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An accomplished analyst, writer, speaker and mother of two, Deirdre Moore (Andeé Sea Cae Jak) first gained exposure to domestic violence in 2013 when she decided to approach her husband about deficient estate planning and their workaholic lifestyle.

The conversation opened a Pandora’s box and she experienced a nervous breakdown that required hospitalization. What followed was a wicked strategy designed to remove her completely from the lives of her children. Unbeknownst to her, Deirdre’s husband was a covert, malignant narcissist (also known as a high-functioning sociopath or “narcopath“) with links to a massive crime ring.

For seven years, the abuse-without-bruises escalated and publicly-funded services such as healthcare, law enforcement, judicial process and child protection were fully exploited (or, in some cases, simply leveraged) by her husband: a pathological liar intent on covering his tracks during his winner-takes-all divorce. On 20230908, Deirdre finally moved into an emergency shelter in  St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador: welcome to #Mummygate.

Her 20190211 Last Will and Testament naming Jack White as her Power of Attorney, Executor of Estate, Guardian of Sean & Cate, etc. is here; however, it was not witnessed. Accordingly, she prepared another one while in Mexico which was included in her Mummygate 20230828 “All About the Base”* Affidavit #7 as Exhibit C.

Exhibitor tag for the
American Psychiatric Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting
in San Francisco, California, USA

pre-Activist Resumé of Deirdre Moore, CFA, BBA

A problem-solver with strong analytical, technical and communication skills, Deirdre has been an independent consultant for over 25 years. She has delivered services in the areas of project management, operational assessment, process improvement, risk assessment and business planning.

She has delivered presentations to groups from 10-200 and worked with clerical staff, corporate presidents and board members. She has written for high-profile magazines and online media.

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