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Note that Sean and Cate were effectively kidnapped from my home and delivered to their wickedly emotionally/psychologically/financially abusive father one week after I issued this Statement of Claim over two years ago. Now entering my eighth year attempting to get a divorce and protect my, now teen-aged, children in the sociopath-infested City of Ottawa.

February 18, 2021 

10:30 a.m. – 12:45 

Superior Court of Justice

duration: 135 minutes

Rule 21 Motion to have my Claim struck or stayed … two years after it was issued

VVB/Cavanagh vs. Moore || Justice Sally Gomery

Abstract Summary Notes from the Rule 21 Motion

served 20201130: Defendant’s Notice of Motion
served 20201130: Defendant’s Compendium of Public Records
served 20210122: Defendant’s libelous Factum
served 20210209: Defendant’s Confirmation of Motion

served 20201216: My response to Defendant’s scandalous Motion Record
served 20210128: My Reply Factum

served 20210211: My Confirmation of Motion

Result: (Insert Endorsement)

November 9, 2020 

11:30 a.m. – 12:00 

Superior Court of Justice

duration: xx minutes

Case Management Conference III

VVB/Cavanagh vs. Moore || Master Fortier

Abstract: a new schedule was established because Defendent is bringing a Motion to have my pleading struck. (pssst … lawyers do not like getting sued so they will try every trick in the book to avoid it. Last time I brought a civil action, all of my technology was suddenly hacked so badly that I had to revert to pen and paper and, eventually, withdraw my claim.)

Result: Endorsement detailing next steps

September 16, 2020 

10:15 a.m. – 10:30 

Superior Court of Justice

duration: 15 minutes

Case Management Conference II

VVB/Cavanagh vs. Moore || Master Fortier

Abstract: a new schedule was established with the next case management conference scheduled for November 9, 2020 at 11:30
Result: Endorsement detailing next steps

Schedule delayed due to COVID-19

February 19, 2020 

11:30 a.m. – 12:00 

 Courtroom #x
Superior Court of Justice

duration: 30 minutes

Case Management Conference I

VVB/Cavanagh vs. Moore || Master Fortier

Abstract: n/a
Result:  Endorsement establishing timelines




2019: Nonsense while Moore in jail where defendant attempted to move forward while she had zero access to resources

20191009 fax from Cavanagh regarding how case management conference just happened to be scheduled for 20201023 without my knowledge on 20190801, shortly after my detention, and the exact same day that CAS’s Mohammed Said produced his illegal Status Review is here.

20191012 letter to Master’s Office requesting an adjournment is here.

20191012 letter to Cavanagh LLP requesting an adjournment is here.

20191021 fax from Cavanagh LLP stating that an adjournment is not possible is here.

THANKFULLY, the Master’s Office accommodated my request and the Case Management Conference was adjourned. My follow-up letters of gratitude where I also plead for help were mailed:

on October 23, 2020

on October 25, 2020




2019: VVB Statement of Defence

Commentary, strict Rules of Civil Procedure

The Statement of Defence is here.




2019: VVB Statement of Intent to Defend

The Notice of Intent to Defend is here.




Dismissal of claims 2 and 3 upon request

Insert commentary re: evidence sent to Master’s Office with request to dismiss claims, etcetera, etcetera, etcetara

  • June xx, 2019 accommodation of request by Beaudoin is _.
  • June 24, 2019 request that was actually sent to OCJ is _.
  • June 24, 2019 request (cc’d to me) to dismiss 19-80574 is here.




2019: Moore’s Service on VVB #3: another new Claim due to tort violations of June 21, 2019

Insert commentary, audio recording




2019: Moore’s Service on VVB #2: new Claim due to tort violations of June 20, 2019

Insert commentary re: rules of civil procedure, phoning police vs. accepting service, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

  • Audio 1 (01:32) is here.
  • Audio 2 (00:34) is here.




June 20, 2019: Moore’s Service on VVB #1

Insert commentary

20190620 email from Cavanagh (aka defamatory libel) is here. (Actually, upon reflection, it is not defamatory libel because I am the one distributing the defamatory statements, not Ms. Sviergula. I do believe it is intentional infliction of mental suffering and emotional distress. More on this later.)

  • Audio 1 (01:01) is here.
  • Audio 2 (00:57) is here.
  • Audio 3 (00:45) is here.




January 24, 2019*: Statement of Claim 19-79074

Victor Vallance Blais LLP (“VVB”)/Cavanagh LLP (“Cavanagh”) vs. Moore Self-Rep (“Moore”)

The Statement of Claim is here and this is the evidence that I organized and stored securely in multiple locations prior to preparing my Statement of Claim:

  • File 1 of 6 is: here.
  • File 2 of 6 is: here.
  • File 3 of 6 is: here.
  • File 4 of 6 is: here.
  • File 5 of 6 is: here.
  • File 6 of 6 is: here.

*Note that CAS executed its unlawful apprehension of my beautiful children exactly one week later on February 1, 2019.


  1. I began a second action against them prior to the Statute of Limitations barring this remedy and endured more abuse, defamation and court-enabled lawfare.
    • x
    • x
    • x
    • x
  2. Regardless, we began the Discovery Process as I continued to expose the Children’s Aid Society and others via LinkedIn.
  3. Shortly thereafter, I was falsely accused by Kiska for criminal harassment and denied bail—in part due to lies by OPSB employee Alex Kirady (and negligent investigation by other OPSB officers) and Crown prosecutor Mike Boyce—by J.P. Paul Harris.
  4. Once detained, Cavanagh LLP’s lawyer, Susanne Sviergula, scheduled a hearing behind my back and without notice to me until ?days? before the matter was to be heard.
  5. x
  6. x
  7. x


  1. I attended to sue Blais for their severely deficient Answer; however, the gangstalking and tech-hacking was so severe that I had could not proceed while also …. 


  1. After enough nonsense from Genevieve Lalonde, I dismissed Blais and ended up with the disaster that was Tanya Davies.


  1. Describe financial drainage due to collusion by VVB and Bell Baker.
  2. 20160224  Collusion between VVB and BellBaker was further evidenced by the fact that they both filed their Case Conference Briefs on the same day (a violation of Family Law Rule contained within Courts of Justice Act (“CJA“), a violation of S. 126 of the CCC … and merely 48 hours before the matter was to be heard, another violation and another count. Furthermore, Kiska knowingly lied and Tania Pompilio served/filed a document that served Kiska’s interests more than mine:
  4. Describe forced move back to the matrimonial home in order to better prepare financially.
  5. Insert letters of support from CAS.
  6. Describe third and final departure; link to Kiska accomplices Wade Smith and Michéle Blais
  7. Describe eviction of Pattee
  8. x