Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office

Prosecutor Malcolm Savage

This one will take me a while to complete: begun on 20221020/last updated 20231019 08:50 e.s.t.  (my turn, Savage)

These five oral testimonies represent:

  1. My 20190728-20191030 Mail/documentation Campaign that I diligently maintained while being illegally held in remand, guilty of nothing but being a protective parent.
  2. Amicus Curiae Application #1: John Hale
  3. Gag-order Application (accomplished with pal Kevin B. Phillips)
  4. Amicus Curiae Application #2: Meaghan McMahon
  5. Third-party records motion & beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence of conspiracy to prosecute against Savage … AND Justice Jonathan Brunet.

In a nutshell, ..

Malcolm Savage enjoys convicting innocent women, abusing children and protecting their abusers by:

  • burying exculpatory evidence,
  • lining up cronies who’ve been promoted to judge status in order to silence his targets,
  • committing perjury to secure a conviction and more!

Article: How to Differentiate Blind Justice from Willful Blindness by Deirdre Moore (The html version with all links functional is available upon request.)



Undated photograph of Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage

Replace with picture of Kiska’s 20191108 “Good Luck” e-mail to Savage

As of 20231019, …

Well, he’s still employed by the Ministry of the Attorney General (“MAG”); and, that’s a problem. The probability that he is still trafficking, torturing and terrorizing innocent people through Ontario’s, taxpayer-funded policing*-legal-judicial-penal dumpster fire is not insignificant. Even worse, Doug Downey’s MAG has been updated of the Crown’s tortious and criminal activity of Savage since the beginning of 2021 (& their bold denials of fact are irrelevant … especially now). 

Does Savage do this for pleasure, for profit or both? Let’s not just audit his bank accounts: let’s audit his spending vehicles and his assets, shall we? 

*I’ll deal with lying OPS cops elsewhere: see

www.pfi.ROCKS/organized-crime/VIS/andrew-reesor for an introduction to taxpayer-funded, organized crime.


It will be difficult to itemize the irreparable harm that this prosecutor has caused me and my two children: we are still paying the price today.

SUMMARY: In reverse chronological order:


  • All but one charge dropped in exchange for an additional 3-year sentence of Sean & Cate being deprived of their loving mum so they can be raised solely by fraudster and sociopath, John Kiska.
  • Illegal criminalization of my posting of specific types of evidence against OPS, CAS and others.
  • 20220524 Extortion via accomplice Mike Boyce: all-but-one charge withdrawn in exchange for an unlawful, child-abusing probation order.
  • At some point the file was flipped back over to Mike Boyce.


  • The Third-party Records Motion:
    • draft template of facts/evidence by year
    • Materials served and filed by me.
    • Materials served and filed by Savage.
  • Three additional counts of criminal harassment for attempting to see what my children looked like on their Instagram accounts: OPS accomplice for this one was Cheryl Cross*
  • Jailed and extorted into removing evidence-laden, whistle-blowing site pfi.ROCKS from public view; so, all evidence temporarily moved to where the username is MooresTeam and the password is #SlashTheirBudget!


  • 202012xx  Orchestrated Breach (attempt) using Recovery Science
  • 20200920 Another bogus arrest so my Application will not be heard (see NRPS excerpt from Casey Tennant of the Niagara Regional Police Service Case #119235 to ensure 20200918 Bail Review Application will not be heard + detention so Moore cannot prepare for CAS Summary Judgment Motion (for benefit of Kiska and accomplices at the CAS).
  • 20200919 Ignorance of exculpatory evidence for me and incriminating evidence against Kiska … again.
  • 20200911  Another round of perjury to have another career-criminal Amicus Curiae appointed: this time pal of Justice Boxall’s Meaghan McMahon.
  • 20200226  Application re: multiple orders > Affidavit
  • 20200109  Orchestration of NCR opinion for benefit of Kiska: see work-in-progress details at career-criminal defense attorney VIS re: Joe Addelman


  • 20191108  Knowingly argues for an illegal gag-order to protect abusive husband, John Kiska. (see details at page for crooked judge Kevin B. Phillips)
  • 20191030 Perjury to attempt to have Moore denied bail (along with accomplice Moiz Karimjee)
  • 201909xx  Perjury: knowingly argues bogus allegations about Moore’s mental health to silence her via an incompetent &/or corrupt Amicus Curiae, John Hale.
  • 201908xx  Ignorance of exculpatory evidence against Moore and incriminating evidence against Kiska. (insert 54-page fax from Mail Campaign). It was my mountain of evidence that drove Savage to have Hale appointed so I wouldn’t be permitted to speak in court and defend myself … more on this misuse of an Amicus Curiae, later. (Right, McMahon?)


  1. S. 21(1) > Parties to Offence (link to page that lists each criminal he has assisted to commit a crime)
  2. S. 23(1) > Accessory after the fact (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  3. S. 380(1)(b) Fraud (X counts)
  4. S. 300/301 Defamatory Libel (X counts)
  5. S. 366 Forgery (0 counts)
  6. S. 137 Fabricated Evidence (X counts)
  7. S. XXX False Affidavit (X counts)
  8. S. 131 Perjury (?10? counts)
  9. S. 126 Disobeying a Statute (X counts)
  10. S. 264 Criminal Harassment (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  11. S. 139(1) > Obstruction of Justice (X counts)
  12. S. 465(1)(b) Conspiracy to Prosecute (X counts)
  13. S. 83.18 > Terrorist Activities || See also S. 83.01 (1) for definition/clarity


(insert link to my Draft Statement of Claim against the Ministry of the Attorney General.

  1. Malicious Prosecution
  2. Negligence: _.
  3. Defamation: _.
  4. Breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  5. Knowing assistance in breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  6. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  7. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  8. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  9. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.

EVIDENCE OF CRIME/VIOLATIONS: ACTIONS AND/OR INACTIONS OF MIKE BOYCE, Crown Prosecutor with Ottawa’s Office of the Crown Attorney:

    1. ________:
    2. ________: