Shelene Crawley

The Jekyll & Hyde of a Conscience-free Sociopath that mimics Human Beings

A 12-page pdf of actual text exchange is here (with original screenshots pasted here).

work-in-progress: last updated 20230918

20230623 Giving Notice & O’Shawnessy House

DM Hi Shelene, I know this is quick; but, I’ve been on the phone all morning & think I’ve finally found a place that might help me, Sean & Cate. So, providing notice, gulp. There’s a bed in a DV shelter that they’ll hold until 7 pm tonight. They’re paying for a taxi to get me out there … so, packing up what I can now. But, leaving most stuff here until end of July or until I can locate a “storage facility” or get re-housed for (some of ) remainder. Hope this is ok. Sorry; but, with games from social services, I see no other choice. Been here nearly a year without any change in circumstances so, if not now, I’d have to go mid-winter in Feb flat broke with nothing. See you when you get home. Deirdre. PS. It’s in an RCMP jurisdiction, Carbonnear. Praying they can help. *shed a tear*

SC Oh my goodness!!!!! I’m happy and sad all at the same time!!! Can this really be what you’ve been waiting for?!! So you’re leaving today??

DM I have no idea Shelene. This has been my life since 2019. Without access to income, my future in Paradise is clear; so, may as well try somewhere else & they claimed to be able to help. Someone else is calling NL CAS. I’ve no idea. Yes, all quite surreal. Yes, I need to be there by 7 PM. But, hopefully can make arrangements to empty roo by July 31 (or sooner) so you can re-rent.

SC I will be home by 5.

DM I’m a little bewildered about what to pack; but, feel as if this is the right think to do.

SC Don’t worry about cleaning it out. You have to cooncentrate on yourself and getting your babies!!! You have sooo much in there.

DM I’ve been rejected by ALL other women’s shelters as my domestic violanece wasn’t deemed “current”.

SC I could help get your stuff gathered up after you leave. The things you need. But I would rather you do it. There is no rush.

DM Most of my stuff is food. *laugh*

SC Good point! It’s safe where it is. You know that.

DM It may not make sense to move it all. Glad you like tomatoes!!

SC If you want me to donate for you I will gladly do that. You will need lots of what you have for food items?!

DM Anyhow, I’ll get the “lay of the land” over the next few days & should know more by mid-next week on what they’re able to do re assistance/housing/etc.

SC Ok let’s just see what happens. You may be back soon!!!

DM I won’t need any food there & they don’t want it. I’d only keep it if they place me in some room out there somewhere. Zero clue at the moment.

SC Oh my dierdre.. I’m so nervous right now. For you [?]

DM For some reason, I think I’m moving on … iti just may take a few weeks to sort it out. I’m sure another fit granny would love it here.

SC I’m happy you’re ok!!!

DM Don’t worry Shelene. This is NOTHING compared to what the Syndicate has put me through. Finding people in the DV network willing to share my story is the best thing that could happen right now. Plus, more witnesses that I am not severely mentally ill/not dangerous would help. Plus, being in a shelter while trying to forward divorce … helps too. ‘K, better sort out this mess. Glad I cleaned last weekend! See you in a few hours.

SC OK see you soon

20230628 Updates from O’Shawnessy House

DM Hi Shelene. They haven’t told me anything about anything. They’re going to contact social services but I have zero clue what happens next. Produced a legal doc today that will form the intro to my next police report re crimes of Torture, Human Trafficking & Domestic Terrorism. Filing that with RCMP as soon as I record it on YouTube. Hope you’re well. Will update you again in a few days.

SC I’ve been wondering how you were! Yesterday was a provincial holiday so office were closed. I’m sure you’re keeping busy , as usual, and also hoping you’re not hungry !! All is well and good at the homestead! Keep me in the loop.

DM (20230702 16:37) Hi Shelene. Hope you had a fun day yesterday! Update: well, my expectations are close to zero on this place being able to help with social services. Nothing happened all week except them informing me that there wasn’t much they could do. But, seems like they won’t toss mem out either. So, that’s a good thing. I’ll wait another week to see; but, I think we should plan for me to be out by July 16th. I’ll somehow pack up another cab full & call it a day. Lawyers continue to be pure evil; so, no relief from there either. Deirdre

SC Hey Oh my I’m sorry to hear you are no further ahead. That’s terrible. Just let me know what’s going on when you firm up a plan. You can come by anytime you want ! I spent all day yesterday, helping Ashley get settled into her new home! I was beat by the time I got home

DM (20230704 16:59) Hi Shelene. Are you ok to call me in a bit? Sorry … me call you?

SC Give me 5 minutes Otw hoMe All good

DM (20230704 19:06) Update: looks like they’re shipping me out tomorrow. Somewhere in St. John’s; not sure exactly where or when. Will test it out & keep you posted. Life in the fast lane.

SC That happened quickly. Yes, please keep me in the loop

DM Hi Shelene. Still not landed anywhere. I basically accused CSSD of being involved in fraud yesterday. Beingn advised by someone “who knows better” to just leave asap. Are you free for a quick call?

SC Yes a quick call Busy here

DM ty

DM (20230708 10:27) Good morning & happy Saturday! Weird week for me that’s for sure. Please call when you can. Need to know when your bank appt is so I can figure out my next steps. Also, there should be some tax forms for me at the post office.

DM (20230710 19:16) Hi Shelene. Any luck with the bank? I’ve pencilled in plans to leave on the 19th if I can.

SC Appt for Friday at 4. Earlier I can get in. Unless a cancellation. Somebody just came to the door with an envelope for you, but I said that you weren’t here right now! Legal I think.

DM You could have taken it or did they need to serve it in person? Lots of games being played by Ottawa right now. I’m likely getting sued for something. Plus, I filed my big police report today with RND. And published it. It’s pretty damning of Ottawa. ALL of Ottawa.

SC He wouldn’t leave it with me.

DM Worry not. Likely the Quebec lawyer trying to sue me for some amount outstanding after telling me my account was paid in full. Then, they sent me an email saying they had a refund for me. Then, they said I owed them $2,000. People are mostly insane or demonic, I’ve decided. *thumbs up* Re cash: Friday is great. I’ll go ahead & book the travel! Thank you!!(And sorry) I hope you find a replacement super quick. *heart*

SC The appt is Friday. Don’t know if I leave with the cash or if that is after approval. I can ask tomorrow. Don’t you worry. [?] I will advertise after you have your things moved !!

DM Re: cash. They’ll probably make you order it iin advance so it would be great if you could set that up. I hear they’re getting pretty tight with withdrawals & Ottawa would only release $2,000 at a time back in Dec ’21 (include picture of Sparks RBC empty vault) Wow. I swear those aren’t my typos!! Auto-correct. *angry face*

SC Haha I noticed ! Not like you I will ask tomorrow

20230711 Back in Paradise

DM (20230711 15:57) Your house pest is back. She brought you some wine, you may need it to read my RNC Report #3 filed yesterday. *grimace* PS. I think we need to go on a boat tour & stay downtown before I go. *Angel smile*

SC Welcome back!!!! I’m only going to be home long enough to let K out and then Otw to see mom. Fair supper. It’s their anniversary. Chat when I get home

DM K was already offerred out: said no. He just pestered the heck out of me: gave him & sis a treat.

SC Haha thank you. I bought a bag of baby carrots on lunch break.

DM had a very early morning & don’t expect to be up past 8, if that. If ok, going to leave luggage I DR. Ordering boxes tomorrow & will shift stuff out or down so you can post a pic/advertise/rent asap. (that way I can couch DS if any hiccups) Plus easier to pack with extra real estate to lay it out.

SC Ok! I may be out until then. Depends on where mom and I go Yes it’s fine for the cases

DM Lot’s going on Chillin’ DS & just taking it all in. Crazy days. (16:01) K was not happy w whatever he ate: barfed it all up o the carpeted steps. Will scoop up what I can.

SC Uh oh Thank you

DM (20230712 15:45) Cops are here to take my statement. Not sure how long they’ll stay.

SC Oh? As in in my home?

DM (20230713 10:26) Just a reminder to phone bank re: ordering $5,600 Thank you *praying hands*

SC Thank you!!!

DM Any news on timing?

SC Just going to message you. No maiil Thee bank has enough cash on hand. Couldn’t get an answer on timing. The personal banking girl wasn’t in.

DM Confused. So, they’ll be able to provide the full amount on Friday? Or … *shrug*

SC I asked if money has to be ordered or if I can get the cash at the time of approval. Can get total at time of approval. Not necessarily Friday.

DM Got it *thumbs up*

SC Nothing in the mail for you My appt is now 445. If you could put k out later that would be much appreciated.

DM You bet. I’ll put him out again. Thank you. Don’t worry about maijl for mem at this point. Maybe once before I go.

SC Perfect Thanks a bunch

DM (20230721 21:39) FYI, Keiko just came in from his evening pee. Hope you’ve settled in somewhere cozy.

SC Thank you! Eat the noodle thingy in the fridge if you want. It’s good

DM You’re welcome! Keiko “woke me up” at 2 to go out; so, it’s good that he’s comfortable doing that. Pets were watered & fed & treated at 8. Just sipping coffee then taking K out for a jaunt before it gets too warm. Your bell peppers had become a science experiment; so, I tossed them. TY for your noodle offer. I may take you up on that. Enjoy your morning & watch for bad drivers!  Deirdre

SC Sorry, he woke up but I agree it’s really good that he let you know! Omg I forgot the peppers. Ewww  Thank you so much! Hitting the road again now 

DM 20230722 I was awake so it was no problem. Your parsnip too. And that salad was due June 22 & didn’t look so good. *trash*  K had a nice walk and *swim* to cool off. De-humidifier on. Pets napping. All is well.

SC Thanks for taking care of all that stuff! Bet Keiko enjoyed that. Have a groovy day.

DM (20230722 20:43) You’re welcome. All is well. Pretty low key.

DM (20230723 11:23) All is well. Keiko got out for another walk & swim. Hope your mini-vacation is enjoyable.

SC Thank you. I know Keiko is thrilled  It’s nice to be away for a few days.

DM (20230723 20:56) I truly hope you’re enjoying the down time with your mum. Good for her for forcing it, whatever the reason. *gold star* Pets had supper & treats. Will empty de-humid again before bed. Poop picked & litter scooped. All is well.

SC It’s nice to see mom not stressed and sad ! Thanks again. Diedre! [?]

DM (20230724 08:05) You’re welcome! Pets fed & watered. All is well.

SC Thank you!! Be home in about 4 hours

SC Disregard.  Still hours away.

DM Was going to start to worry!!

DM (20230724 14:38) K’s been out a few times. Will do the usual supper routine at 5.

SC Thank you.

DM *grimace* I never made it out. Another crazy day. IF you’re stopping for wine today, would you please pick one up for me? (Only if you’re already stopping though.)

SC I can do that.  What kind?

DM This wee nuggett *hugs* (insert picture of Trapiche Tesoro)

SC No problemo!! *beamy face*

DM I let Keiko out for a pee. He wasn’t remotely interested. (Don’t think princess like the rain.)

SC Haha thank you

DM (20230802 16:23) Sorry I didn’t wish you well as you left this morning: I was head deep in a legal document & forgot (at 7:00) that you weren’t just going to work. After the multiple departures/returns, I remembered you were gone for a fee days.

SC It’s perfectly fine!!  You’re up to your eyeballs! Have a good few days!

DM Thank you! PS. Kis on his own schedule, it seems. I’ll drag him out again in an hour or two. (he misses his mum)

SC He’s my sooky doggie. Will appreciate me more when I get home. Not boss me around

DM (20230804 11:57) Hi Shelene. Just to let you know that Martha told me loud & clear that she does NOT like those Temptations treats. *grimace*

SC Martha is a diva now.  Long way from the skank street kitty she was.  Eating bugs. Maybe she can dine on fine cuts of tuna?! Couple of spoonfuls. She lilkes that. Thanks for caring for the fur ones!

DM That’s a great idea! I should make some tua salad & split a tim with her. It’s probably better for her & about the same price! Keiko & I got out for a walk after I served my third affidavit yesterday. *angel smile*

SC Yes exactly!! She likes the broth from it too. Fantastic! I’m sure he enjoyed the walk! You’re busy  busy !!

DM (insert screenshot re: Ottawa City Councillor Riley Brockington) I nailed city hall in my affidavit yesterday. Hit a nerve in the Councillor of my ward. They’re ALL involved in the crime and human traffickingthat is our capital city. I’ve got a fourth to prepare; then, I’ll upload the whole thing to my site & do a video to circulate on video.

(to be continued)