The Enterprise of the Mental Health Commission of Canada

I had 500 of these postcards printed in February 2020 and for several weeks I mailed them to multiple people who work as counsellors, therapists and others; primarily throughout Ontario. I also distributed them to retail shops at the Rideau Centre and the St. Laurent Shopping Mall in Ottawa including high-end make-up counters at the Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart. I met so many women who had similar stories. Clearly, one need not depend on any assistance from the Mental Health Commission of Canada to raise awareness on the machinations of narcissists and the fragility of mental health when in an abusive relationship. On foot, I distributed hundreds of these cards and the list of individuals to whom I mailed this postcard to is _.

January – May 2020

As of April 30, I still have no meaningful feedback from this organization as detailed here. The attachments to this e-mail are:

  • Her blank MS Excel “Scoring Matrix” shown here.
  • A copy of the Spark application guide shown here.
  • Just my e-mail of the previous day here.

The frustrating exchange of non-information continued with Alexa Bol on 20200429 as evidenced here.

(Fact-check: did it get deemed as junk so I never saw it? How could Outlook’s mail management be that smart?) After waiting for ten weeks and still not receiving any feedback, I sent another e-mail to Alexa Bol on April 29, 2020 which is here.

FOURTH request for feedback on rejected application: 20200217 9:50 a.m. e-mail requesting feedback* is here.

Again, I received no delivery receipt (similar to previous week), so again I re-sent my e-mail from a different address* which was not blocked.

February 10, 2020 e-mail to this group is here.


  • My 20191205 application to MHCC’s knowledge exchange program, SPARK:
    • Formatted version of my application is here.
    • My online application is here.
    • Application guide is here.
    • 20191129 response from MHCC regarding the submission deadline is here.
  • Pointless attempts to receive feedback for the rejection of my application are _:
  • My 2016 application to its knowledge exchange program SPARK is _.

*I use multiple e-mail accounts because of all the 2017-2019 hacking that I endured: ewake and abol did not seem to anticipate that.