Independent Psychiatric Assessment from Royal Ottawa Hospital

  Event Date Evidence Type Request Status Group Participant
1. Evidence that Prosecutor Malcolm Savage (“Savage”) has been actively seeking an NCR (Not Criminally Responsible) verdict for multiple crimes that I did not commit (and of which he has an abundance of evidence of same). multiple transcripts work-in-progress Affidavit of crimes committed by Savage discussion
2. Evidence that former defence attorney, Joseph Addelman (“Addelman”), spent countless hours convincing me that I should undergo a voluntary psychiatric assessment because it would work to my advantage.  multiple e-mail threads work-in-progress Affidavit of crimes committed by Addelman
3. Evidence that I prepared, signed and submitted a witnessed consent form to Joseph Addelman in order to comply with his self-serving advice. (He is involved in a “lay-it-on/dial-it-down” fraud against Legal Aid Ontario with Crown prosecutors whereby his pockets are stuffed with taxpayer dollars as he “defends” innocent victims.) 20200108 document 20200108 signed/witnessed SAQOTU Inc. consent form discussion
4. Evidence that Addelman, Savage and Aitken went behind my back to issue a very “different kind of court order”: page 3, paragraph 5-10, “I don’t think my client has to sign anything”. 20200109 transcript 20200109 transcript discussion
5. Evidence of the degree to which viewing a copy of the 20200109 was denied until I eventually threatened to bring <i>another</i> Application. (This evidence is a work-in-progress and not a current priority.) 20200123 e-mail Request to receive copy of 20200109 Court Order discussion
6. Evidence that Aitken ignored the voluntary nature of my request illegally prepared and unlawful court order 20200109 Court Order 20200109 illegally-prepared, unlawful court order discussion
7. Evidence that Aitken ignored the voluntary nature of my request and claimed that the “court found … “ ongoing Affidavit work-in-progress Affidavit of crimes committed by Aitken discussion
8. Evidence that Aitken refused to amend the misleading court order which is currently being used against me (along with her scandalous by the terrorists currently operating through the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa 20200614 Assignment Court Brief (page 5, para 5) CAS scandalous Assignment Court Brief discussion
9. Evidence that Justice Alder refused to amend the misleading court order 20200226 transcript currently awaiting transcript from CAS which refuses to provide to me a copy of its court-submitted documents discussion
10. Follow-up call with Royal Ottawa regarding the status of my psychiatric assessment  20200902
audio (07:55) request for a copy of the independent psychiatric assessment discussion
11. Clarification by Royal Ottawa regarding details of my psychiatric assessment 20200902
audio (05:55) clarification of details by Royal Ottawa discussion


SUMMARY: Nothing that the Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office has done is remotely legal and 20200901’s e-mail Prosecutor Malcolm Savage to SCJ Staffer James Law is no exception.