Image by The Seattle Times, “Seattle Justice: crooked cops and payoffs in the Jet City”

Link to draft articles letters re: Ottawa pipeline that I was posting on LinkedIn and Facebook (4,000+ friends) in July 2019 just prior to July arrest/detention. 

Link to evidence that Mohammed Said is targeting aboriginals and African Canadians

Link to “support” received from “friend” S.M. who (insert evidence of support for sociopathic, abusive spouse vs. me) and stated “Stop worrying about everyone’s daughter and just worry about your own daughter” as I explained to her the reality of Ottawa’s human trafficking pipeline


 The Ottawa Pipeline, taxpayer-funded:

  1. Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is used to identify targets and assist the CAS: evidence.
  2. Children’s Aid Society affiliates fabricate stories about children in need of protection for job creation, profit and/or pleasure: evidence.
  3. Ottawa Police Service members ignore the law, evidence and lie as a matter of course; make false arrests to get targets into the prison system: evidence.
  4. Office of the Crown Attorney prosecutors ignore the law, evidence and lie as a matter of course; trump up charges to fund duty counsel/lawyers and keep targets in the prison system: evidence.
  5. Judges’ processes (criminal, family, CAS) of “next steps” ensures getting to trial takes as long as possible; accomplishing maximum victimization of targets and maximum absorption of tax dollars evidence.
  6. Healthcare practitioners turn a blind eye to abuse-without-bruises and invent mental illness allegations to accommodate victimization of targets: evidence.
  7. Legal Aid Ontario funnels money (knowingly or not) into the Judicial/Incarceration//Law enforcement (“J.A.I.L.”) pipeline: evidence.
  8. Office of the Independent Police Review Directorate … : evidence.
  9. Law Society of Ontario … : evidence.
  10. Human Trafficking is Ottawa: a continuous multi-faceted, inescapable, flow of victims to feed prostitution, drug addiction, petty crime and all that is required to satisfy the sociopath’s insatiable appetite. for sex, money and power.


Insert diagram of siphoning of tax dollars into “careers”

Link to analysis of financial statements i.e. profitability of CAS Toronto

Link to profitable businesses within prison (canteen) (grocery) (meals), proof of admin payoffs: daily cost vs daily revenue

20200608 0502 E-mail to the Group re Motions & Endorsements

20200620 Work-in-Progress Evidence Book with explanations is here.