King Charles III’s Province of Ontario: Ministry of Children, Communities & Social Services

Are Canadian social services being used to drive profits?

(ie. for Maximus Inc. shareholders such as Ontario Teachers’ Pension PlanPicton Mahoney Asset Management & more?)

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In a nutshell:

  1. Sutcliffe took over from career criminal Jim Watson on 2022mmdd. (Watson was well aware that OPSB was a front for organized crime and was happy to siphon money from Ottawa’s much needed social services to fund them as evidenced by his bullying of City Councillors on 20201209 documented here
  2. Since that time, Sutcliffe has been made aware of not just the crime committed by OPSB, but also that being committed by:
      • local crooked Crown prosecutors
      • local corrupt judges and
      • local career-criminal lawyers.


Alas, the capital of Canada takes full advantage of “community policing” (or what is commonly referred to as gang-stalking) to silence anyone attempting to expose its Satanic Cesspool of crime and corruption. An excellent introduction to gang-stalking is available in this 30-minute video.

As well as publishing a draft of the Ottawa Swimlanes, in January 2023, I began to publish …

Excerpt from evidence of 2019 Eviction Scam

20191104 Photograph of one of the few pieces of evidence that OPS Constable Reesor agreed to accept that evidenced Kiska’s collusion with Fernadez-Stolls and theft of all of Sean’s, Cate’s and my possessions. I was to “wait for the investigator to call” before submitting any further evidence of this crime.


20231030 e-mail to the Financial Responsibility Office re: outstanding correspondence Maximus Inc.-related fraud

“What will it take to …?” 

“Which jurisdiction will ensure that …?” 

Satanic Cesspool’s sick&twisted 666 logo

2019 photograph of Satanic Cesspool’s sick&twitsted war memorial (profile)

It’s not as if the FRO isn’t aware:

On 2021mmdd




These elected politicians aren’t just willfully blind, they’re complicit.

On 20mmdd, I cc’d ….


The pdf version of this 20230126 e-mail is viewable here.

On 20230127, I e-mailed them all again.


The pdf version of this 20230127 e-mail is viewable here.

On 20230127, I also began to evidence OPSB’s extortion as well as the degree of crime against Sean, Cate and I that they were attempted to cover