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October 21, 2022

10:47 e.s.t.. Draft article “Why Should non-Socipaths leave Ottawa?” by Deirdre Moore

10:47 e.s.t.. pfi.ROCKS Visitor Analysis! Churchill River SK, Dedicated Servers & GSI-mal threats … oh my!

13:14 e.s.t.. Coming Soon! Zeynep Selaman, Joe Addelman, Catherine Aitken and … The Royal Ottawa!

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Today’s minutes—of pfi.ROCKS Archives!—are dedicated to my beautiful children, Sean & Cate Kiska of Ottawa, Ontario, who have been denied my love and protection for three years, eight months and 20 days as I enter my TENTH year attempting to divorce their father (John Kiska) … an undiagnosed malignant narcissist/sociopath who is connected to a massive white-, blue-, thug-collar crime syndicate with ties to international human trafficking.