Summary of Participants in Ottawa’s Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Crime Syndicate

A work in progress with ~200 perpetrators: last updated 20231028 22:08 e.s.t.

Over-simplified Illustration of Organizations Involved is viewable here.




Parties to Offence

Sec. 23(1)

Accessory After the Fact

Sec. 380(1)(a)


Sec. 300

Defamatory Libel

Sec. 465(1)(b)

Conspiracy to Prosecute

Sec. 139(3)

Offence of Obstructing Justice

Sec. 134

Giving A False Sworn Statement

Sec. 126(1)

Disobey a Statute

Torture, Human Trafficking &


Sec. 83.18

Terrorist Activities

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe

OPSB Chair Gail Beck

Jonathan (John) Kiska

(i.e. “connected” husband)

Ontario Judges/J.P.s
Aitken, Catherine…
Audet, Julie
Bell, Ryan
Bourgeois, Julie
Boxall, Norman
Brunet, Jonathan
Corthorn, Sylvia
>> Engelking, Tracy <<
Fortier, Marie T.
Fraser, Mary
Gomery, Sally
Harris, Paul (J.P. Only)
Kershman, Stanley
Kristjanson, J.
L****, FName
MacEachern, Pamela
MacLeod, Calum
Matheson, J.
Parfett, J.A.
Perell, J.
Phillips, Kevin B.
Shelston, Mark
Smith, Marc
Somji, Narissa
Summers, Darlene
Williams, Heather
Crown Prosecutors
Boyce, Mike (ON) .
Cardinal, Patrick (PQ)
Daller, Julian (ON)
Holowka, Brian (ON)
Karimjee, Moiz (ON)
Ramsay, John (ON)
Savage, Malcolm (ON)
Stewart, Vivian-Lee (ON)
Ottawa Police Services Board
Beaucage, Lisa
Bender, Alex
Benoit, Jean
Burton, Traci (sp?)
Cameron, Lisa
Cross, Cheryl
D’Aoust, François
Doody, Michelle (counsel)
Gervais, Daniel
Heimerl, Melissa (OVS)
Hilton, FName (“2017 MH”)
Officer #2 (“2017 MH”)
Officer #3 (“2017 MH”)
Officer #4 (“2017 MH”)
Kirady, Alex
Le, Phong
Paradis, Sebastien
Reesor, Andrew
Schock, A
Veshkini, David (OVS)
20190201 LName, F. #1
20190201 LName, F. #2
20190201 LName, F. #3
OPS Dispatch
Niagara Regional Police
Brown, Michael
Tenant, Casey
Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
Cunningham, Glen
Goss, John
Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa
Campbell, Jenn
Fisher, Brian ✓✓✓✓✓+
Guidon, Isabel
Henry, Jessica (from 2013)
Ibrahim, Viana (sp?)
MacDougall, (Nancy) Tara ✓✓✓✓✓+
Munro, Yvonne (from 2013)
Raymond, Kelly
Said, Mohammed ✓+
Souder, Deborah
Tremblay, Stephen
White, Kelly
Office of the Children’s Lawyer (under MAG)
Bobula, Katherine
Galarneau, Susan ✓✓✓✓✓+
Kavassalis, Katherine
Ruskies, Shoah
Senson, Patric
Scholey, Debra (sp?) (retired) ✓✓✓✓✓+
Office of the Public Guardian & Trustee (under MAG)
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Kim, Walter
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) under Douglas Downey
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Lname, Fname
Ontario or Canadian Ministers
Blair, Bill
Downey, Doug
Hussen, Ahmed
Lametti, David
Bell Baker LLP
Gh …, Katherine
Hammond, Christine
Hess, Cheryl ✓✓✓✓✓+ ✓+
Smith, Wade (retired) ✓+ ✓+ ✓+ ✓+ ✓+ ✓+ ✓+ ✓+ ✓+
Summers, John (m-partner)
Watson, Charlotte
Doody, Michelle
Murphy, Chrystal
TName, TName
Whale, Jessy
McCarthy Tétrault & …….
Martin, Catherine
Perrault-Levésque, Celéne
Victor Vallance Blais
Blais, Michéle (m-partner)
Lalonde, Genevieve
Pompilio, Tania
Sviergula, Susanne (counsel)
Other independent Syndicate members – lawyers
Addelman, Joe (criminal)
Hale, John (criminal)
Jervis, Alyssa (criminal)
McMahon, Meaghan (criminal)
Nahum, Cedric (criminal & CAS)
Snir, Gonen (family & CAS)
Lname, Fname (family)
Lname, Tanya (family)
add assistants
Anderson, Dr. Keith (TOH)
Charbonneau, Dr. Yoland (TOH)
Chow, Dr. Judy (Riverside Court Medical Centre)
Crowley, Nadine (independent “child psychologist”)
Dassylva, Dr. Benoit (Gilmour Psychological Services)
Jackson, Dr. Iris (Gilmour Psychological Services)
Kay, Dr. Gary (TOH)
Kemgni, Dr. Paule (Suroit, PQ)
Malone, Dr. Marion (TOH)
Matheson, Adrienne Dr. (independant)
Mercer, Dr. Deanna (TOH)
Perkins, Dr. Caitlyn (Riverside Court Medical Centre)
Saul, Dr. Daniel (TOH)
Selaman, Zeynep Dr. (ROMHC)
Watts, Joel Dr. (ROMHC)
Boone, Wanda Mills

Principal SWC Public School (2019)

Morris, Christine

Teacher (MHS)

O’Donnell, Aisling

Principal SWC Public School (2013)

Greg Wyzynski

VP SWC Public School (2013)

Other independent Syndicate members – Counsel to commit Fraud
Cadieux, Nathalie (TOH)
Finance #1 LName, FName (TOH)
Finance #2 LName, FName (TOH)
Millar, Jim
  MHCC & friends
NBF related #1
NBF related #2
NBF related #3
NBF related #4
Other independent Syndicate members – GSI-mal
El-Rayes, Lamah (ReMax)
Fernandez-Stolls, Diego (paralegal)
Fuentes, Lorie
Hatt, Bruce
Moores: Eileen, Moira, Kathleen & Charles*


*now deceased

Pattee, David
(Add Eviction Scam counsel)
Haggerty, Kevin

Why? Because it’s been  Years in the Making!