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Dear Cabinet Minister Patty Hajdu,

Re: Cosmetics and “Personal Care” Products

Kindly help me to understand current legislation regarding the above-noted products. (Insert excerpts from Canadian, American and European legislation and try to identify inconsistencies. Contemplate the reasons why such inconsistencies might exist: for example, where do the companies that manufacture the products “reside”? (That is, to where does the revenue eventually flow?)

To be continued. (Please understand that opining on the financial statements of both domestic and multi-national organizations requires an abundance of critical thinking and determination—education & experience is optional, in my opinion.)

Idea: Consider inserting an exhibit with a table of the most dangerous poisons. Consider using a website to share research with like-minded individuals. (If you require scrollboxes, see draft html scrollbox “lesson” here. We have not yet developed a “Create an HTML table” tutorial; however, many are available online.)

I have included two (insert correct number of articles included) articles that detail the problems associated with cosmetics and “personal care” products. You now have knowledge, or ought to have knowledge, of why the sale of these products should be banned completely!


(insert signature)

Cate (age 12)

PS. Please understand that this letter is only my second letter: you can expect many, many more from me, my brother and ALL of our Grrrrrrrr-friends (and their friends, and THEIR friends too.)

cc. Provincial Premier
cc. City Mayor and City Councillors (insert link)
cc. City School Board Trustees (insert link)

♥ Poisonous Pigments: History’s Deadliest Colors by Wu Mingren is here
♥ Beware these Hidden Threats in your Make-Up Bag by (author unknown) is here