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Safety at Music Festivals

Is it Time for a Closer Look?

(20190618 Photograph of Bandstand at Ottawa’s Jazzfest, “Risky” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak)

(Update of 20190618 article by Andeé Sea Cae Jak ||  January 19, 2021)

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where Jazzfest was being set up, I began to post my concerns about bandstand-related safety at music festivals on my LinkedIn profile*. There, I attached a video that spoke to the fact that there was no meaningful ventilation in the main bandstand; a feature that would have served two purposes:

  1. Improved safety
  2. A significantly cooler environment for the artists who would be performing in extreme heat and fighting dehydration while entertaining thousands of people.

My reaction to the obviously stupid design is available here.

I am not schooled in structural engineering; however, I am a Chartered Financial Analyst and we learn to recognize risk, quickly assess it and then decide whether or not the risk is significant enough to potentially impact expected performance, etc. I am also a devoted mum who has over a decade of experience tarping elaborate campsites designed to protect my family from extreme weather conditions while sleeping … in a nylon tent.

My EMPIRICAL knowledge counts and I defy anyone brave enough to argue differently. How much do the concrete blocks weigh and what would happen if the bandstand roof lifted during a storm while they are all tethered? How strong are the carabiners that connect the wires to the structure/tarp loops and concrete blocks? In other words: how strong is the WEAKEST LINK in this bandstand system? Why is the VIP section so far from the stage?

*My LinkedIn account was fully restricted without explanation shortly after Justice Kevin B. Phillips endorsed his anti-Charter gag order which prevented me from using social media to raise awareness on the domestic terrorism that has gripped my home town. More information on the illegal gag order is viewable here under item #12.

(Link to The Sociopath Next Door:

(Discuss sociopaths and link to philosophy page:

I got some flack from someone who attacked my engineering ignorance and lack of festival experience. But guess what? Before the festival opened, the bandstand design was changed to look like this!

(20190717 Photograph “A Better Bandstand” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak)

Fully vented! Three cheers to whomever helped to make this festival a safer experience for everyone. I would also like to add:

If something is dangerous, a person’s disagreement does not make it safe.

I was not overly impressed with the speaker-light stand intended to hold ?XXX,XXX? volts of electricity either: my reaction to that is available here. (Likely, flexibility in the structure is important; however, I should not have been able to take it apart.)

Do we need to consider an acoustic revival?

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To youth, teens and everyone else: I hope that you do not let criticism of your opinions stop you from raising awareness about things that … simply do not make sense.

Rough notes, mental scribbles, article ideas, outlines, and research-in-progress is available here. Feel free to take the ball and run with it!

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