PLACEHOLDER for pfi.ROCKS The Sin Series! MAIN

  1. (draft) Worship other gods
  2. (draft) Idolize
  3. (draft) Use God’s (or Jesus’s) name in vain
  4. (draft) Abandon the holiness of the Sabbath
  5. (draft) Dishonour one’s parents
  6. (draft) Murder
  7. (draft) Commit Adultery
  8. (draft) Steal
  9. (draft) Bearing false witness
  10. (draft) Crave (i.e. covet)
  11. (draft) Pride
  12. (draft) Lust
  13. (draft) Anger
  14. (draft) Gluttony
  15. (draft) Envy
  16. (draft) Sloth

Note that 10-16 are considered to be the “deadly” sins as engagement in them results in being denied the grace of God. Whether or not engagement in 1-9 leads to the same result seems to be up for debate. Moving forward, I’ve decided not to take any chances; but, still deficient on a couple of them.