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last updated 20231201 14:26 e.s.t.

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  • 20231201 10:00 received inconsistent instructions about my ability to access/use my own computer and requested this “new policy” to be:
    • confirmed in writing
    • sent to me by e-mail
  • 20231201 08:00 received permission to remove computer from storage
  • 20231130 After returning from busy day which included service of my action action NRPS:
    • shelter staff insisted that the desk be removed from my shared room and that my desktop be put into their storage facility and
    • I learned that Ontario Works dropped my financial assistance to the bare minimum (less payback from 2020-21): $325.85. Note that all of the hard evidence against Ottawa’s #TDVCA Municipal Mafia is stored at Dymon Storage $118.xx/mo. and my Microsoft subscription is due: $125xx). FUN TIMES! More evidence of life as a whistle-blower is viewable at Ontario Works


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Ontario Works:

Link to Niagara Regional Police

Link to Ottawa Police

Link to Ottawa’s Harmony House Executive Director & Legal Aid-positioned #TDVCA lawyer, Leighann Burns

Link to Ottawa Victim Services

Link to Newfoundland Social Assistance: enabler of fraud & complicit in #TDCVA

Link to Royal Newfoundland Constabulary: enabler of fraud/theft & complicit in #TDVCA

YWCA Shelter, Niagara Falls

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A Protest or a Hunger Strike?

The last time I  protested was from the horror that is the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Ontario. I went six days without food and three days without water in order to be transferred back to the far less horrific Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre operated by Ontario Inc.

It is true that your vitals start to drop significantly after 72 hours without water. Anyhow, tired of explaining to guards why I was hunger striking while in jail where nobody cared, I had a note copied so they could simply read in themselves. The note was filed as “Why am I Protesting? at item 1(ds) and included in my 2019 Mail Campaign.

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