Understanding! 20200517 edition SAFETY A Fair Crown Prosecutor by Andee Cae Sea Jak SAQOTU 20200517-002

This charge was dropped by Prosecutor Yvonne Goebel which I believe was the fair and just course of action. She may have also asked OPS to arrest the CAS employees (to which I referred in the audio recording below) and they simply refused. Regardless, two things are obvious:

  1. OPS officers are clearly unaware of the contents of the CYSFA because:
    • three of them participated in the unlawful apprehension of my children on February 1, 2019
    • they charged me with the wrong offence on June 27, 2019.
  2. OPS officers support Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (“TDVCA”)


On June 27, 2019, the day after employees of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”) committed several crimes, I intentionally violated an Illegally-obtained, CAS-constructed, Child-abusing (“ICC”) 20190408 court order which I had heard about but never seen. I was arrested and charged with violation of Section 142(1)(f) of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act (“CYSFA”); a charge of which it was impossible for me to be guilty because I do not work for the CAS. I was given zero opportunity to present the evidence that I had with me. One month later, on July 26th, I again returned from the U.S., this time to satisfy the requirements of the above-pictured Undertaking to Appear. I was flabbergasted by the process which served as little more than a tax-dollar-siphoning waste of time:

  • The article that I posted on LinkedIn and Facebook is here.
  • Table of contents of the 2″ document that I provided to the municipal prosecutor on 20190726 is here.
  • Body of the 2″ document contained in this dropbox folder (insert link once uploaded)
  • A recording of my attempt to educate the municipal prosecutor is here.
  • A recording of my attempt to educate the court is _.