(20210206 20:42 e.s.t.) Thank you so much for your comment. It motivated me to take the time to write this reply.

Please know that every time I link to my advocacy site, I get banned; so, I cannot identify it. However, if you go to the About Us / Archives section of my site and find August 12, 2020, you will find a Visitor Analysis report. GSI-mal is (ultimately) a massive, global, human-trafficking/drug-trafficking crime ring.

  1. They were/are using IP addresses (see page 4 and 5) to co-ordinate the dissemination of information.
  2. They are also heavily dependent on Twitter and Instagram and utilize CANT language.
  3. (ConsequenceOfSound is/was a hub to announce updates for entertainment-industry related TIs, such as Jack White.

I track GSI-mal and create evidence pages. If you go to December 25, 2020 (third entry) you will see how CNN is also involved.

I exposed one posing as a VAW activist today: her name is Leighann Burns, she is a family law lawyer and a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is also an Executive Director for the main Women’s Shelter in town. She has refused to assist me for years.

On Friday, I focused on crooked cops. I think it was judges on Thursday. I am now engaging Ministries so that they cannot deny knowledge at their future trials.

Several weeks ago, I began asking about whether some of them were voluntarily participating in the campaign against me or whether they were being threatened/extorted … extorted being the key word. I was directed to do this; the reason has something to do with “phone tap” rules. One only requires only a “suspicion” of extortion to obtain a warrant for a phone tap, as far as I know.

COVID helps us: so much is now occurring via ZOOM which is being recorded every time these little beasties open their mouths. Some perps are likely being monitored on all of their home-based tech as well.

I have gone from a VAW victim to a GSI-mal target to a whistle-blower/political activist/bait/antagonist. Basically, all I do now is:

  1. taunt them*,
  2. wait for them to “attack me” and
  3. document the evidence.

My tech is hacked by GSI-ben and I am active on two Twitter accounts, two Instagram accounts plus my own site; accordingly, my evidence is disseminated constantly on many different venues to alert other potential targets, their friends and families as well as multiple levels of legitimate law enforcement … internationally. I have literally been sprinkling evidence internationally for 24 months.

I have been arrested multiple times: some due to GSI-mal (so I cannot prepare for court) and some due to GSI-ben (so I can learn more about corruption in the system, get tips from undercover GSI-ben (who are everything from cops to hookers to dealers to shopkeepers) and gather more evidence).

I am now wearing a GPS-monitored ankle bracelet for my own protection (so I will not be framed for some horrific crime); thereby keeping GSI-mal in check. (They have rules that they MUST follow or risk becoming a TI themselves: I wish I knew what they all were. I do not: I just know that they exist because I have heard it referred to so many times.)

I was made aware of this sting two years ago and have been “serving” ever since. I am not a cop: I survived GSI-mal, someone found out about me and I was “recruited”. I have not received compensation but I have been directed towards very cheap housing, I have received nearly-free airfare/train tickets and had a money card for a while which was constantly being topped up by not-sure-who.

All that to say, it is true and it is awesome; however, we need to get “beyond a reasonable doubt” on a LOT of high level beasties.

*If you wonder about all of the music on my site**, it is one way of taunting GSI-mal. We are basically calling them “Stupid As F**k” … often. Many of them are already under surveillance and I get tips on what song/video to play next. GSI-ben has FAR SUPERIOR communication skills and, accordingly, a FAR SUPERIOR level of collective intelligence. Why? GSI-ben is comprised of Empaths+ and GSI-mal is run by Sociopaths- which are severely limited in multiple ways.

Take care and please do not give up hope. AJ

**Sometimes we just take time off, have drinks and a virtual “party”. We are pro-alcohol (as a CNS depressant) and anti-drugs. We love all forms of music and heavily endorse Music Therapy and other forms of Art Therapy to maintain mental fortitude and resilience as we battle GSI-mal. Sometimes, we make fun of Apple’s illegal “Photo Shop” by having “Board of Directors” photos taken on our iPhones at the exact same time. (See the Living Magazine Exposé section, last entry) Other than that, we are working 24/7 to dismantle GSI-mal entirely.