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Child Protection Practices at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa

Child Protection MUST become a public service with accountability and oversight!**

As for the Ottawa Police Services Board? Haul them off in handcuffs along with anyone with power in Ottawa including but not limited to Mayor Mark Sutcliffe. Here is my draft Statement of Claim for $10M+ against taxpayer-funded, for-profit, accountability/over-sight-free, run-by-sociopaths-who-HATE-children-and-devoted-parents … CAS.

Denim and Daffodils: Sean and Cate on May 31, 2012

(Wednesday, November 11, 2020 by Andeé Sea Cae Jak, SAQOTU Inc.)

Question: What happens when you tell someone wicked that you intend to leave them? Answer: They become more wicked.

Beware of closet sociopaths as—described in the late Anne Kingston’s 2019 Maclean’s article “We are the Dead”—they do exist.

Note that my publishing of certain evidence re: CAS (and other) crime has been criminalized by the career criminal Crown prosecutor, Mike Boyce and OCJ Judge Jonathan Brunet. Accordingly, the links here are all from before my 20210407 unlawful re-arrest when this new gag-order was placed on me. remains password protected and are shaded in GREEN

Here are the materials that have been filed for the 20201110 10:00 a.m. hearing:

    1. My Motion materials:

      Sample Form 14A Affidavit Cover || I find the online Form 14A annoying; therefore, I use an MS Word template that I created and then “sandwich” my Affidavit into the formal paper form at the courthouse and the counter staff accept it just fine.

    2. The CAS Motion materials:
      • CAS lawyer Deborah Souder’s 20201105 XX:XX Confirmation of Motion where she states that there are no issues for trial
      • Souder’s laughable Factum: the first 67 paragraphs being nothing more than a word-for-word, cherry-picked, regurgitation of Said’s and Campbell’s Affidavits
      • Souder’s Book of Authorities; four decisions available at which are supposed to support her argument that there are no triable issues.
      • Mohammed Said’s 51-page affidavit with 11 exhibits A to K comprised of 207 paragraphs, which which are mostly inadmissable (hearsay) and provide more self-incriminating evidence against him as well as evidence against Kiska! Plus, none of his exhibits have been properly commissioned (therefore, inadmissable). Here is the work-in-progress Errors, Omissions and Obfuscation Analysis on his scandalous, sworn Affidavit.
      • Viana Ibrahim’s 14-page Affidavit with 1 exhibit (funny) comprised of 42 paragraphs, which 100% inadmissable because it was prepared for the sole purpose of a six-month Supervision Order, not a Summary Judgement Motion. (I am curious as to why Ibrahim did not produce a fresh one: did she refuse? did she quit?)
      • Jenn Campbell’s 7-page sworn Affidavit with no exhibits comprised of 26 paragraphs of self-incriminating evidence: here is the Errors, Omissions and Obfuscation Analysis on her scandalous, sworn Affidavit.
    3. Scholey’s 20201105 11:13 Confirmation of Motion where she states that there are no issues for trial: just let Kiska get want he wants.
    4. Smith’s 20201105 11:27 Confirmation of Motion where he states that there are no issues for trial and his 20201103 Notice of Motion*** where Kiska is seeking a permanent restraining order against me. (Notice how he intends to skirt the service rules and be in a position to argue his Motion by piggy-backing the Summary Judgement Motion—exactly the same modus operandi that CAS employed for its first illegally-obtained restraining order against me.***What is super funny about Smith’s Notice of Motion is that it requests a restraining order against me that he intends to argue on November 1oth! The reason I find it super funny (in the dark comedy that has become my life) is because elsewhere in the CAS materials they state that they see no reason why Kiska would deny me access to Sean and Cate!
    5. Kiska’s Motion materials:
      • A laughable 5-page Factum where one symptom of his sociopathy (pathological lying) is evidenced at paragraph 5 where he states that I was admitted to the Royal Ottawa in 2014 when he knows that I have already obtained a letter from them stating that I have never been admitted there. (see page Kiska Lies)
      • A 15-page Affidavit with 69 paragraphs (yes, that is just how sick he is) of self-incriminating evidence with 11 exhibits A to K

The Children Aid Society of Ottawa (“CAS”)’s Summary Judgement Motion (“SJM”) against me in favour of my narcissistic ex was scheduled on 20200828 at Assignment Court by Justice Tracy Engelking (“Engelking”) after she scheduled the trial for January 11, 2021. (Details later on how her Honour scheduled the 12-day trial and only permitted ?three?four? days for me with the remainder allotted to the CAS’s Deborah Souder (“Souder”), Office of the Children’s Lawyer (“OCL”)’s lawyer Debra Scholey (“Scholey”) and narcissist Jonathan Kiska‘s lawyer, Wade Smith. (“Kiska” and “Smith” respectively).

The matter is scheduled to be heard virtually on Tuesday, November 10,  at 10:00 a.m. and I have no idea what time has been allotted to whomever because Souder did not CONfer, CONtemplate or CONcert any effort to facilitate fair judicial process as required by rule (insert rule). I wonder if I could ask for an adjournment on that basis alone? I think I will try, just to see what happens.

Although I did manage to secure Legal Aid funding for a lawyer while doing time at OCDC following my illegal 20200919 arrest in St. Catharines (the day after I filed materials for my 20200922 Bail Review (insert link)), I felt that I had to release him because he did not have enough time to fully comprehend the eight-year history in order to properly represent me. Also, Souder did not serve on me its Motion materials until 20201019 and Kiska did not serve on me his self-incriminating documents until 20201103. Accordingly, I had to prepare these documents with little time. If I did not have:

  • my Wilfred Laurier University Honours Business Administration Degree (4 years) from Professor McCutcheon,
  • my 10 years of experience as a professional writer meeting very tight deadlines and
  • nearly five years of experience battling, in particular, Wade Smith in divorce court,

then I would have had ZERO chance in defeating those whom are masquerading as Ottawa’s child protection agency. This is a fact, even though Kiska and Said should have ZERO credibility in front of any reasonable judge and there is no valid reason why I should have ever been ripped from my children’s lives in the first place. Beyond a reasonable doubt, the activities of those involved in my legal matters are guilty of violating (insert section) which has a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Legislative change needs to happen FAST. Here is a work-in-progress 8-year history about CAS Ottawa and what it has done to my children and me.

Meanwhile, I shall endeavour to seek damages … in Family Court against:

So-called child protection workers:

  1. Mohammed Said 
  2. Viana Ibrahim
  3. Steven Tremblay
  4. Yvonne Munro

So-called child protection supervisors:

  1. Kelly White 
  2. Isabelle Guindon

So-called visitation supervisors:

  1. Jenn Campbell  (paragraphs 1 – 26)
  2. A truthful account of how Moore attempted to schedule a visit
  3. How Campbell’s supervision practices produced the 100% parental alienation of Moore
  4. How Campbell’s supervision rules support child alienation

Insert Deborah Scholey re defamatory libel, etcetera and Nancy Tara MacDougall re extortion, etcetera

Link to Resources page re: Understanding Predators

(Link to resources re: understanding defensive dysregulation)

Resources that have been recommended but not yet read:

Preparing for court: Preparation for a Summary Judgement Motion 

Under development: Scandalous CAS 2019-2021 Continuing Record 

Under development: Scandalous Divorce 2015-2021 Continuing Record with the “Honourable” Tracy Engelking as the Case Management Judge

(Insert theory regarding The Ottawa Ticket and The Ottawa Pipeline.)

“Until … can be developed … .”

(Discuss sociopaths and link to philosophy page:

  Andeé’s thoughts on bankrupting the CAS Ottawa

Article ideas, outlines and research-in-progress drafts are available here.
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**So much Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court: see Three Stooges I & Three Stooges II