Draft Hockey Pool #00000000 Contest

The taking down of current War Criminal

Dr. Anthony Fauci

“Hand’s Up, Fauci!”
[insert date and source]

Contest Rules || Bets received as of [insert date, time & time zone] [insert hourly tally during 8-hour period]

  1. The pool organizer may only place one initial bet: they may bet on empty squares after the pool has closed.
  2. Half of the pool’s net* proceeds are to be distributed to those whom are currently homeless [or insert your cause of choice] wherever the pool organizer is situated: the other half of the pool is to be e-transferred to the winner within 24 hours.
  3. Only bets received after [insert date, time & time zone] will be accepted.
  4. The maximum bet is [insert amount] per square**
  5. Bets will be accepted and logged on a first-received-first-accepted basis; anyone whom has bet on a square that has already been made will be notified as soon as the duplicate is noticed. In those instances, they may submit a new bet which will be accepted/logged as soon as it is received. (This means that we must simultaneously administer the pool’s inbox. The pool’s inbox is: ([insert e-mail, Instagram OR Twitter address that will be used]) (It would be better if betters could view the bets as they are being placed.)
  6. Only one bet per person is permitted between hh:mm and hh:mm [time zone]; after hh:mm, there is no limit to the number of bets that can be made per person/team. (We are assuming that people will respect the nature of this pool and only place bets under ONE e-mail/Instagram/Twitter account. If you are a team, please submit your bet under ONE account. (Note: you may need a team to be in a position to place an intelligent bet; otherwise, you are simply gambling.)
  7. The intention of this pool is [insert intention]. Should we inadvertently make a mistake as we develop this new form of “gaming”, we will not feel responsible. Accordingly, participate in this pool at your own risk and if you have any positive and/or negative feedback that could lead to an improvement of this pool, please let us know by e-mailing to the pool’s e-mail address.
  8. Enjoy the Pool #00000000! 

*I will absorb the banking fees on my pool; however, please investigate what your bank might charge and adjust your maximum bet/”odds”/winnings accordingly. Or, if possible, run a cash pool and avoid the banking fees altogether!
**You may change this amount for your own pool or use gift cards, M&Ms  or whatever!

Our work-in-progress evidence against Fauci page is viewable: here

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Fauci is Hill’d asc.Jak@pfi.rocks