Image by “The Sociopath Next Door”

 Characteristics of a Sociopath:

    1. Pathological lying: _
    2. Sense of entitlement: _
    3. Emotional immaturity*
    4. Easily provoked in absence of drugs/alcohol due to lack of emotional maturity
    5. Over-reactions to (insert description)
    6. Abandonment of language skills (grammar, punctuation)
    7. No fear of consequences: _
    8. Recalcitrant: _
    9. Financially insecure: _
    10. Controlling
    11. Freudian slips: insert Ned Harrison sample (falsify vs. verify), insert Kiska sample (bombastic vs. ridiculous), insert link to Dr. M. Malone of TOH page, insert link to “fake friends” page K.M., J.O’R., etcetera)
    12. Arrogance, perhaps displayed via “Word Play”: _
    13. Hurtful
      • Ruin photographs with bizarre eye diversion
      • Ruin videos of the children by shouting unimportant questions as you record
      • Ruin special occasions/milestones:
    14. Display tongue, often subtly, in photographs (like this ), or more obviously (like this ), or an e-mail
    15. Stick out tongue in obvious, but bizarre, ways:
      • as if thinking, like Linus of Charlie Brown
      • as if an uncontrollable habit
      • many other ways (They ALL do it: even Judge Engelking with a slow deliberate lick of her bottom lip before she commenced on 20200828.
    16. If also a participant of organized stalking, they will say “Good Luck” either sarcastically, with the wrong tone and/or when it is totally inappropriate to do so.
    17. Use of “coy” or “gloating” surnames
    18. Enjoy “laughing so hard that they cry”:
      • at people’s situtations
      • when challenged
    19. Enjoy doing and/or watching prank entertainment
    20. Instead of engaging in intelligent debate or remaining silent, assumes a combative stance designed to discredit, defame and/or embarrass/humiliate (possibly also denying recourse aka ensure that they have the last word, wrong as it may be.)
    21. Pleasured by causing suffering: _
    22. Pleasured and/or entertained by watching and/or hearing suffering.
    23. Attraction to children (pedophelia), if emotionally immature _


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