Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice

Defense Attorney Alyssa Jervis

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In a nutshell:

  • This piece of work took over from former CAS-employee & career-criminal judge Tracy Engelking following her final performance 20200828 when, despite having received 12 volumes of evidence of domestic violence from 2013-2020, she scheduled a Summary Judgment Motion to be held against me by her accomplices at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa.
  • Her first crime was to schedule a Civil Matter to be heard in Family court (see para. 77 in Statement of Claim against two more Ottawa shysters: Joe Addelman and Gonen Snir).
  • Her second was when she ignored all evidence and law to rule in favour of Kiska’s ongoing defrauding of me and abuse of my children (see details below).

Photograph of Justice Pamela MacEachern, another of Lametti’s taxpayer-funded career criminals.

“Can a woman be a misogynist? Absolutely. Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice is loaded with them. Liberal Cabinet Minister #DavidLametti makes sure of it!” 

            ~ Deirdre Moore, business owner, (former) CFA, BBA & childless mother of two.


  • I sought leave to appeal her scandalous decision; but, was DENIED by another panel of crooked judges: Larry, Curly & Moe.
  • They converted my valid appeal into a $5,000 cost award for Kiska.
  • After waiting for one year, Kiska and his accomplice at Bell Baker chose to have the order issued.
  • Accordingly, I reported the event as a crime in progress from somewhere not-in-the-cesspool-that-is-Ontario else: 20230221 Police Complaint.


For details of the three crimes simultaneously committed against me on April 8, 2019 (4+8,2+10 > 12,12 > 3,3 > 6)

so Syndicate could chuckle at the “666” see:

Psychiatrist Paule Kemgni

Judge Calum MacLeod

Judge Ryan Bell & friends

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So many criminals, so little time.



It will be difficult to itemize the irreparable harm that Pamela MacEachern has caused me and my two children: we are still paying the price today.

SUMMARY: In reverse chronological order:



  • Then, Jervis sent to me a bizarre refund cheque in a rather odd amount … considering I met Kiska in 1996.
  • 20220524  My written testimony was ignored, by oral testimony was ignored and she simply agreed to a Conditional Discharge with an extra three years of child abuse:
    • The cover letter from Catherine Sullivan referred to a mountain of exculpatory evidence.
    • My oral submission was clear and is evidence in the 20220524 transcript.
    • Resulting Probation Order assigned zero Parole Officer so that there is no way for me to have it transferred to a new jurisdiction as advised. Ottawa has refused consent to the transfer and will not advise to whom I should address an Application to be heard. (See Crown employee William Coyne)
  • Despite our agreement that I would go to trial (as I knew I was guilty of nothing), Jervis convinced me to agree to “a conditional discharge” by stating “they’re just going to find you guilty of something” and that she would argue for an absolute discharge.


  • x
  • On 20210707, she drafted this letter for use in multiple proceedings.
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2020 – 2019

  • For testimony regarding previous defense attorney’s and court-appointed Amicus Curiaes see:
    • Marnie Munsterman
    • Cedric Nahum
    • Meaghan McMahon
    • Joe Addelman
    • John Hale

Guidance for Law Enforcement


  1. S. 21(1) > Parties to Offence (link to page that lists each criminal he has assisted to commit a crime)
  2. S. 23(1) > Accessory after the fact (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  3. S. 380(1)(b) Fraud (X counts)
  4. S. 300/301 Defamatory Libel (X counts)
  5. S. 366 Forgery (0 counts)
  6. S. 137 Fabricated Evidence (X counts)
  7. S. XXX False Affidavit (X counts)
  8. S. 131 Perjury (X counts)
  9. S. 126 Disobeying a Statute (X counts)
  10. S. 264 Criminal Harassment (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  11. S. 139(1) > Obstruction of Justice (X counts)
  12. S. 465(1)(b) Conspiracy to Prosecute
  13. S. 83.18 > Terrorist Activities || See also S. 83.01 (1) for definition/clarity

Guidance for Other Victims of Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence & Child Abuse (#TDVCA)


  1. Negligence: _.
  2. Defamation: _.
  3. Breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  4. Knowing assistance in breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  5. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  6. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  7. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  8. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  9. Malice
  10. Unjust Enrichment

EVIDENCE OF CRIME/VIOLATIONS: ACTIONS AND/OR INACTIONS OF RYAN BELL, Judge who represents Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice

    1. ________:
    2. ________: