last updated January 24, 2021

Contact Information for Ottawa/MAG Victims

  1. Catherine Huot, awesome duty counsel if one needs to get out on bail  (613) 291-1685
  2. The Ottawa Inn if you need a place to stay that accepts cash (613) 747-1011
  3. NOT Ottawa Victim Services (I believe them to feed information to the CAS who will then kidnap your children.)
  4. NOT Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa: they kidnapped my children two years ago.
  5. NOT any family law lawyer or defence attorney that works in Ottawa.
  6. 20210125 Notice to the Industry from Engelking/Audet ||

  Family CYFSA Small Claims

(less than $35,000)


Rule of 76

(less than $100,000)

Civil Criminal

Ontario Court of Justice

Criminal Superior Court of Justice Appeals to Divisional Court Appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada

Help Desk #       1 (888) 225-2390 1 (888) 225-2390        
Help Desk        
New Rules for Requests and Filing Trial Co-ordinator’s Office

1. Requests for leave to bring an urgent motion, urgent motions and motion materials filed
in support of the request/motion (including confirmation forms) in a family law matter.
(If the request for leave to bring an urgent motion is made in a new matter in which the
Application has not yet been issued, the signed Application must be included in the email
and it will issued by the court on a priority basis);
2. Requests for a settlement conference in a family matter;
3. Documents filed for the purpose of a settlement conference in a family matter;
4. Requests for a case conference, a settlement conference, a trial management
conference or a motion before the judge who is seized of a family or child protection
5. Confirmation forms for any of the above-listed matters.

File SEVEN DAYS in advance of hearing

For all other Family-related:

1. The filing of any pleadings
(Application, Answer, Reply, Motion to Change, Response to Motion to Change) in any family matter;
2. Requests for a hearing in writing, documents in support of a 14B motion for a consent order, an uncontested divorce and an
uncontested trial in a family matter;
3. Draft orders to be signed by the Registrar or the judge who made the order, and related documents.

4. Any court filing or request for the scheduling of an event in a family matter that is NOT specifically within the responsibility of the Trial
Coordination Office (as described above) or the Child
“Protection” (LOL) Virtual Court Counter (as described below). It includes, but is not limited to:
– Requests for the scheduling of a case conference or a motion;
– Confirmation forms for motions;

– Documents filed in support or for the purpose of the above family events;
– Requests for an oral hearing and documents in support of a procedural motion.

File SEVEN DAYS in advance of hearing              
File Originating Document (e.g. Application, Claim, Notice of Appeal)

(However, filing fee will not be waived)        
File other documents  
Seek Urgent Hearing            
      To request remote hearings upon request, go to and select Superior Court of Justice, select Small Claims, select Notice Regarding Suspension of Small Claims Court Operations