Larry, Curly & Moe … aka

Matheson, Perrel & Kristjanson

aka the three crooked Ontario SCJ Divisional court judges protecting SCJ Family court judge … Mary Fraser (not to be confused with Humpty & Dumpty who, along with Larry, protected SCJ Family court judge … Pamela MacEachern).

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Following Fraser’s scandalous Child, Youth and Family Services Act (“CYFSA“) yyyymmdd court decision, illegally-obtained unlawful yyyymmdd order #1 and illegally-obtained, unlawful yyyymmdd order #2, I appealed them: the result? An even more scandalous 280-paragraph, 20211221 decision for abusive spouse and fraudster, John Kiska, and taxpayer-funded, for-profit, accountability/oversight-free Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”) (and their accomplices at the Ontario’s Office of the Children’s Lawyer, another Minster of the Attorney General portfolio. The appeal documents and related correspondence (ie. irrefutable evidence against at least five SCJ judges, three crooked Bell Baker LLP lawyers Wade Smith, Cheryl Hess and Charlotte Watson (and their assistants Christine Hammond, Katherine Gh[…] and Katherine Gh[…], respectively) is published below:

EVIDENCE BEING RELINKED – LAST UPDATE 20231011 16:22 e.s.t. > should be completed by 20231012 16:00* (meanwhile BLG’s ties to MSFT, GOnet!)

Judicial involvement in Trafficking, Terrorism & Torture

SCJ’s Divisional Court MUST become a public service with accountability and oversight … devoid of immunity!

My Divisional court Motion to Adduce Fresh Evidence against Kiska, CAS and Ontario’s SCJ

insert title

Link to:

  • Canada, exposed Because of the piranha-style Syndicate harassment leading up to the SJM, I brought a Motion to adduce fresh evidence so court would have a better picture of exactly that which was being appealed. Here are my: 20210715 Notice of Motion, 20210716 Factum and 20210716 Book of Authorities.

The five Affidavits to support my Motion to Adduce Fresh Evidence also detail how one is trafficked through the entire judicial system for pleasure and profit. I titled them:

  1. Malicious Prosecution
  2. Kiska Credibility
  3. Oral testimony of social worker, “Catherine Sullivan”
  4. Unredacted CAS files
  5. Relevance and Materiality of Fresh Evidence

The rest of the appeal documents are linked below (after the five affidavits).

These three stooges converted my commissioned testimony and evidence into the scandalous statements included in their 20211221 decision at paragraphs x-y.


#Trafficking #Terrorism #Torture #Fraud #DefamatoryLibel #AccessoryAfterTheFact #ObstructionOfJustice …. more.

Fresh Evidence Affidavit #1  Malicious Prosecution


Click for pdf of 103-paragraph Affidavit #1 (& here is the editable, MS Word version).

20210715 103-paragraph Affidavit #1 with 20 fresh Exhibits A-T

  1. To be completed in due course; meanwhile, see above link for the pdf.
  2. x
  3. x
  4. x
  5. x
  6. x
  7. x
  8. x
  9. x
  10. x

1 This Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC”) …

2 Is this the …

3 Hence, my 202xmmdd Civil Action against them

4 Good luck

5 bloated, taxpayer-funded nightmare-that-is-Ontario going.

#JustAnotherCrookedCrown: Malcolm Savage

Why would a Crown prosecutor not want to expose organized crime?

Because they  are organized crime.

Ottawa Crown prosecutor Mike Boyce committed multiple crimes including, but not limited to, perjury, … in order to ensure I was prevented from “putting my best foot forward” for the 2020 Summary Judgment Motion:

#OPSB+#OttawaCrownProsecutors= #PureTrash

When they roll out the initiatives being planned at #PolicyHorizonsCanada … you’re pooched.


List of 20 Fresh Exhibits A-T

A   20190408 CYFSA Interim Court Order   

B   20210715 Letter from [then-]current defense attorney, Alyssa Jervis

C   20210715 Draft “Agreed Statement of Facts” to settle criminal matters without trial

D   20200917 Evidence of Moore receiving social assistance in the amount of $194.37.

E   20210504 Letter from Bell Baker LLP’s Cheryl Hess regarding Kiska’s unpaid support [of $6,150 for five months] from 2020.

F   2019 Evidence-laden e-mail exchange with CAS (cc OCL, Bell Baker LLP) regarding SJM

G   20200102 E-mail from CAS admitting there are no protection concerns with Moore whatsoever.

H   Collection of endorsements and orders that Moore has received in Family court since she won her precedent-setting Motion in 2017 re: ability to seek damages from Kiska for torts and crimes in a Family court setting: Julie Audet, Tracy Engelking, Calum MacLeod, Marc Smith, Pamela MacEachern and more.  #PureTrash 

I    20200827 Transcript of Justice Marc Smith’s [illegally scheduled, unlawfully heard] biased removal of lawyer Gonen Snir in Family court.

J    20201016 E-mail from attorney Cedric Nahum to CAS re: “official” [LOL] obfuscation of obligation

K   20201001-18 E-mail exchange re: CAS, OCL allegation that Moore lacks mental capacity/OPGT

L    20201017 E-mail exchange with Cedric Nahum re: attempts to communicate 8-year file

M   20201030 E-mail re: mockery by [just-another-career-criminal-defense-attorney] Cedric Nahum

N   20201030 E-mail re: Cedric Nahum advises not to co-operate with CAS (consent forms)

O   20201030 E-mail re: Cedric Nahum incorrectly states that Moore does not have a current diagnosis

P   20201030-1102 E-mail re: Moore’s SJM Factum and Nahum’s release as lawyer on record

Q   Moore’s 20201013 Release Order and Nahum’s 20201228 incorrect advice (potential breach)

R   CAS v. CD, AK and SA, 2012 ONSC 5986: [Nahum] presented no evidence nor raised any issues

S    pfi.ROCKS: “Child Protection MUST become a public service with accountability and oversight

T   Fabricating evidence: 20190325 evidence that the credibility of CAS’s Case worker is ZERO



Mike Boyce?



Fresh Evidence Affidavit #2  Kiska Credibility


Click for pdf of 26-paragraph Affidavit #2 (& here is the editable, MS Word version).

20210715 26-paragraph Affidavit #2 with Exhibits A-G

  1. To be completed in due course; meanwhile, see above link for the pdf.
  2. x
  3. x
  4. x
  5. x
  6. x
  7. x
  8. x
  9. x
  10. x
  11. x
  12. x
  13. x
  14. x
  15. x
  16. x
  17. x
  18. x
  19. x
  20. x
  21. x
  22. x
  23. x
  24. x
  25. x
  26. x

1 This Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC”) …

2 Is this the …

3 Hence, my 202xmmdd Civil Action against them

4 Good luck

5 bloated, taxpayer-funded nightmare-that-is-Ontario going.

#JustAnotherPathologicalLiar: John Kiska

Why would a pathological liar not want to expose organized crime?

Because they are organized crime.

When they roll out the initiatives being planned at #PolicyHorizonsCanada … you’re pooched.



List of Fresh Exhibits A-G

A  Transcript from MacEachern’s scandalous 20210225 forced [Family court] Case Management Conference

MacEachern’s 20210609 Endorsement from forced  [Family court] 20210225 Conference

C  My 20210623 Notice of Motion seeking leave to Appeal MacEachern’s 20210609 decisions

Gonen Snir’s exploitative 20191114 Retainer Agreement [that I was forced into due to Crown’s Savages bogus appointment of John Hale (as my utterly useless Amicus Curaie) and SCJ’s Tracy Engelking‘s recommendations + CAS’s Tara MacDougall‘s threats to have career criminals at the OPGT appointed (by declaring I was a mentally incompetent “special party”)].

OPS’s five-page summary of Kiska’s 20190726 “Victim Impact Statement” (aka Conspiracy to Prosecute me, so the long-awaited divorce trial would be cancelled as I would receive forced anti-Charter detention from crooked Crown Mike Boyce & “bought” OCJ J.P. Paul Harris.

F  2021 request to hear Sean and Cate’s victim impact statements [as they were coerced into filing criminal harassment charges against me … for attempting to see a picture of them (as no one has sent to me their photo in over four years … and still haven’t)].

COMPLETE transcript of Kiska’s 20190726 statement to OPS [which evidences his errors, omissions and malicious obfuscation in order to facilitate my arrest, detention, prosecution, criminalization and demonization].   


FName LName?



Fresh Evidence Affidavit #3  Oral Testimony of Social Worker, “Catherine Sullivan”


Click for pdf of 6-paragraph Affidavit #3 (& here is the editable, MS Word version).

20210715 6-paragraph Affidavit #3

  1. Catherine Sullivan (“Sullivan”) has been following me since October 31, 2020 and reviewed all of the materials for the 20201110 Summary Judgment Motion (“SJM”) as well as my “Fresh Evidence”.
  2. Prior to offering counselling services, Sullivan worked as a Child Protection Worker for the Family and Children’s Services of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville for 12 years.
  3. Sullivan has expressed shock over how my children were apprehended in 2019 and how a SJM was scheduled.
  4. Sullivan has offered to speak to the court about the CYFSA-related SJMs in which she was involved vs. the circumstances of this case.
  5. Previously, Sullivan provided a commissioned Affidavit that spoke to the unlawful 2019 child apprehension and my current mental stability (see Affidavit #5 re: Materiality/Relevance of Fresh Evidence Exhibit BS or Tab 003-06-02)
  6. It is my hope that, given the irreparable harm to my children that has been caused as they:
    • were told that I had abandoned them and
    • have been without my love for 2½ years.

#JustAnotherSocialWorker: “Catherine Sullivan”

Why would “social workers”, “therapists” and “psychologists” not want to expose organized crime?

Because they benefit from organized crime.

No new exhibits (& no comment)

(Also see psychologist, Dr. Iris Jackson)

Fresh Evidence Affidavit #4  Unredacted CAS Files


Click for pdf of 11-paragraph Affidavit #4 (& here is the editable, MS Word version).

20210715 11-paragraph Affidavit #4 with Exhibits A-B

  1. In addition to the exhaustion noted a paragraph 60 of Affidavit #1 re: Admission of Fresh Evidence, I likely did not think to ask Justice Fraser for an adjournment and an order for the unredacted CAS files because I simply expected her answer to be “no”.
  2. On 20201109, the day before the SJM, I was aghast during a Civil case management conference that instead of planning next steps following numerous delays, the defendant successfully scheduled a Rule 21 motion to have my claim dismissed!
  3. Rule 21 motions are supposed to be brought promptly, not over one year later.
  4. The defendant, Victor Vallance Blais LLP (“VVB”), deceived the court and blamed my interrupted, and therefore abandoned, intentions to amend my Statement of Claim as the reason that it could not bring a Rule 21 Motion any earlier as “pleadings had not closed”: this statement was a false statement of fact as was evidenced in their own cost submission which indicated that we had moved into the Discovery Plan phase in July 2019.
  5. (Evidence that the defendant deceived the court was contained in its own cost submission (see page 8 of attached new exhibit A).
  6. Although my claim was not dismissed, it was struck with permission to amend and stayed until after the divorce proceedings are complete.
  7. What was the basis of my claim? That, among other things, VVB advised me to enter into an Interim Shared Parenting Agreement (see attached new exhibit B) that did not speak to spousal support, child support or the fair sharing of children’s expenses but did force me to use my own corporate savings via a dividend which severely impacted my future interim spousal support amount.
  8. In effect, VVB set me up for financial failure and all that came with it.
  9. Following:
    a) five years of receiving zero justice in Family court (see exhibit H of Affidavit #1 Admission of Fresh Evidence) and
    b) over a year of receiving zero justice in Criminal court as my Charter-protected rights were trampled by both unwarranted remands and freedom of expression violations (see paragraphs 2-22 of Affidavit #1 Admission of Fresh Evidence)
    that Civil court seemed to be heading in the same direction was very discouraging.
  10. I entered the SJM with very low expectations.
  11. Given the circumstances, it is my hope that this court can overlook the fact that I was neither aware nor hopeful that a request for the unredacted CAS results at the SJM would have yielded any positive results—an make an order for them during my appeal.

1 This Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC”) …

2 Is this the …

3 Hence, my 202xmmdd Civil Action against them

4 Good luck

5 bloated, taxpayer-funded nightmare-that-is-Ontario going.

#JustAnotherCrookedLawyer: Deborah Souder

Why would a crooked lawyer not want to expose organized crime?

Because they  are organized crime.

When they roll out the initiatives being planned at #PolicyHorizonsCanada … you’re pooched.


List of Fresh Exhibits A-B

20210226 Cost Submission from crooked Victor Vallance Blais LLP managing partner Michéle Blais’ crooked lawyer Cavanagh LLP’s Susanne Sviergula evidence how they (and ON SCJ Sally Gomery) violated Courts of Justice Act Rules of Civil Procedure re: Rule 21 Motions.

B  Scandalous Michéle Blais-“negotiated”, 2016 Interim Shared Parenting agreement that didn’t speak to support and requested a dividend from my own company for Kiska.


CAS Lawyers?



Fresh Evidence Affidavit #5  Relevance & Materiality of Fresh Evidence


Click for pdf of 117-paragraph Affidavit #5 (& here is the editable, MS Word version).

20210715 117-paragraph Affidavit #5 with Exhibits A-BU

  1. To be completed in due course; meanwhile, see above link for the pdf.
  2. x
  3. x
  4. x
  5. x
  6. x
  7. x
  8. x
  9. x
  10. x

1 This Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC”) …

2 Is this the …

3 Hence, my 202xmmdd Civil Action against them

4 Good luck

5 bloated, taxpayer-funded nightmare-that-is-Ontario going.

#JustAnother….: insert name

Why would a Divisional court 3-judge panel not want to expose organized crime?

Because they  are organized crime.


When they roll out the initiatives being planned at #PolicyHorizonsCanada … you’re pooched.



List of referenced Exhibits A-BU

Evidence of Parental Alienation

A  Tab 003-01-01 Notice of Motion dated 20210503: Transcript from Family Case Conference (Part 1 of 2, Part 2 of 2)

B  Tab 003-01-02 Evidence of 2013’s forced, six-week TOH hospitalization due to Kiska’s cruelty and TOH’s belief that he was providing truthful information about [me] his wife

C  Tab 003-01-03 Moore’s 20210222 Case Conference Brief for Family court against Kiska (without exhibits A-Z)

D  Tab 003-01-04 Justice Engelking’s 20190809 endorsement from a Family Trial Management Conference at which Moore was not in attendance because Kiska had falsely accused her of criminal harassment and, following her 20190726 arrest, she was denied bail even though she had no criminal record.

E  Tab 003-01-05 Excerpts from 11-volume divorce file #FC-15-2446 evidencing legal bullying

F  Tab 003-01-06 Excerpt from CAS file evidencing the sadness of Moore’s children following their unlawful apprehension

G  Tab 003-01-07 Excerpt from CAS Mohammed Said’s 20190405 Affidavit: “he lost his best friend

H  Tab 003-01-08 Kiska-Moore 2019 text thread: gloating re: theft of property and children, fraud; evidence of contempt of 20190408 court order and parental alienation

I  Tab 003-01-09 Excerpt from Kiska’s 2019 OPS interview: “Mum moved to Texas

J  Tab 003-01-10 Civil Action CV-21-86203 re: 2019 Eviction Scam and Kiska’s theft of $500,000 in property from Moore

K  Tab 003-01-11 Small Claim SC-21-158279 re: unpaid spousal support and Kiska’s attempted FRO scam

L  Tab 003-01-12 Excerpt from Kiska’s 2019 OPS interview: instilling fear in Sean and Cate

M  Tab 003-01-13 Denial of access to medical records or proof of care for children

N  Tab 003-01-14 Excerpt from 2013 CAS file: Moore is the “perfect parent” and Kiska may be a bully

O  Tab 003-01-15 Excerpt from 2017 CAS file: Moore reports domestic violence; no concerns re: mental health

Evidence of malicious prosecution

P  Tab 003-02-01 20210325 VideoPlus $707.15 invoice for 20201013 Bail Hearing transcript

Q  Tab 003-02-02 Affidavit of Catherine Sullivan, MSW, RSW

R  Tab 003-02-03 Transcript of Moore’s 20190726 interview with OPS Detective Alex Kirady

S  Tab 003-02-04 20190727 OPS Charge Sheet

T  Tab 003-02-05 20190727 Non-communication Order

U  Tab 003-02-06 20190730 E-mail from CAS to Kiska re: obtaining Final Order now that Moore detained

V  Tab 003-02-07 Transcript of Moore’s 20190815 Judicial Pre-trial w/ Crown’s John Ramsay and OCJ’s Justice Julie Bourgeois

W  Tab 003-02-08 20210104 Decision of Justice Charles T. Hackland re: re-election in OCJ

X  Tab 003-02-09 Excerpt from transcript of Moore’s 20191030 Bail Hearing w/ Crown’s Moiz Karimjee

Y  Tab 003-02-10 Moore’s Reply to Savage’s 20191106 Application for an anti-Charter Gag Order with 31 tabs of evidence (Tabs 01-15, Tabs 16-31

Z  Tab 003-02-11 20191108 Gag Order granted by Justice Kevin B. Phillips (without jurisdiction)

AA  Tab 003-02-12 20200903 Release from Quarantine Facility

AB  Tab 003-02-13 Moore’s FC-19-CP08 Brief for 20200828 Assignment Court

AC  Tab 003-02-14 Transcript of 20200828 Assignment Court heard by (former CAS lawyer) Justice Engelking

AD  Tab 003-02-15 2020 Social assistance cheque from Niagara Region Community Services

AE  Tab 003-02-16 104-page transcript of 20201013’s 3½-hour Bail Hearing during COVID-19 (Part 1, Part 2)

AF  Tab 003-02-17 20201013 Release Order with ankle bracelet requirement

AG  Tab 003-02-18 20210129 Revised Release Order without ankle bracelet requirement

AH  Tab 003-02-19 Statement made to Savage by former attorney [Cedric Nahum, another actor/enabler]: “… you are doing this on purpose.

Kiska’s Credibility in Question: paragraph #13

AJ  Tab 003-03-01 20180514 Civil Action against Kiska’s lawyer [Wade Smith of Bell Baker LLP]: Affidavit of Documents

AK  Tab 003-03-02 20180514 Civil Action against Kiska’s lawyer [Wade Smith of Bell Baker LLP]: Additional Documents

AL  Tab 003-03-03 20180514 Civil Action against Kiska’s lawyer [Wade Smith of Bell Baker LLP]: Consent and amended Statement of Claim

AM  Tab 003-03-04 20180116 CRA Letter rejecting 20170905 Notice of Objection

AN  Tab 003-03-05 20180125 E-mail from Moore to Kiska’s accountant to terminate his representation

AO  Tab 003-03-06 20180209 Letter to CRA from Moore requesting an extension and CRA’s extension

AP  Tab 003-03-07 20180515 Letter to CRA from Moore explaining expenses and nature of business

AQ  Tab 003-03-08 20180704 Letter from CRA vacating gross negligence penalties

AR  Tab 003-03-09 Excerpt from Kiska’s 2019 OPS interview: “[Moore is schizophrenic.]”

AS  Tab 003-03-10 20151227 e-mail thread of Kiska’s: “[Moore is schizophrenic]”

AT  Tab 003-03-11 Excerpt from Kiska’s 2019 OPS interview: “[Moore could not communicate with anyone.]”

AU  Tab 003-03-12 Transcript from 20190408 CYFSA hearing for final-not-final order from Justice MacLeod where Kiska states to the court “[I communicate with Moore fairly consistently.]”

Kiska’s Credibility Eliminated: Errors, Omissions & Obfuscation Analysis of his Affidavit

AV  Tab 003-04-01 Excerpt from 20140710 TOH file: “Husband’s Collateral Information

AW  Tab 003-04-02 Excerpt from 2014 CC&B vs. evidence of false collateral information and CTO

AX  Tab 003-04-03 20150926 separation by Moore

AY  Tab 003-04-04 Excerpt from 201510 OPS report evidencing Moore was seeking a shelter and lawyer

AZ  Tab 003-04-05 Over $25.000 spent in four months to accomplish nothing

BA  Tab 003-04-06 20161124 Moore’s re-initiates divorce

BB  Tab 003-04-07 20170207-12 Over $5,000 in legal fees for terrible advice to seek a dividend

BC  Tab 003-04-08 20191114 Exploitative Retainer Agreement of Gonen Snir

BD  Tab 003-04-09 20200311 E-mail from Gonen Snir asking to be released

BE  Tab 003-04-10 20210504 Letter re: payment of half of the 10 months’ overdue spousal support

BF  Tab 003-04-11 20210407 Statement of Claim against Kiska and Kemgni

BG  Tab 003-04-12 20210521 Endorsements from Justice Sally Gomery denying dismissal of claims

BH  Tab 003-04-13 Excerpt from Moore’s 2018 Amended Answer: orders and damages sought

BI  Tab 003-04-14 20170718 Affidavit of Moore re: seeking leave to amend Answer for FC-15-2446 (with exhibits A-S)

BJ  Tab 003-04-15 20170822 Factum of Moore re: seeking leave to amend Answer for FC-15-2446 (with exhibits A-I) > Part 1, Part 2

BK  Tab 003-04-16 201302 E-mails: evidence of Kiska’s first big lie—there was never any two weeks of bizarre behaviour; merely marital breakdown

BL  Tab 003-04-17 20130303 Excerpt from TOH file: evidence of Kiska’s first big lie—there was never any two weeks of bizarre behaviour and there was a specific trigger

BM  Tab 003-04-18 Invoice from Delaney’s Law Firm: Moore’s [first] Powers of Attorney and Will

BN  Tab 003-04-19 Sample of Technology-assisted Stalking & Harassment

CAS’s Credibility in Question

BO  Tab 003-05-01 Signed Consent Forms: Catherine Sullivan, Asmae Lamzouri and Dr. Iris Jackson

BP  Tab 003-05-02 [E-mail to CAS re:] 20181231 Submission to Engelking

BQ  Tab 003-05-03 2019 e-mail threads between Kiska and CAS Executive Director Kelly Raymond

CAS’s Voluminous Affidavits: an Abundance of Hearsay and zero Third-party Collaboration

BR  Tab 003-06-01 February 2018: Kiska badgers parents into siding with him; Ottawa Citizen

BS  Tab 003-06-02 May 13, 2021: Commissioned affidavit of Catherine Sullivan re CYFSA violations

BT  Tab 003-06-03 October 16, 2020: Nahum to CAS re officially obfuscating obligation to co-operate

BU  Tab 003-06-04 November 2020: refusal to arrange for a hair appointment for Cate’s 13th birthday



Matheson, Perrel and Kristjanson



My Divisional court appeal of Ontario SCJ’s Child-abusing Decisions

Denim and Daffodils: Sean and Cate on May 31, 2012

(ETA September 28, 2021 October 4, 2023* by Andeé Sea Cae Jak, SAQOTU Inc.) *due to ongoing persecution by Criminal court division of the Syndicate partially described here.

Question: What happens when you tell someone wicked that you intend to leave them? Answer: They become more wicked.

Beware of closet sociopaths as—described in the late Anne Kingston’s 2019 Maclean’s article “We are the Dead”—they do exist.

(Insert links to articles on sociopathy/narcissism)

Here is a copy of my Exhibit Book served and filed, by Tab:

    1. Table of Contents (detailing exhibits)
    2. Affidavits (of all parties) which reference the exhibits:
    3. 20201110 Transcript of (former CAS-lawyer) SCJ Justice Tracy Engelking‘s orchestrated, evidence-ignoring, pro-domestic violence and child abuse, heard-by Mary-Fraser Summary Judgment Motion
    4. All Exhibits (presented to the three stooges) for the appeal:
      • section 001, section 002,
      • section 003, section 004
      • section 005, section 006
      • section 007, section 008
      • section 009, section 010
      • section 011, section 012
      • section 013, section 014
      • section 015,
      • section 016.1, section 016.2,   
      • section 017, section 018,
      • section 019, section 020,
      • section 021, section 022,
      • section 023, section 024,
      • section 025, section 026,
      • section 027 and section 028. ♥️ 

“You’re the best!”  Sean’s 6th birthday party as the sun sets on 202120515.

Other photos from that wonderful day:

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  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x


Here is a copy of my Appeal Book and Compendium served and filed, by Tab:

    1. Table of Contents
    2. Notice of Appeal (and supplemental Notice of Appeal)
    3. Copies of Orders being appealed
    4. Copies of Reasons for SJM Orders
    5. Previous Orders and reasons
    6. CAS’s so-called “child protection” Application
    7. Transcript excerpts (referenced in Factum)
    8. Exhibits referenced in Factum
    9. Other documents referenced in Factum (pgs 000a-055 & 056-105)
    10. Certificate as per Rule 61.05
    11. Copies of judicial instructions
    12. Certificate Form 61H
“Apart from the divided success, in any event, I would not have awarded costs against D.M. In her pursuit of access to justice, she is impeded by her mental illness and a costs award against an impecunious, homeless and impeded litigant is not in the interests of justice and would just be cold-hearted, meaningless, and just mean.”
Welcome to mean, Stooges