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April 11th morning e-mail to Crown’s Malcolm Savage |||  April 11th afternoon e-mail to Crown’s Malcolm Savage

Please take whatever you need and learn from my mistakes. AJ/DM

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To DM: “[I do not care if your are suffering financially because I am not paying any monthly support. I simply do not care how this divorce impacts you, Sean or Cate.]” JK

To JK: “[Here is my amended Answer for the divorce file. You are going to lose everything.]” DM

To DM: “[I do not care if Cate is suffering extreme anxiety. I do not consent to her seeing someone a Crossroads and I am not letting you bring them to a group session for children at the Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre]” JK

To Joseph Addelman: “[Get me out of this freaking bail house! There is nothing but hookers and dealers here and the place is managed by a pimp!]” DM

To DM: “[No. I could care less; but, thanks for agreeing to foolishly volunteer for a psych assessment at the Royal with crooked psychiatrist Zeynep Selaman who is in the Crown’s back pocket … like me.]” Joseph Addelman

To SCJ-criminal: “[We do not want DM to be able to re-elect in OCJ. We will drop our bogus B&E charge to avoid her re-election.]” Crown’s Malcolm Savage
To JK: “[Here is my Small Claim for the fraudulently-obtained, meagre, spousal support of $1,230/month which is now six months overdue]” DM

DM v. JK

Another, massive argument about estate planning and lifestyle

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To Victor Vallance Blais LLP: “[Why are your forcing mediation?! There is nothing reasonable about the man! Why are you refusing to schedule a trial?! Forget it, I have already wasted $40,000 on you people for zero results. Were you working for JK all along?]” DM
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To CAS: “[Go and get Sean and Cate and bring them to me. Then, place a restraining order against DM.]” JK
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To DM: “[You obviously have some mental health issues but I going to permit you to re-elect your method of trial in OCJ.]” SCJ Justice Charles T. Hackland
To former CAS attorney: “[Your appeal documents sucked. You are fired.]” DM
To DM: “[We permit you to file an amended Notice of Appeal (regarding the CYFSA decision) and related documents: have them in by March 17th.]” Justice Corbett
To DM: “[I am not going to recuse myself even though I broke the law to schedule a civil matter in Family court to your demise.]” SCJ Justice Pamela MacEachern
To DM: “[I am going to ignore the evidence that Victor Vallance Blais should not have been permitted to bring a Rule 21 Motion and I am going to grant an order that forces you to appeal my decisions in two different branches of court: Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal.]” SCJ Justice Sally Gomery

To TOH “[I have no idea what could have triggered her psychotic break.]” JK

To DM “[Bizarre to become bi-polar at 47; but, if no trigger, then everything else is ruled out.]” Dr. Saul

(Moore was released while still in a state of psychosis because doctor was looking for signs of mania due to false collateral information of JK.)

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To DM: “[Following the administration of two tests and after multiple sessions, I am going to fine-tune your current diagnosis to Brief Psychotic Disorder with marked stressors; the marked stressor being JK.]” Dr. Iris Jackson

To SCJ Family: “[I only make $70K/year. DM is severely mentally ill AND she is not working to her true potential AND DMs income is almost the same as mine]” JK

(Meanwhile, DM’s income is $0 as her reputation has been trashed.)

To Quebec-based psychiatrist: “[DM is bi-polar, schizo-affective, psychotic and paranoid]” JK

To DM: “[I realize that you have not really “taken up residence” outside of Canada; however, I am choosing to call you on a breach anyways.]” JHS’s Melissa Bradford
To OPS: “[DM received a referral to a clinic for Schizophrenia.]” JHS’s Soraya LeNoble
To SCJ-criminal: “[We do not want DM to obtain any citable case law for defending herself for violating the illegally-obtained, CAS-constructed, child-abusing 20190408 court order so we have dropped that charge .]” Crown’s Malcolm Savage

To DM’s sister Moira J. Moore: “[Can you refer me to a family law lawyer?]” JK

To JK: “[You bet! Even though she helped to pay for my living expenses during my two degrees, I will absolutely help you out.]” Moira J. Moore

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To DM: “[You are only awarded $1,230/month in spousal support + I am awarding costs to Kiska. So, you get only $9,640 for 2018 because I have absolutely no concept of math and/or basic humanity.]” SCJ Justice Julie Audet

To DM: “[I do not care if you have not received any materials and none have been properly filed, I am ruling against you anyways with a Final/Not-Final Order that empowers JK and the CAS to remove you completely from your children’s lives.]” Justice Calum MacLeod

To SCJ-CYFSA: “[I communicate with her often: she has been arrested for Flight from peace officer.]” JK

insert statement 2020-4

To JK: “[Here are two more civil actions against you]” DM

To SCJ Judge Calum MacLeod: “[Here is a Civil action against your Ministry because of you.]” DM

To DM: “[You are being charged with three more counts of criminal harassment and two more counts of Failure to comply. Unlike your previous four Bail Hearings, however, we are not arguing on any grounds for your detention: basically, you were only arrested so that we could force you to remove you evidence-laden website from public view because you are exposing our incompetence, collusion and/or crime ring.]” Crown’s Malcolm Savage

To DM: “[Mummy, sob, sob, mummy when are you coming home? Are you going to miss Sean’s birthday party?]” 5-year old daughter Cate
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To DM “[You do not own anything anymore, not even the gifts you bought for Sean. Did you buy the appliances? I want to know exactly what you had that now belongs to me.]” JK

To Cate: “[Your mum has moved to Texas and she does not want to be your mummy any more.]” JK

insert statement 2020-5
To self “[What the heck just happened?]” DM
To JK: “[Why are you harassing me about finances the second I walk in the door? It is not my fault that Accreditation Canada cancelled the contract. Back off!]” DM
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To DM: “[Will you take care of Sean and Cate this summer. I have no interest in taking any time from work to be with them other than two weeks.]” JK

To JK: “[My pleasure.]” DM

To DM’s elderly parents: “[I am going to spend my last dollar to ruin her. I am going for the jugular.]” JK
To son Sean: “[I lost my best friend, your mum, to mental illness.]” JK
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To TOH: “She was gambling and shopping in June. We went to Mont Tremblant and she spent the entire time in bed. She flat-lined in December.]” JK
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To DM, JK and SCJ Family: “[I have completed my 4-month investigation and recommend that sole custody be awarded to the mum as she is the superior parent and the only one looking out for her daughter.]” OCL clinician.

To OPS: ‘[DM is bi-polar, schizo-affective, psychotic and schizophrenic. I no longer communicate with her: there is no point. My life is twisted: enough is enough! My kids are afraid to take the dog for a walk. They are afraid to go outside or go to the pool. They ask me “what do we do if we see mum? She is harassing me and I am fearful for the safety of my children and me. Please lock her up so that I do not have to pay any spousal support, I will win sole custody/access in CAS court and maybe, if I am lucky, she will commit suicide before the divorce trial when I would lose everything.]” JK
insert statement 2020-7

To DM: “[You are my best friend. I love you so much. Let’s go to Mont Tremblant for a holiday.]” JK

To TOH: “[Sure, I will sign a Community Treatment Order that forces DM to take lithium for bi-polar disorder. No, I have not spoken to her; but, I could really care less. Where do I sign?]” DM’s other sister, Eileen Moore
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To 9-year old Cate: “[You just wait here by yourself Cate. I am going to go on a ride with Sean. You are a beautiful, young girl abandoned at Canada’s Wonderland; but, I am sure you will be fine]” JK

To Sean and Cate: “[I am SO sorry beauties. I know that you love our little home and that we just moved here last Spring, but I have no choice but to sell the house to access the equity so that I can continue to pay the bills [because your dad is wicked].” DM

To SCJ Family-CYFSA: “[I want sole custody, sole access and a restraining order against Moore. I will say anything in my sworn Affidavit to ensure that that happens]” JK
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To SCJ-CYFSA “[I have been solely responsible for the day-to-day safety of Sean and Cate since DM became ill in 2013.” JK

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To JK “[I intend to file for divorce with grounds: cruelty]” DM (after she finds evidence in her medical files that JK lied to TOH psychiatrists in both 2013 and 2014 to ensure she remained hospitalized for 6-weeks and 8-weeks, respectfully, for an illness that she did not have: bi-polar disorder.
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To SCJ-criminal: “[The community deserves and needs protection from DM. She should not be released prior to her 5-trial for multiple charges inluding B&E]” Crown’s Moiz Karimjee

To court: “Moore should be denied bail on primary, secondary and tertiary grounds. Not even a GPS-monitoring ankle bracelet is acceptable for her release.” Crown’s Mike Boyce

(Note that following her release, the relevant charges were dropped. Also, note that because of this detention Moore had less than four weeks to prepare for her 20201110 CAS Summary Judgment Motion against Kiska and she there was now over 500 km between her and her evidence, technology and clothing/luggage because she was arrested in St. Catharines.

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To DM “[I am changing your diagnosis from bi-polar disorder to Psychosis NOS because I do not have the time to do any better and you are not currently experiencing any symptoms]” TOH’s Dr. Gary Kay

To DM: “[Ha! Loser! I served my Notice of Separation on you first! With an urgent Notice of Motion for sole custody and access! I have got you right where I want you now.]” JK

insert statement 2016-11

To DM: “[Your materials were rife with evidence. You have the court’s permission to seek damages from JK for the many torts and crimes that he has committed against you.]” SCJ Justice Darlene L. Summers.

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To SCJ-Family (CYFSA): “[DM is severely mental ill and refuses to acknowledge her illness or accept treatment. We have not provided to you a shred of third-party evidence, but there are no triable issues so award sole custody and access should go to JK]” CAS, OCL, JK
To SCJ-Family (CYFSA): “[Here is a ton of evidence that proves JK, CAS and OCL are lying. Here are some of my medical files and other reports that indicate that I am a victim of wicked domestic violence and do not have any chronic mental illness]” DM
To JK: “[I have zero interest in sitting up all night drinking scotch with you.]” DM
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To DM: “[I ignored all of your testimony and evidence, decided that there were no triable issues and awarded sole custody and access to JK with a restraining order against you]” SCJ Justice Mary Fraser