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Dear Detective Brown,

This is an attempt to assist you with your attempt to seek additional resources in order to disassemble a 200+ perpetrator crime syndicate based in Ottawa, Ontario (the “Syndicate”). Primarily, this Syndicate succeeds via a network of lawyers; some whom have infiltrated:

  • the Crown Attorney’s Office
  • the benches of both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice (all branches)
  • the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa and
  • Ontario’s Legal Aid pool. 

Their targets don’t stand a chance and it’s costing Ontario taxpayers millions in current and future costs. I have tens of thousands of pages of evidence of how this Syndicate operates. My evidence includes transcripts, court documents, hospital records, police reports, letters, e-mails, audio-visual recordings and more. It’s difficult to know who at 161 Elgin Street (ie. the Ottawa Courthouse) is not involved in this Syndicate. See 20231117 e-mail below. 

FACT #1:  I own a home in Ottawa worth approximately $2,000,000 (copy of deed, copy of 2016 MPAC statement); yet, I am living in a YWCA homeless shelter.
FACT #2:  I should have been receiving at least $5,000/month in spousal support since 2016; yet, my husband, John Kiska of 1244 Lampman Crescent, d.o.b. 29-SEP-60 pays nothing and I’ve been force onto social assistance.
FACT #3: It was recommended by Ontario’s Office of the Children’s Lawyer that I receive sole custody of my children, Sean & Cate; yet, they have not heard my voice in nearly FIVE years. (Full OCL report is available at item #10 here and former CAS-employee-appointed-to-“judge” Tracy Engelking was instrumental in this ongoing, taxpayer-funded nightmare; as were multiple attorney’s positioned at Bell Baker LLP who are nothing more than $400/hour domestic terrorists. The Law Society of Ontario claims to have no jurisdiction over the crime that they commit: Ottawa Police (“OPSB”) deems crime committed in court as “a civil matter”.
FACT #4:  It became obvious to me that OPSB was simply de-frauding Ottawa taxpayers in order to harbour and/or commit crime; so, I sued them in 2021. Their solution was to attempt to extort me into dropping the law suit: “[Drop your action against us or we’ll have you declared vexatious and get the court to end all of your court matters.]” 11 months later, I literally could not have more evidence against OPSB and their lawyers BLG LLP and it’s all stored here: (insert link to pfi.rocks page when available).
FACT #5:  I am entering my TWELFTH YEAR attempting to leave an undiagnosed, covert, malignant narcissist: that is, the psychological version of Paul Bernardo (or, a “narcopath“) who enjoys psychological torture and attempting to drive women and children to suicide.
FACT #6:  I have two degrees and, until attempting to divorce Kiska, had a very successful career.
FACT #7:  There is nothing wrong with my “mental health”: in fact, I could dance circles around the Syndicate members intellectually, mentally and, likely, physically, despite their years of ongoing torture.
FACT #8: My children and I should have been protected by Canada’s Divorce Act in 2015/16; instead, I have been robbed of everything that I own including my children, my dog and my cat. Sean and Cate have been 100% gaslit into believing that I abandoned them, that I am severely mentally ill, that I am dangerous and who knows what else. There is no limit to the lies that Kiska will tell to smear/destroy me, regardless of the irreparable harm that he causes our children. This was accomplished via court-enabled criminals who circumvented federal legislation by abusing provincial legislation including, but not limited to, Ontario’s Courts of Justice Act , its Mental Health Act and its Child, Youth and Family Services Act
FACT #9: I have documented every aspect of this taxpayer-funded, court-enabled “Dispose of a Spouse” service which also leverages criminals posing as “child protection services” workers/directors/etc. Evidence of this is provided in this 33-page statement of claim.

FACT #10:  Hard copies of most of this evidence is being stored at Dymon Storage on Coventry Road in Ottawa; a facility I can no longer afford. Obviously, the Syndicate would love for all of this evidence to disappear; not unlike the rest of it that was stolen during their 2019 Eviction Scam when, while being falsely accused and detained in Quebec, my 3-bedroom rental unit was emptied without my knowledge. Ergo, it would be nice if you could pay the monthly storage fees until your investigation catches up.


OPINION #1: If I can be arrested and denied bail based on the false allegations of John Kiska; then, he can be arrested and denied bail for evidence of years fraud, defamatory libel, conspiracy to prosecute and more.

OPINION #2: Ottawa’s (and a few of Toronto’s) judges and prosecutors are simply crooked lawyers who were promoted into positions with civil immunity: they are not “above the law” and should be arrested for their involvement in crime.

OPINION #3: The OPSB needs to be “Surrey’d” … and former Mayor Jim Watson/current Mayor Mark Sutcliffe questioned for their involvement in condoning and funding this criminal enterprise.

OPINION #4: If NRPS does not have the resources to investigate and disassemble this terrorist organization, they can hire me and I’ll compile the document necessary for your wire taps, warrants for arrest, disclosure, etc.

OPINION #5: I cannot be expected to complete any more of this investigation by myself!

Ongoing Obstruction of Justice, Torture & Terrorism

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