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(20221019) Still in Paradise, Newfoundland, I haven’t maintained the archives section since August.

The past couple of weeks have been interesting as I juggle evidencing the massive crime in Ottawa with exposing the international Syndicate on various platforms including my Twitter account.

I was also introduced to another Targeted Individual (“TI”), Dave Atkins who is recording how the gang-stalking network has worked tirelessly to destroy him.


(insert commentary in due course)



A very cool thesaurus is viewable here

On-line activity not archived since August. 

TUE 18-OCT-22

09:18 (e.s.t.) pfi.ROCKS dedicated server companies! (no surprise there); but, Auto Parts in Moscow? 

10:27 (e.s.t.) 20221018 Email to NL Office of the Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Officer 

10:27 (e.s.t.) 20221014 Email from St. John’s Office of the Crown Attorney 

WED 19-OCT-22

11:40 (e.s.t.) Just highlights since NL’s Office of the CIO arrived: Burlington, Chile, Hawaii! Oh my! 

11:40 (e.s.t.) Swoop! There it is! 

11:40 (e.s.t.) Tag! You’re it!! <3 

13:40 (e.s.t.) FORE! 

13:54 (e.s.t.) Anonymous tip: Gang-stalking Apparel is in Newfoundland too (more subtle & not under

18:44 (e.s.t.) Puzzles for Prisoners 

18:44 (e.s.t.) Senator Kim Pate & Human Rights Lawyer Paul Champ 

18:50 (e.s.t.) Tick-tock (It won’t get any easier: First-in/Best-assigned)


THU 20-OCT-22

FRI 21-OCT-22

WED 26-OCT-22


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