Top 13 wildest things I’ve had to experience since trying to get a divorce … in Ottawa


  1. lose all contact with my perfect children, Sean and Cate, my dog and my cat,
  2. spend 120+ days in jail (all due to the hearsay of John Kiska) & launch an “In the Name of the Father”-type mail campaign that was fully ignored;
  3. spend 150+ days in psych wards involuntarily (all due to the hearsay of John Kiska);
  4. lose my entire professional wardrobe, art, jewelry and children’s memorabilia due to an orchestrated eviction of which I was never informed … while I was unlawfully detained … for a crime I didn’t commit;
  5. earn not a single dollar in professional revenue despite my ownership of two federally-incorporated businesses, a consulting background, a diverse skill-set and a solid education … since 2016;
  6. be beaten by Quebec Provincial Police so severely that I thought my ribs were broken;
  7. be charged with “Break & Enter” by Ottawa Police Services when:
    • I co-owned the house,
    • stole nothing,
    • had no criminal intent,
    • I’d been illegally denied any communication with my children for five months by malicious “ex” and
    • was desperate to end the emotional and psychological abuse they were forced to endure.

(This one is tied with Newfoundland RCMP charge of “Assault with a Weapon” for tossing an advocacy button at a stupid person),

  1. receive Ontario Works, live in multiple homeless shelters (while co-owning a $1-2M home) and apply for ODSP,
  2. be called paranoid, mentally ill, wicked, stupid, uneducated and more … by #JustAnotherLawyer and other keyboard warriors in Twitverse, Reddit, Quora and Instagram;
  3. be labelled “Not Criminally Responsible” by both Ontario-based psychiatrists Zeynep Selaman & Joel Watts and Quebec-based psychiatrists Paule Kemgni & Benoit Dassylva due to the faux diagnosis of “delusions, persecutory type” … despite never having committed a crime;
  4. defend myself from a Courts of Justice Act S. 140 vexatious Application originated by the thugs running the City of Ottawa: the Ottawa Police Services Board, chaired by psychiatrist Gail Yenta Beck (see Mummygate);
  5. attended the closest thing possible to an Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s on First” sketch in newly-appointed SCJ’s judge Marc E. Smith’s 20200827 courtroom; and
  6. sue King Charles III for $50,000,000.