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Right? Chief Peter Sloly? (Update required: he ?quit?)

Change requires a level of discomfort
Ottawa Chief of Police, Peter Sloly || Source: CBC October 29, 2021


  1. OCTOBER 24, 2021: I received some guidance from Constable ******** on how to file my police statement to report as massive crime ring with links to human trafficking. He did an excellent job helping me to understand how to best present the information, the perpetrators and their crimes. A recording of our conversation is here. I followed his instructions to a “T” and prepared overviews, printed three court documents which described some of the Syndicate’s activities, identified many of the perpetrators and some of their crimes.
  2. OCTOBER 31, 2021: I attended the police station at 474 Elgin Street to file my statement
    1. The door was locked; so, I picked up the phone … but it went to voicemail.
    2. So, I started recording. Just before I was about to leave, I received a callback and the door was unlocked so that I could enter. There were zero persons in the waiting area.
    3. I attempted to explain how I was directed to leave some information with my Statement by Constable Barlow of the Alternative Response Unit; however, the woman behind the glass would have none of it. A recording of our 15-minute conversation is here which includes a flip through of the binder that I had brought beginning at 11:05 (albeit upside down).
    4. The evidence that I was attempting to file with my complaint, as advised by OPS was:
    5. This is my 1-page police complaint  and my voice-over review.
    6. After a quick edit, I filed my statement was I informed by Cadre #91077 Jeffrey that an investigator would be in touch with me to retrieve my binder from me.
  3. NOVEMBER 6, 2021: I attempted to find out who has been assigned to my file as no one has contacted me:
    1. I left a message for the OPS Reporting Unit beginning at 01:01 here. When they returned my call, the said that it had not yet been assigned, that a Constable McLaughlin had written some notes on the file. She said she would transfer me to Constable McLaughlin’s extension; instead, someone for the Mental Health Unit picked up. The conversation was comical; but, as I was out and about, I was not in a position to record it.
    2. So, I returned to the station, but they refused to let me in! When they returned my call, the said that it had not
    3. Next, I tried calling again and was able to get through to the OPS Criminal Intelligence Unit! Of course, no one answered; but, I was able to leave a message . (It promises a call-back within 24 hours: not one did.)
    4. Finally, someone told me how I could add information to my report.
  4. NOVEMBER 10, 2021: I had to prepare for my CAS Appeal that was heard the previous day; so, could not circle back to OPS nastiness until then:
    1. I received more advice from OPS Constable ********.
    2. I wasted 35 minutes attempting to communicate with Sergeant O’Connell of the Professional Standards Unit.
    3. My attempt to leave another message with the Criminal Intelligence Unit instead landed somehow at the Biker Enforcement Unit. (Is that supposed to intimidate me OPS dispatch? Now you know why I stated that OPS has been bought and paid for by the Syndicate.)
  5. So, now I am supposed to submit a file online and link in evidence. However, massive crime Syndicate linked to human trafficking does not seem to be an option. What .. A .. Mess.

  6. NOVEMBER 11, 2021: I left a message for  Staff Sergeant Isabelle Lemieux  of the OPS Criminal Intelligence Unit as evidenced here. Is she going to assist me in exposing some of OPS’s dirty cops including pathological liar Constable Alex Kirady who somehow pulled off a 50% salary increase in 2020 ! WHAT .. A .. RACKET!!!


I already have two civil actions that name the Ottawa Police Service as a defendant in progress. In the first one, I am mostly seeking compensatory damages. It is viewable here .

The second one is more pecuniary in nature. It is for $13, 200,000: the exact amount that Mayor Jim Watson bullied City Councillors into approving last December (?to pay for their raises?) because THAT’S HOW BAD THE OPS IS. It is viewable here .

Raise money for charity by starting your own “hockey pool”! Draft available here .

A work in progress with ~200 perpetrators: last updated 20220225 14:39 e.s.t.


  Sec. 21(1) Sec. 23(1) Sec. 127(1) Sec. 126(1) Sec. 300 Sec. 131 Sec. 134 S. 83.18
Perpetrators/Crimes Parties to Offence Accessory after the fact Disobeying order of court Disobey a statute Defamatory Libel Perjury Giving a False Sworn Statement Participation in activity of terrorist group
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Justice Julie Audet
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