Update: given call received on 20220817 from Mallory of Harrison Pensa LLP

20220817 call #1 is here.

20220817 call #2 is here.

20220817 call #3 is here.

My commissioned Affidavit used in an existing civil action against the Syndicate re: 2019 Theft/Eviction Scam is here. (pages 2-4 and 28-30 are most relevant with respect to RBC’s lies and abuse of court process to participate in legalized fraud: as I was in jail for all of August 2019, there is no possible way that I could have answered and “hung up the phone” as claimed.

Page under development

Insert commentary regarding Visa policy with respect to credit card fraud by merchants including its refusal to accept certain documents as evidence despite them being allowed as evidence as defined in The Evidence Act.

Insert commentary regarding RBC’s refusal to investigate whomever had hacked my bank account to replace the account numbers associated with my payee list with those of my narcissistic ex-husband so that, for example, when I paid $500 to Bell Canada on October 17, 2017 I unwittingly paid his phone bill, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (like this one here.)

Insert copy of e-mail to OPS officer Lana Cameron who Kiska simply refers to as Lana when he sends to her e-mails.

xx:00 a.m. – xx:00 

 Courtroom #x
Superior Court of Justice?

duration: xx minutes

Date to be determined, 2020: Case Management Conference

TBD || RBC/HP vs. Moore

Abstract: x
Result: y




Correspondence up to June 30, 2020

My 20200620 e-mail to Michael Cassone is here and the delivery receipt is here. As of July 1, 2020, I have yet to receive a response. I was incorrect in assuming someone was floating cheques. Apparently, it was BMO attempting to force some payment, twice.




February 7, 2020 and February 17, 2020: follow-up

Moore’s 20200207 and 20200217 follow-up e-mails are here.
The missing $3,470.36 cheque looks like this.
(Mr. Cassone has not yet blocked my e-mail address: see here.)




February 2, 2020: Moore’s Response to Threat

Moore’s 20200202 response is here.




January 21, 2020: Threat of Legal Action

Royal Bank of Canada (“RBC”)/Harrison Pensa LLP (“HP”) vs. Moore Self-Rep (“Moore”)

Mr. Michael E. Cassone’s 20200121 January 21 is here.