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Brian Fisher 

2022mmdd Oral Testimony on YouTube

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This Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence & Child Abuse (#TDVCA) participant …

Other CAS-positioned career criminals?

Their SCJ-positioned accomplices?

Their MAG-positioned accomplices?

Photograph of pathological liar and career criminal, Brian Fisher. He enjoys torturing women and children for pleasure and/or profit. God help anyone in his path: his conscience-free, insatiable greed enters a courtroom before he does.

Despite all of the evidence of Kiska’s verbal, emotional, psychological, psychiatric, sexual and financial abuse  of me and emotional and psychological abuse of Sean and Cate … since 2013 (including Sean’s testimony to his teacher Dawna Gates that “Daddy hit Mommy”) on February 6, 2019 this monster entered the courtroom as Tara MacDougall‘s “agent”: his web of lies and deception began there and continue to this day as evidenced by the lies contained in our 20231019 e-mail exchange regarding unredacted files vs. the reality of their … obstruction of justice.(which is eligible for a wiretap! 😉 )

It will be difficult not to enjoy the disassembly of Children’s Aid Societies and celebrate their severe sentences: as so-called women such as Deborah Souder are just as sick&twisted as Fisher, we should simply lock them all up together and not worry about “gender”. A sociopath‘s “gender” has zero influence on their capacity for evil.

This domestic terrorist, and his colleagues, continue to operate under a:

  • taxpayer-funded,
  • unlimited budget,
  • for-profit,
  • child-abusing entity

                             … destroying lives daily.


Want to see my mountain of evidence? It’s all being published at The Three Stooges!


It will be difficult to itemize the irreparable harm that lawyer Brian Fisher has caused me and my two children: we are still paying the price today.

SUMMARY: In reverse chronological order:



  • x
  • x
  • x


  • x
  • x
  • x



  • x
  • x
  • 20190206  Enter stage left: Brian Fisher who acted as “agent” for Tara MacDougall and …


  1. Parties to Offence (link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  2. Accessory after the fact (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  3. Fraud (X counts)
  4. Defamatory Libel (X counts)
  5. Forgery (0 counts)
  6. Fabricated Evidence (X counts)
  7. False Affidavit (X counts)
  8. Perjury (X counts)
  9. Disobeying a Statute (X counts)
  10. Criminal Harassment (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)


(link to Statement of Claim: in the interim two samples are viewable here and here)

  1. Negligence: _.
  2. Defamation: _.
  3. Breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  4. Knowing assistance in breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  5. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  6. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  7. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  8. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.

EVIDENCE OF CRIME/VIOLATIONS: ACTIONS AND/OR INACTIONS OF (INSERT NAME), domestic terrorist employed by the (insert employer).

    1. ________:
    2. ________:

(link to Private Information form: in the interim, here are links to two samples. The first one (.pdf) is against crooked psychiatrist, Dr. Paule Kemgni and the second one (an editable MS Word document) is against pathological lying “child protection” worker (of which there are an abundance), Mohammed Said whom has committed MANY more crimes since I prepared this form last year.)