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  1. In Ontario, you may pay your attorney for advice that, unbeknownst to you, is in the best interests of your abusive partner. (link to $3M+ civil action against Victor, Vallance, Blais LLP)
  2. In Ontario, the attorney representing your abusive partner may also be a pathological liar. (link to first civil action against BellBaker LLP)
  3. In Ontario, your attorney and your abusive partner’s attorney may both have an interest in “running up legal costs”.(link to invoice from VVB (and invoice from Tanya Davies: $7k in one week))
  4. In Ontario, a presiding judge may detest Self-Represented Litigants (“SLRs”), not realize that the attorney representing your abusive partner routinely violates multiple sections of the Criminal Code of Canada including, but not limited to, section 131(1) Perjury and/or never read any of your evidence. (link to folder with eleven volumes of evidence in continuing record FC-15-2446)
  5. In Ontario, a child protection worker may operate outside of the law including, but not limited to, violating section 126(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada, Disobeying a Statute, by removing your children from your home without meeting the legal requirements of obtaining a warrant or the existence of imminent danger: a simple request from your abusive partner will suffice. (insert link to videos, FWARNING case law that was handed to me by Wade Smith ??to quietly tip me off that Mohammed Said REQUIRED a warrant to apprehend by children??)
  6. In Ontario, it is very easy for your abusive partner to get a restraining order placed against you so that you can no longer see or speak to your children.
  7. In Ontario, a Children’s Aid Society (“CAS”) can completely ignore the results of a 2018, four-month investigation by the Office of the Children’s Lawyer that recommended you get sole custody of your children and, among other things, documents the fact that the children are unruly in their father’s care, the daughter pulls away from the father when he tries to hug her and the father is gaslighting his daughter. The CAS can simply argue that your abusive partner should have sole custody, sole access and a permanent restraining order against you by making up a whole new file that ignores all of the evidence that was in the previous file.
  8. In Ontario, a police officer may ignore your complaint (insert complaint re technology hack immediately following issuance of statements of claim identified at 1. and 2., superficially address your complaint and close the file (see sexual assault complaint from 2015), alter your complaint and close the file (insert link to 2019 closure of eviction scam), back-date a warrant for your arrest (insert disclosure analysis), delete the audio from the recording of your abusive partner’s victim impact statement (insert memo requesting audio), delete the audio from your recorded statement (insert OIPRD complaint), ignore the evidence that you offered at the time of your arrest (insert transcript from 201908 hearing, memo to Crown) and/or lie in their testimony/police report (insert sample). (See summary of taxpayer-funded police disappointments when ATIP costs arrive.)
  9. In Ontario, an outreach worker at a women’s shelter may call your abusive partner to find out what happened. (insert link to file)
  10. In Ontario, a hospital nurse may accept a phone call from your abusive partner, document his concerns in your medical file and have you committed when you, in fact, fled to the hospital voluntarily for safety. (insert copy of Nurse McI. letter)
  11. In Ontario, a hospital psychiatrist may base a diagnosis entirely on the (direct and indirect) hearsay of your abusive partner. (insert Dr. S. diagnosis and letter)
  12. In Ontario, a panel from the Consent and Capacity Board may render its decision based entirely on the (direct and indirect) hearsay of your abusive partner. (insert link to file).
  13. In Ontario, the documentation from items x-y can be used by the Crown Attorney‘s Office to support its arguments that you be denied bailed and imprisoned for months due to allegations by your abusive partner. (insert link to file).
  14. In Ontario, if you are accused and denied bail, you can be beaten by a fellow inmate while you are napping (insert link to file).
  15. In Ontario, … (insert link to file).
  16. In Ontario, you can be denied the ability to love and protect your children for a full year (and counting): in fact, in Ontario, a judge can make it illegal for you to send to them a birthday day card. (Note that it is totally OK in Ontario for your abusive partner to tell your children that you no longer love them, that you are severely mentally ill and that you have moved to Texas.)
  17. In Ontario, the Office of the Children’s Lawyer ignores evidence of abuse and supports the removal of the loving parent to the detriment of the child.
  18. In Ontario, the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services ignores evidence of abuse (insert pdf) and provides loopholes to facilitate CAS corruption (insert pdf).
  19. In Ottawa, there seems to be a frightening love triangle, square, pentagon, polygon. Given the reports of similar harassment and worse from Calgary, if there is a love polygon in Ottawa*, it is likely elsewhere in Ontario.
  20. In Ontario, taxpayers have unwittingly spent approximately $2,000,000 between 2013-present to help my abusive partner abuse me and my children. Instead of using my education and contributing to the tax base, I have been spending your tax dollars on hospital rooms, imprisonment, bail beds and court time. Sadly, I am also now eating your donations to the food bank. (insert link to cost analysis once ATIP info arrives).


*The Ottawa Ticket


Essay on Lying by Police