To be added: specific examples, dog walk #1, dog walk #2, dog park; creepy manager from Lone Star re: Mayor Jim Watson, whispering “appetizer” while waiting for take-out; Prime Burger Ninja; Large, black, SUV, U-turn-drive-by blasting the “On and On” chorus of September as I was dropping off children before taking myself to the hospital pre-psychosis. (I used to hear this song so often that I began to refer to it as my theme song.) Add detail where Apple staff installed malware on brand new phone and how I knew. Add detail where Rogers staff sold “new” phone that already had malware installed and how I knew (wrong plastic on “new” box … yes, that is how many iPhones I have purchased: I can tell the difference between Apple’s plastic and GSI’s plastic.) Add comment that a benevolent Rogers GSI confirmed that Meet Up is used to identify new targets in a way that is far more wicked than the character played by Hugh Grant in About a Boy. (I already suspected this due to comments made by Bruce Hatt of PUR Investing in 2017.)

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PS. Please know that the ability to stalk/harass via iPhone + Uber is a well-oiled machine in Ottawa. (i.e. they know where you are and what your schedule is … uber driver then participates in the stalk/harass via bizarre conversation/music/car and/or simply makes you late for a meeting, etcetera. I have photos and videos and will provide details.