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(20221101) Still in Paradise, Newfoundland, getting ready for the winter and whatever level of insanity the Canadian judicial system chooses to throw at me next. 




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01-NOV-22 (It won’t get any easier: First-in/Best-assigned)

30-NOV-22 My beautiful daughter Cate, celebrates her fourth consecutive birthday without me as her father (John Kiska of Ottawa, Ontario) continues the lie that:

  • I moved to Texas & no longer wanted to be their mother (i.e. abandoned them),
  • I’m severely mentally ill &
  • I’m dangerous.

She and her brother Sean Kiska (now age 16) have no idea that I was illegally ripped from their lives in February 2019 by Ottawa’s crime syndicate so their dad could:

  • rob me of my perfect children, pets & all of our belongings,
  • keep me from enjoying our million-dollar home,
  • destroy my professional career & my two companies AdvisorOnTrack Inc./SAQOTU Inc. and
  • drive me to poverty.

… simply because he is a malignant narcissist (i.e. high-functioning sociopath) and—connected to a white-collar, blue-collar, thug-collar crime ring—he could.
STILL MARRIED, I enter my TENTH year attempting to divorce him … albeit now from a place of relative safety (aka “Anywhere but Ottawa”).


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