police Service by Phone (613-236-1222) every Wednesday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and call in as required commencing October 14, 2020.
    • This condition adds zero value for community safety: accused could be phoning in from anywhere. It only provides Crown/OPS with the opportunity to re-arrest accused if, while enduring massive fraud and harassment, she forgets to phone or, as Detective Gervais already proved, even if she does not. (insert link to threat of re-arrest)
  2. Change condition #2: Reside at either The Ottawa Inn at 215 Montreal Road, Ottawa, Ontario, or at its associated residence at 251 Hannah Street, Ottawa, Ontario, or 255 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, Ontario and do not move from theses addresses without prior approval from the Court. TO >> Reside within 100 km of the Ottawa Courthouse.
    • The complainant’s illegally-obtained, below-poverty-level, court-ordered spousal support of $1,230 is six months overdue, an accused is now receiving Ontario Works. She may soon be facing homeless/emergency shelters. Ontario Works has stated that they are placing people outside of the City of Ottawa because of the high demand for shelters and the limited supply. The change in this condition would permit Ontario Works (Ottawa) to transfer the accused to any number of shelters that it is using.
  3. Remove condition #3: Remain in your residence daily between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. EXCEPT for medical emergencies involving you or a member of your immediate family (spouse, child, parent, sibling).
    • None of the allegations/charges, even if they were legitimate, have anything to do with evening hours: it is simply another burden that could lead to an accidental breach.
  4. Change condition #4: Remain in the City of Ottawa TO >> Remain in the Province of Ontario
    • See explanation at #2 above
  5. Change condition #6: Do not communicate in any way either directly or indirectly, by any physical, electronic or other means, with the following: Jonathan Kiska, Sean Kiska and Cate Kiska EXCEPT with Sean Kiska or Cate Kiska only if approved in advance and in writing by the CAS or pursuant to a family court order made after today’s date. BY REPLACING “today’s date” with “October 13, 2020” and BY ADDING EXCEPT with Jonathan Kiska for the service of legal documents.
  6. Change condition #7: Do not be within 500 metres of any place where you know any of the person(s) named above to live, work, go to school, frequent or any place you know the person(s) to be EXCEPT for required court appearances EXCEPT
    • pursuant to a family court order made after today’s date [AND]
    • only if approved in advance and in writing by the CAS or pursuant to a family court order made after today’s date BY REPLACING “today’s date” with “October 13, 2020 OR” and BY REMOVING THE SECOND BULLET as it is no longer relevant and/or is redundant (as well as utterly ridiculous as everyone knows that the accused is simply the victim of taxpayer-funded domestic violence and child abuse.) and BY ADDING “for the purpose of picking up or returning her dog and/or her cat”.


    • Following the unlawful apprehension of her children on February 1, 2019, (insert link to Mohammed Said page) the accused’s children asked her if the pets could live with them until they were re-united. (None of them realized that they would be terrorized for the next two years.) The accused would like to be able to pick up her pets from time to time, take her dog for a walk and bring them to the vet (if she can afford it) to ensure her pets are in good health. The Complainant denied her children the pets that they had always wanted for years: he is not a fan of animals and always lied to the children by saying that he was allergic to them (insert Father’s Day video with testimony from daughter Cate). The likelihood that they require some sort of care/medication/parasite treatment is significant.
  7. Remove condition #8: Do not attend at within 500 metres of 1244 Lampman Crescent in Ottawa.
    • It is redundant. Plus, if the Complainant is imprisoned, then the accused can move back into her $1M+ matrimonial home (1244 Lampman Crescent) where the Complainant is currently emotionally and psychologically torturing their children, at a minimum.
  8. Remove condition #10: Do not possess any weapon(s) as defined by the Criminal Code (for example, but not limited to, a pellet gun, firearm, Imitation firearm, cross-bow, prohibited or restricted weapon or device, ammunition or explosive substance or anything designed to be used or intended for use to cause death or injury or to threaten or intimidate any person).
    • The accused has zero history of weapons or violence: the Complainant’s allegations of criminal harassment were simply a vehicle for ensuring that she was denied bail (with prosector Mike Boyce’s help) so that he and the CAS could march forward with their wicked plans to circumvent all of the evidence in the 11-volume divorce file FC-15-2446 and rip the accused from the lives of her vulnerable children. (insert illegal 20201211 order #1) (insert illegal 20201211 order #1) and link to CAS SJM page
  9. Remove condition #11: You shall at your own expense be subject to GPS monitoring by Recovery Science Corporation (RSC) which shall include:
    1. entering into RSC’s GPS monitoring device at all times;
    2. wearing RSC’s GPS monitoring device at all times;
    3. permitting RSC to install supplementary equipment and to inspect, replace and maintain equipment as it deems necessary;
    4. complying with RSC leave notification and battery charging requirements; and
    5. cooperating fully with RSC staff.
    • As described at E. the complainant is not paying his court-ordered support so the accused may soon have difficulty paying for the ankle bracelet. Plus, she never should have been denied bail in the first instance: Crown prosecutor Mike Boyce lied to the court when he stated that the accused not permitted to communicate with the complainant. In fact, the accused was court ordered to co-operate with the Complainant: it was HE who violated the 20190408 court order for six months. (insert transcript from 20190727 Bail Hearing)
  10. If condition #11 is not removed, change condition #12: Notwithstanding any order terminating or varying these terms, you shall continue to abide by these terms until Recovery Science Corporation confirms that it has received notice of the termination or variation directly from the Crown, police, or court staff. [emphasis added by DM]



Perjury, Defamatory Libel, Conspiracy to Prosecute, Obstructing Justice