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Remember March 2020? When NZ PM Jacinda Ardern  rushed the world’s most extreme abortion legislation into law while country distracted with pandemic? What motivated that, we wonder.

Elite’s 6uild 6ack 6etter is not looking so good

A. Australia’s draconian measures go from bad to worse: total tyranny

  1. “Really weird how all these Australian companies STOPPED offering life insurance in 2021.”
  2. 20210821: Stu Peters & 45-year vet re: draconian lockdown measures, restrictions &
    anti-Constitution use of army on borders.”
  3. Media uses actress to spread COVID fear (set up by husband/wife team).”
  4. Police fire rubber bullets at protesters.”
  5. NSW police given powers to kill with impunity.”
  6. Anna Rose speaks out on Instagram.”

Collection of announcements posted by Twitter’s @essentialgreed re: Australian life insurance

B. Canada’s upcoming election no longer looking like a smart move for Trudeau

    1. “Anything But Trudeau” Campaign
    2. Trudeau is standing up for jobs, just not Canadian ones (selects Chinese Shipbuilder).
    3. PHAC hasn’t held a single COVID-19 briefing since the announcement of the federal election on August 15: no intention to provide updates until it’s over.
    4. Presentation to Board of Health:
    5. What do you have to say for yourself now Dr. Kieran Moore, “Chief Medical Officer”?
    6. Justin Trudeau “Don’t think you can get on a train or a plane and put vaccinated people at risk!” (F*ing Goof)
    7. Burial costs covered for Canadians KILLED BY APPROVED VACCINES!
    8. Canadian Pastor Who Faces 4-Year Jail Sentence For “Inciting” Church Warns Americans: “The Enemy Is Not Hiding Anymore”

C. France demonstrates protest creativity & impacts business activity

  1. Bikers shut down highway in protest.
  2. Citizens boycott [injection] passports by eating right in front of nearly empty, [injection]-only bars and restaurants..”
  3. Un-injected must stand behind fence at concert.”
  4. France is at Stage 3.

Video of citizens in France picnic in front of near-empty restaurants posted by Twitter’s @GaryJac34303792

D. United Kingdom: disturbing news from Scotland, Great Britain waking up

    1. G.B.: Another politician stumbles on the narrative.
    2. Scotland: The highest number of new admissions were seen amongst those aged 30-39 years and 40-49 years. Prior to the [injection] roll-out, the highest number of new admissions each week were consistently in people aged 60+ years.
    3. Brian Hund on why he refuses to be injected. (Smart kid of the day award!)
    4. U.K.: Petition to Repeal the Coronavirus Act .
    5. U.K.: Mackrell Solicitors on Unlawful Dismissal
    6. G.B.: “NHS draws up plans to vaccinate 12-year-olds.”
    7. U.K.: Calling all ex-military to march against Parliament on September 8th.
    8. “Wear your 5 masks, take your 57th booster shot: you don’t need a gov’t mandate to be a neurotic recluse.”


E. America? COVID Narrative continues to be exposed, continues to crumble

  1. Dr. Erickson warned us of this criminal activity back in April 2020. We should have listened.
  2. Christina Parks, a PhD in Cellular & Molecular Biology, testifying earlier this week to the Michigan House of Representatives.
  3. Scott Gottlieb left the FDA April 2019 & joined Pfizer BoD June 2019. Scott Gottlieb: accept bribes much?
  4. “Using the now defunct PCR they ran for two years and told everyone they were dying? Those tests?
  5. Yet another Massive Freudian Slip: PLANDEMIC. (For a reminder of Justin Trudeau’s, it’s right here for you.)
  6. All can merely refuse the vaccine and move on to pursue civilian life. At worst, a general discharge under honorable conditions.
  7. Just because it is considered a “Right Wing” station, people ignored the FACTS it reported.

Screenshot of response to Twitter’s @VictoryDay_Hope re: exposure of former head of FDA’s Scott Gottlieb being “bought and paid for” by Pfizer.

F. Developments elsewhere: the Goods and the Uglies, as there really is no middle ground at this point.

    1. Good: German Nurse under investigation for replacing [injections] with saline solution.
    2. Good: Germany crowd begins to chant “Nazi out” to their Minister of Health.
    3. Ugly: Five die from brain blood clot in one month in small state of Kerala, India.
    4. Ugly: American whistle-blower on loophole re: gang-members and child abduction.

Screenshot of Twitter’s @MatthewTyrmand post re: American whistle-blows on massive loop-hole for human traffickers

G. From babies to ambulance chasers, this COVID-19 story’s got it all.

    1. FDA approves first oral blood-thinning medication for children[to avoid blood clots?] $$$
    2. FDA’s clear motivation is to enable Pfizer to quickly unload inventories.
    3. To CDC: “Is there DATA that getting third booster shot could prevent transmission?” “No, [we need to use up inventory before it expires].”
    4. Back in 2009, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg saved the world from “The greatest medical scandal of the century”, when they tried it last time. The usual suspects did it again but were now more prepared.
    5. Politicians are just puppets for the globalist corporate banking class that give them the same script from which to read.
    6. 🤡 Epic Tomfoolery 🤡
    7. They resisted the injection mandates and the mandates were removed!
    8. An idea: Anyone on Ambulance Data Analysis?


H. Please Wake Up

  1. THEIR NARRATIVE IS CRUMBLING: Something big & bad is going on.
    Hear it? 
  2. Defense Mechanisms areUnderstand it?
  3. Transhumanism Movie: In Time

pfi.ROCKS Reviews! In Time  (July 22, 2020)

I. Dark Comedy

    1. How to combat COVID-19?
    2. Are you up for Mandated Vacations?



COVID-inspired Dance Moves

“Situational Design” TikTok Dance by [insert when known]

COVID-inspired Independent Film

“What’s Up Neighbour” Indie film by [insert when known]