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Is a massive gang-stalking sting operation well underway?

In my opinion, absolutely.

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(Re-print of a post by Andeé Sea Cae Jak published March 13, 2021)

(20210313) First and foremost, my technology is now benevolently hacked versus malevolently hacked and it has been for over two years.

I have been getting “tips”/guidance on what to do next since January 2019. I have been directed on where to stay (always cheap and where I meet people that show me/tell me/teach me things) in Europe, throughout the United States (including Alaska), in Mexico and throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Without direction in Dublin, Ireland, a taxi driver brought me to a hostel: this is where we brain-stormed how to cheaply incarcerate white-collar criminals who choose to create thermal energy instead of repair our environment or build affordable housing for our homeless.

June 8, 2020 Photograph: Jacobs Inn, Dublin, Ireland

I have received complimentary plane tickets and I have been upgraded to first class from coach on long flights for no good reason.

During the summer of 2019, I was lined up with so many interesting people on Amtrak and learned a TON of information through staged conversations that alerted me to water diversion and utter mismanagement, in my opinion.

In Mexico last Spring, I was just going to find a hotel when I landed. However, a couple befriended me immediately and suggested I stay where they were staying. It was basically as safe house in a “not-so-nice” part of Playa del Carmen. Only $200 USD/month including water and WiFi for a one-bedroom suite. The next day, when I was cruising the shops, a local calls out: “Here to save the Mexican economy Andee?”

So, next thing I know I am “brainstorming”/posting ideas on how locals can survive COVID when the only thing allowed to stay open was wicked Walmart, a couple of grocery stores and … barber shops.

This was the start of an article: which suggested that they should leverage barbers shops to support a variety of other vendors and rotate them through on a weekly schedule. (There were a TON of barber shops where I was: those Mexicans LOVED their lids!) As my tech is always hacked, that is all I needed to do … get the idea rolling and “they” did the rest. Plus, “hosiendas” were being converted back into tiny “pubs” which probably thrived before the Europeans took over all of the beaches and built towering resorts.

There for two months, I spent a LOT of time “brain-storming” on how Mexicans could get back THEIR tourism industry and THEIR local authentic fare and commerce.

2020 M05 Activities Personal P2-002

I spent a few hours walking around the “non-Euro-invaded” part of Playa del Carmen and it was quite heart-breaking to see how the city was destroyed by big business. Mexican politicians did ZERO to help those people: that is for certain. Mexico was a beautiful lush country; however, between its own leaders and the U.S.’s damming of the Columbia River, it was slowly being converted into a desert … all while California utilizes (likely) horizontal drilling to support freaking agriculture in a desert:

I was almost sick when I saw that stretch of highway.

(I was “guided” to become an exhibitor at the American Psychiatric Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting in San Francisco and that stretch of highway was just north of L.A. around the first week of June.)

While on board last summer, I was googling on where I would stay when I landed in Anchorage, Alaska. I was running out of cash and was just going to rent a car and camp. Then, all of a sudden this cheap “apartment/hotel” shows up on my search. As soon as I saw it, someone walked by and quietly said “good”.

I get positive reinforcement ALL of the time. I get directed on what to do next ALL of the time via Twitter, Instagram, anonymous e-mails, anonymous phone calls, directed conversation, T-shirts … all the gang-stalking stuff; however, supportive. If it is time for me to stop working on legal matters and jump back into social media, my MS Word document will suddenly freeze. If I get an idea, I may start to research it and I will get some Tweet or Instagram message with the word “absolutely” in it. (That happened yesterday when I tripped over Divorce Act changes that went into effect in July 2020 that rendered the CAS’s most recent custody/access order utterly ridiculous because those terms have been repealed. I had not realized that until yesterday and my Appeal documents are due on Monday.)

(Link to the original Reddit response:

I was receiving quite a few death threats on me and my children last summer. I am fairly certain that there was an assassination attempt on me last year when I was outing a crooked cop and a career criminal with Irish connections: exactly four hours after Northern Ireland was hitting up my site, there were eight rapid-fire gunshots RIGHT outside my bedroom window.

If you go to August 12, 2020 in the Archives section on my site, you will see a visitor analysis. I was “TOLD” to do that. (It took weeks.) There were a TON of ports from all over the world hitting up my tiny little advocacy site PLUS that is how we found out how they use ISP addresses to co-ordinate communications … internationally. (So, we let THEM know that WE were onto them.)

Massive amounts of human-trafficking/drug smuggling is being done through ports/water and tunnel systems.

At some point later in August, someone very close to the National Guard in, I think, California downloaded a TON of information from my site.

Here in Ottawa, I have been waiting on ANOTHER illegal court order from ANOTHER crooked judge for over two weeks.

She must know that I am bait and does not know what to do. At some point, these little beasties are going to start turning in each other for a favourable “sentence”. (I believe some have already started … especially in law enforcement.) We do not want these beasties to do any jail time. We want them to:

  • dump ice cubes back into the hot tub that we call the Arctic Ocean,
  • don scuba gear to vacuum our rivers and seas or
  • build affordable housing for the homeless, without machinery.

Those who refuse, can generate thermal energy for our electric cars.

We have endorsed a “First-in/First-assigned” approach to encourage those so inclined to quietly be re-deployed. I have dirt on SO many crooked judges, Crown prosecutors, lawyers, police, child protection services, school administration, teachers, psychiatrists, ordinary citizens: if there was NOT a sting operation, I would have been re-arrested or hauled off on a Form 1 by now.

But, here I am: my site has not been taken down, I expose evidence at pfi.ROCKS and on Twitter and Instagram daily. I share information on and on where some questions are literally planted for me to answer so that I can convert Q&A into a useful article for my site.

In 2020, my site attracted over 10,000 viewers: . I have not had time to do a 2021 year-to-date illustration; however, I can tell you that as of yesterday, pfi.ROCKS has attracted 2,795 new viewers since January 1st.

When I posted this:

Screenshot of ascjak Instagram post with CaeJak Tweet

on Twitter, it got hundreds of views over night … and I only had about 28 followers at the time.

I cannot remember when; however, before that I announced our epiphany:

“Sociopaths are being screened into both the legal and the medical community via the LSATs and MCATs while empaths are being screened out.”

THAT is why there are so many crooked lawyers, judges and psychiatrists.

A couple of months ago, I was “told” to start asking lawyers if they were being threatened/extorted to not help me or if they were refusing assistance by choice. I think it had something to do with the “wire tap” laws: one needs only a suspicion of extortion to get a tap court ordered.

I tweeted this:

Image: “Seeking a Criminal Lawyer: No Pun Intended” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak

this morning at a few “select” lawyers (some of Ottawa’s most reputable) and e-mailed several others. Zero response yet; and these guys pretty much work 24/7.

COVID does not hurt. All the little beasties are forced to operate via ZOOM and everything is being recorded.

It is all very covert and ongoing though. I do not think that there is a “cavalry” that is going to grab my two children and me and whisk us off to a safe house any time soon. A part of me really wishes this could all just be over; however, I have no choice but to “soldier on” … like a ton of my benevolent stalker “teammates” who have also been wickedly victimized.

Too busy for any exercise for a full year, all of my hard-gained muscle has completely atrophied and I have put on at least 20 pounds. I decided on Wednesday that I was going to buy a bicycle next week and was debating on whether or not I should buy a new or a used one. Then, yesterday in a store line-up, the gentleman behind me tells me about his awesome bike ride from the day before. I end up learning of a nearby shop that sells used bicycles.

Stuff like that: that is how I know.

In Ottawa (and likely elsewhere) the duped “vigilante” stalkers (i.e. Sympaths+) are converting from malevolent stalkers (“GSI-mal”) to benevolent stalkers (“GSI-ben”) and can anonymously tip on their former “handlers”.

Andeé / Deirdre

PS. MANY in the entertainment industry are NOT not aware of what is going on: another “we know about CANT on Twitter” and other things can be gleaned from March 8th posts:

3-minute video primer on gang-stalking:

A dated primer on gang-stalking that discusses street theatre, directed conversation and other stalking/harassment techniques:

(Link to The Sociopath Next Door:

* See excellent description of the narcissistic cycle of abuse (idealization, devaluation, discard)  here .

(Discuss sociopaths and link to work-in-progress philosophy page:

This issue is dedicated to Kurt Cobain, one of our artists lost.

Regarding my rough notes, mental scribbles, article ideas, outlines and research-in-progress: feel free to take the ball and run with it!

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