June 26, 2019 (English)

Among with other things, accused of trespassing while attempting to visit with my children (for the first time in over four months) at Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”) in Canada, Ottawa.

  • Audio from ?emotional abuse and harassment by “child protection”? worker, Jenn Campbell, of the CAS in Canada, Ottawa:
    • Segment 1 (00:17) is here.
    • Segment 2 (x5:00) is here.
    • Segment 3 (01:03) is here.
    • Segment 4 (00:31) is here.
    • Segment 5 (01:30) is here.
    • Segment 6 (00:51) is here.
    • Segment 7 (01:40) is here.
    • Segment 8 (02:06) is here.

    The ONLY documentation that was EVER provided to me to explain the CAS’s process is THIS: HORRIFIC!

    An copy of my July 17, 2019 article (under alias Andee White) with more detail can be found here.