Understanding Predators

The Invention of Religion

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(20210115 15:40 e.s.t.) Reddit ||| Happy Birthday! However, you do not seem to be a very enlightened Pastor. Religion was created to assist people with the governance of “not-quite-people”: those which lacked the ability to base decisions upon human decency and morality because they lacked, at a minimum, the ability to experience compassion or, possibly, empathy or even sympathy. At some point the balance of power was lost because people did not realize that (because the evolutionary battle is also in utero) their offspring could be a “not-quite-people”. Slowly but surely, “not-quite-people” crept into Church, royalty, government, politics and, of course, business.

Welcome to 2021: environmental sabotage, potential human extinction and widespread human trafficking, drug trafficking, pedophilia, poverty and indifference.

Likely, the balance of power was lost during the “Greek Mythology” period as each side pontificated what they could, would and/or should do with the other side.

My draft views on our current global population is viewable here: https://twb.rocks/website-content/understanding-predators/psychology-terms/
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(20210116 08:38 e.s.t.) What did I think that I was going to do? I am attempting to introduce whoever is in this thread to the reason why religion was invented. We are not “all created equal”: our brains can be so vastly different that there are several sub-species; however, all lumped together as one. Whoever decided that (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human) was clearly not an empath+. (The balance of power had already been lost.) Human trafficking, pedophilia, mutilation? In my opinion, those who participate are “not quite people”. I refer to antipaths, monopaths and sociopaths as individuals or citizens and I believe that their rights should be fully curbed. For example, I do not think that they should be permitted to vote (https://qr.ae/pNDjIS),hold certain positions (https://qr.ae/pNDjI1) or sit on a jury (https://qr.ae/pNDjNI).

In order to revert to long-ago lost, sustainable humanity, the global population needs to be re-assigned as contemplated here: https://twb.rocks/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/000227KJ_20201222_0620_Photograph_Possible-Thesis-Outline_Re-visioning-Sustainable-Humanity_SAQOTU.jpg.

I am part of a modern-day “Think Tank”. I could contribute more, if you like. What is it that you would like to know? xo AJ

(20210116 10:46 e.s.t.) Quora ||| Modern-day psychiatry is a construct that was invented by sociopath “Sick-mind Fraud” to assist with the eventual genocide of sympaths, empaths and psychepaths+. Schizophrenia is the punishment that one receives from the mental health INDUSTRY (with the assistance of sociopathic “friends” and family) for being AWARE of that which human beings are truly capable. Drafts notes on this are viewable here:


and more draft discussion on this topic is viewable here:


I am not the only one who knows this:

I am part of a modern-day “Think Tank”. We are contemplating, among other things, sustainable humanity. More information is available on Reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/lastpodcastontheleft/comments/kxyb98/i_have_a_confession_to_make/gjggazf?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 xo AJ

(20210116 11:22 e.s.t.) Quora ||| In my town of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, “mental illness” is one of the many ways that international terrorist organization GSI-mal removes people from society. The other ways?

  1. Incarceration: GSI-mal stalks/harasses/provokes until one commits some criminal offence and bail is unfairly denied via crooked Crown prosecutors and/or crooked judges
  2. Drug addiction: multiple methods but basically whatever CNS-depressant becomes a requirement because mental fortitude of Targeted Individual (“TI”) is eventually worn down
  3. Suicide: for same reasons as drug addiction
  4. Poverty/homelessness via mass, orchestrated, “piranha-style” fraud executed by thugs, rogue employees everywhere (e.g. hotels, airlines, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies), accountants, lawyers, social services and judges.
  5. Kidnapping to fuel the malevolent foster-parent pipeline which converts beautiful babies, children, youth and teens into self-proclaimed “crack whores”, addicts and other victims of society

My town is utterly disgusting. I am currently wearing an ankle bracelet (so that I cannot be framed for some horrific crime) and whistle-blowing on GSI-mal until I am safely reunited with my two teenagers who were kidnapped by my sociopathic ex (with the help of crooked cops and career criminal “child protection” workers) on 20190201. xo AJ