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In Ottawa, is anyone NOT involved?

In short, not in my opinion*.

Photograph “Malignant narcissist John Kiska gives his wife the finger as he phones his friends at the Ottawa Police Service” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak 

Last updated 20211111 15:30 e.s.t.

Evidence of the Eviction Scam component of The Ottawa Ticket … Coming Soon!

Spoiler alert: Yes, Kiska was stupid enough to put his involvement in writing!

*Just kidding. It’s a sting; but, the Syndicate cannot experience “intellectual fear” (i.e. that which is NOT the fight, flight or freeze that ANY wild animal can experience). Also, devoid of compassion, empathy or even sympathy, they are limited to their individual I.Q. and, therefore, not that bright.

I can forgive all of them. It will be up to God to help me feel any sorrow for them: I currently have none. “Forgiven. Off you go now.” is about as far as I can get with these beasts.

Insert summary of how the 2019 Eviction Scam went down with links to:

  • Kemgni/Kiska lawsuit & their crooked lawyers for that one
  • Dirt on Senior Judge for the region, Justice Calum MacLeod re local terrorist organization CAS/OCL
    • link to dirt on 12 local judges


Describe initial nonsense and attempt to have my claim dismissed.

Insert link to judge’s decision: nope

  • link to Rule 21 training via Victor Vallance Blais LLP lawsuit


THEIR RULE 21 Notices of Motion