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Pimps: Have they infiltrated Bail Houses?

202001 2x Photograph of Bing search results by Andeé Sea Cae Jak, ©SAQOTU Inc.

(Wednesday, July 22, 2020 by Andeé Sea Cae Jak, SAQOTU Inc.) .

(Describe Ottawa’s Human-trafficking pipeline, link to “Highway to Hell” article, my notes made while at OCDC)

(Link to examples: crooked prosecutors, legal-aid lawyers, judges, etcetera. (

(Discuss sociopaths and link to philosophy page:

(Quote conversations overheard at the Bail House regarding whether or not “johns” are permitted in the house, bizarre apology made to me that the conversation should have been held in private.)

(Discuss research done after thinking about possible infiltration by criminals into this benevolent organization: link to photograph found on Pinterest)

(Discuss the morning when I was alerting Joseph Addelman that I was firing him at 7:00 a.m. (é-Sea-Cae-Jak-002.pdf) and within four hours I was being evicted, arrested, charged, detained and – all of a sudden – forced to call lawyer Joseph Addelman in an attempt to arrange bail!)

(Discuss meeting OCDC cell mate after eviction (CAS victim, addicted Pizza-Daddy victim) who had just been accepted to Bail House)

“Until a reliable “xyz”  detection process can be developed … .”

(insert conclusion)

(Link to article on Financial Engineering)

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