Edward J. Henn, Jr.

My name’s Ed, I’m the furthest thing from successful. But I’ve gotten out of the depths of misery. Thanks be to God our Father in Heaven, in Jesus Christ name. Amen. I’m a happy fella now. Took a while to get to this point in my life. Though, those around me would say I’ve gone no where. You learn that no one shares your journey of your mind and mental well being with you on this plain. The only one who does help you there is Jesus Christ. So, don’t be angry with those who won’t understand your journey. Wait… this Bio is supposed to be about my adventure… my bad. Guess I’m not too great at this… bullying wasn’t too hard to get around, where my misery started was the passing of my eldest Brother. Writing really helped get me through that, Thanks be to God our Father in Heaven. I wouldn’t think of what to write. I’d just let the emotions come up with the wording. And when what I felt was on the page, I felt relieved. Also, used to workout like crazy till I wrecked my body with working out too much too fast. And as I slowed down due to injuries, I got to face my issues. Figured them out when forced to see them. And now aside from things outside of my control. Everything feels peaceful in a way. And incase this is not what a bio is supposed to be. I was born in an Area in NY, but not the city. I’m shorter than Napoleon Bonaparte yet look just like him when shaved, and I’m nearly 30, and totally broke. I don’t write as much as I used too, poetry wise. Harder to write when one’s not constantly upset. Always Trust in God The Father, Always Trust in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and Always Trust in The Holy Spirit.

Poetry by Edward J. Henn, Jr.

The Chains of the Mind

In Darkness,
That I had
For too long.

I couldn’t see.


I could feel…

Stumbling blind,
My eye’s
Still worked.

Bump into that,
Fall down that hole,
Walking barefoot
Atop broken glass.

Thinking I’d known
Where I was,
Where I had been.

Only to find
Each step,
From the last.

I’d limp down
The hall.

A trail

From each

I’d grow use
To this pain…
I wouldn’t
Notice it,
Most of the time.

I’d hear
Sought who was.

It was me,
Through the pain,
Through each step.

Convincing myself.

That this
Was my home…
When it wasn’t…

I’d look through
They’d be imaginary.

I was looking
Through my eye’s,
Looking through

As I was slowly,

Going insane…

Till one day,
I stumbled
Through that
Pitch black wall,
I was blinded
By the light
Once more.

Only to grow,
Understand it.


To feel loved,
As I was truly

And I was.

I was saved,
From myself.

From being trapped,
In that of my own


What a prison,
Ones own mind


Can truly be… 


The Big Picture. We’re A Play.

Love in the Words of a Loner

Through those Gates

When I awake,
I slip on
My Mask.

This Mask!
Truly brilliant.

It can change
It’s appearance,
In a Heartbeat…

I hide behind it,
I am ashamed,
Don’t want people
To see the Monster,
That I once was.
As well,
…still am.

I look…
Deep inside,
A Devil lurks.

My Horns,
Transparent enough.
That others
Don’t see them.

I hide
So well,
That I even believe myself.

I know there’s
A hole,
In my heart.

That piece,
Torn out
By my passing,
Along with my Brothers’.

When you’re thrown
Into Hell

No matter how

You never…
…come out whole.

Most times,
You feel that
Is now home.

Setting up
In the deepest
Darkest pits.

You sell
Your smile,
Knowing that
It’s nothing,
A weight.

That it can’t be…


That it can only
Get worse,
Long after things
Feel better.

I wear…
My Mask.

Till it cracks,
I become real.

Till I am…
…no more…


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