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Can a strong Lack of Empathy be considered a Mental Disorder?

In short, not in my opinion.

Photograph “Malignant narcissist John Kiska gives his wife the finger as he phones his friends at the Ottawa Police Service” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak 

(Re-print of post by Deirdre Ann Moore ||| edited, formatted and published March 6, 2021)

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I believe it to be currently considered a “symptom” of several so-called “cluster B personality disorders”.

In my view, however, it is an indication of an entirely different subspecies that should not have been lumped in with empathetic human beings in the first place. One can glean my opinion of the composition of our global population from this table:

Sub-empaths are EXPERT at mimicry: it is how they initially survived. Their cold-heartedness (i.e. lack of empathy) is what has enabled them to dominate most aspects of society which is why we suffer from massive income disparity, slavery, human-trafficking, etcetera.

I have no sympathy for sociopaths just as I have no sympathy for wolves. They both have a place in this world: we just need to figure out what that is … and re-assign them.

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Here is an excellent example:

Yesterday, I was revealing to a local teenager some of my evidence of a local crime ring which is heavily involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking and The Prison Industry.

He/She seemed sincere and then finally revealed their true self today.

There were some bizarre messages that were sent and then immediately deleted. I simply ignored them; but, I wondered what was going on.

Yesterday’s entire exchange with this teen, who I am fairly certain is a “friend” of my son Sean, was entirely fake.

I was already aware that my two children were being covertly stalked and harassed by some students and twisted teachers for years; however, as I remained in a shared custody situation with my ex, there was ZERO that I could do about it.

The number of men/women/youth/children involved in organized stalking and harassment in Ottawa (Canada’s capital city) is positively mind-blowing.

My beautiful (on the inside, and out) children were both targeted in 2009 at my son’s nursery school. I was targeted (by my ex) when I informed him that we would be leaving him in 2013; however, I am fairly confident that I was targeted long before that by a different group.

Our sociopath-infested law enforcement and judicial system has prevented my divorce for five and a half years.

  • I am now battling many in SIX different courts (Family, Divisional, Child Protection, Civil, Small Claims and Criminal).
  • I have dirt on twelve judges, six Crown prosecutors, I-have-lost-count-on-the-lawyers and about three dozen police officers.
  • Everything has been stolen from me including my children, my dog and my cat.

In closing, with all due respect, Ms. Mendoza’s response to your question lacks insight into the real world.

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This issue is dedicated to Kurt Cobain, one of our artists lost.

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