pfi.ROCKS Canadian Sociopaths!

What is a Crime Syndicate Swimlane?

It’s the track that you’re set upon at a very young age: think “The Truman Show” … but much, much darker.

draft started on 20221230 by Andeé Sea Cae Jak, SAQOTU Inc.

In Ottawa, where organized crime is so covert that some journalists actually believe that there isn’t any, various “swimlanes” into which you may have been set include, but are not limited to:

One of the Divisions:

Their previous home page is viewable here: they revamped their site and moved their site host from Germany to China after they realized I was on to them. 

The Swimlanes (link to process & profitability)

  1. The Addict
  2. The Prostitute
  3. The Pimp
  4. The Convict
  5. The Patient
  6. The Welfare Recipient
  7. The Disabled
  8. The Extorted Politician
  9. The Mindless Bureaucrat
  10. The Distracted Academic
  11. The Employment-related Litigant
  12. The “Pumped & Dumped” Spouse
  13. The tortured, sex slave

Me? I was selected for #12: The “Pumped & Dumped” Spouse. The one selected* for my take-down? The one & only: John Kiska. (I must be special 🙄)

It gets worse: Maximus Inc.

Of course, if you were born a sociopath (or, quickly descended into one), then you’d simply be groomed to quietly grow into whatever role you’d be able to pull off without anyone realizing that you are devoid of basic human emotions such as compassion, empathy or even basic sympathy—that you merely mimic the empaths with which you’d surround yourself. In that case, you would be funneled into performing one of the actors and/or enablers in columns E and F below. Here’s a 30-minute voiceover introduction.


Syndicate’s Goals


1. Steal everything an Empath+ has obtained/accomplished

2. Torture/ruin the offspring of an Empath+

3. Drive an Empath+ to suicide

(20230125) Current Civil Actions in progress while OPS continues to extort me into dropping my action against them.


20220729 Shysters at Snir Law Office & Addelman Baum Gilbert Robertson

OPS et al. (organized crime)

Khaldoon Habib Allah et al (eviction scam/theft)

Paule Kemgni (accessory/defamation)

John Kiska (accessory/defamation)

Victor Valllance Blais (accessory/fraud)







1. Parental alienation

2. Child alienation

3. Poverty & homelessness

4. Perpetual fear & hopelessness

5. Documented & damning smear campaign**

6. “Legalized” poisoning (via toxic pschotropics)








1. Parental Alienation

1a Emotional abuse

1b Verbal Abuse

1c Psychological abuse

1d Psychiatric abuse

1e Legal Abuse

1f Financial Abuse

1g Emotional abuse of children

1h Psychological abuse of children

1i Physical abuse of pets

1j  Child Abduction

1k Crime via Family Court

1l Crime via CYFSA Court

1m Crime via Criminal Court

1n Crime via Appellant Court

1o Thug-collar gangstalkers

2. Child Alienation

2a Anti-parenting behaviour to “be-friend” the child

2b Gaslighting of children

2c Torture of pets

2d Destruction of property (to incite blame)

2e CRA Audet

2f Legal Bullying

3. Poverty & Homelessness*

3a Fraud

3b Theft

3c Defamation

3d Gangstalking

3e Unwarranted arrest/detension

3f Unwarranted Warrants for re-arrest

3f Eviction Scams



4. Perpetual Fear & Hopelessness

4a Gangstalking

4b (insert strategy)

4c (insert strategy)

5. Damning Smear Campaign

5a Gangstalking

5b (insert strategy)

5c (insert strategy)

6. “Legalized” poisoning

6a (insert strategy)

6b (insert strategy)

6c (insert strategy)







1a Court-enabled Fraud Ia (interim financial support-Julie Audet & Bell Baker’s Wade Smith, Christine Hammond, FName LName LLP)

1b Court-enabled Fraud Ib (interim financial support-Pamela MacEachern & Bell Baker’s Cheryl Hess, Katherine Gh…..)

1c Court-enabled Fraud Ic (interim financial support-SCJ judges x, y,z & Bell Baker’s Cheryl Hess)

1d Court-enabled Fraud II (The Court-ordered Support Scam)

1e Court-enabled Fraud IIIa (The “planted” Family Law Lawyer Scam: Michéle Blais, FName LName, Susanne Sviergula)

1f Court-enabled Fraud IIIb (The “planted” Family Law Lawyer Scam: Tanya Davies)

1g Court-enabled Fraud IIIc (The “planted” Family Law Lawyer Scam: Moore v. Addelman et al.)

1h Court-enabled Fraud IIId

1i Court-enabled Fraud IV (The Eviction Scam)

2a Court-enabled Child Abuse/Parental Alienation/Child Alienation Ia (The abduction: Mohammed Said)

2b Court-enabled Child Abuse/Parental Alienation/Child Alienation Ib (The interim/final order: Calum MacLeod)

2c Court-enabled Child Abuse/Parental Alienation/Child Alienation Ic (The Summary Judgment: Mary Fraser)

2d Court-enabled Child Abuse/Parental Alienation/Child Alienation Id (The CYFSA Appeal: Larry,Curly&Mo)

3a Domestic Terrorism via false mental health allegations I (The Mis-diagnosis & forced treatment plan for bi-polar disorder)

3b Domestic Terrorism via false mental health allegations IIa (The False NCR-Quebec Paule Kemgni)

3c Domestic Terrorism via false mental health allegations IIa (The False NCR-Ontario (Moore v. Addelman et al. see 1g above for additional context)

4a Domestic Terrorism Ia via S. xxx of the CCC Conspiracy to Prosecute (False allegations by ex, John Kiska)

4b Domestic Terrorism Ib via S. xxx of the CCC Conspiracy to Prosecute (False allegations by Bail House pimp, Lorie Fuentes)

4c Domestic Terrorism Ic via S. xxx of the CCC Conspiracy to Prosecute (False allegations by Ottawa Police)

4d Domestic Terrorism Id via S. xxx of the CCC Conspiracy to Prosecute (Crown ignorance of exculpatory evidence)

4e Domestic Terrorism Ie via S. xxx of the CCC Conspiracy to Prosecute (Unlawful detentions to pervert legal process)

5a Domestic Terrorism via S. xxx of the CCC: Extortion I (Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa)

5b Domestic Terrorism via S. xxx of the CCC: Extortion II (The Ottawa Police)

6a Anti-Charter Violation: Freedom of Expression (SCJ Kevin B. Phillips, OPS Daniel Gervais, Crown Malcolm Savage)

6b Anti-Charter Violation: Freedom of Expression (OPS Cheryl Cross, Crown Malcolm Savage)

6c Anti-Charter Violation: Freedom of Expression (OCJ Jonathan Brunet, Crown Mike Boyce & Bill Coyne)

7 Anti-Charter Violation: Unwarranted “Detention” (OCJ JP Paul Harris, OPS FName LName, Crown Mike Boyce)

8a (current work-in-progress) Ongoing Obstruction of Justice (Mike Boyce, Bill Coyne & unknown affiliated with the Ottawa Crown Attorney’s Office.

8b (current work-in-progress) Ongoing Obstruction of Justice (unknown parties operating via St. John’s Crown Attorney’s Office.


Actors & Enablers I






1. Elected Councillors/Mayor

Sutcliffe, Mark

Insert new names as identified


Brockington, Riley

Chiarelli, Rick

Deans, Diane

Darouze, George

Egli, Keith

El-Chantiry, Eli

Fleury, Matthieu

Kavanaugh, Theresa

King, Rawlson

Leiper, Jeff

McKenney, Catherine

Menard, Sean

Moffat, Scott


Tierney, Tim

Watson, Jim

2. Judges & JPs ; (transcripts)

Aitken, Catherine

Bourgeois, Julie

Audet, Julie

Bell, Ryan

Bourgeois, Julie

Boxall, Norman

Brunet, Jonathan

Engelking, Tracy

Fraser, Mary

Gomery, Sally

Harris, Paul (J.P.)

Kershman, Stanley

Kristjanson, J.

MacEachern, Pamela

MacLeod, Calum

Matheson, J.

Parfett, Julianne A.

Perell, J.

Phillips, Kevin B.

Shelston, Mark

Smith, Marc E.

Williams, Heather

3. Crown Prosecutors et al.

Boyce, Mike

Coyne, William

Cardinal, Patrick (PQ)

Holowka, Brian

Karimjee, Moiz

Ramsay, John

Savage, Malcolm

Stewart, Vivian-Lee

4. Child Protection Services

Campbell, Jenn

Fisher, Brian

Guidon, Isabel

(wip 2013) Henry, Jessica

Ibrahim, Viana

MacDougall, Nancy (Tara)

McClemens, Shawna

(vip 2013) Munro, Yvonne

Raymond, Kelly

Said, Mohammed

Souder, Deborah

Tremblay, Stephen

White, Kelly


5. Government Bureaucrats

Kim, Walter (OPGT)

Bobula, Katherine (OCL)

Galarneau, Susan (OCL)

Kassavalis, Katheryn (OCL)

Ruskies, Shoah (OCL)

Senson, Partric (OCL)

Scholey, Debra (OCL)

Souder, Deborah (OCL)

6. Physicians

Chow, Dr. Judy

Perkins, Katelyn

7. Media, Family & Other

List editors at the Ottawa Citizen

List all other journalists contacted with links to emails &/or pages

Hatt, Bruce

Kiska, John

Moore, Eileen

Moore, Moira


see wip list



Actors & Enablers II






1. School Board Employees

Mills-Boone, Wanda

O’Donnell, Aisling

Wyzynski, Greg

2. Lawyers, Paralegals & Assistants

Addelman, Joe

Blais, Michéle

Doody, Michelle

Fernandez-Stolls, Diego

Galaraneau, Suzanne

Ghadaksaz, Katherine

Hess, Cheryl

Martin, Catherine

Moore, Christopher

Nahum, Cedric

Perrault-Levésque, Céleste

Scholey, Debra

Smith, Wade

Snir, Gonen

Summers, Jonathan

Sviergula, Susanne

Watson, Charlotte

Whale, Jessy

3. Police Board Employees

Beaucage, Lisa

Bender, Alex

Benoit, Jean

Burton, Traci (sp?)

Cameron, Lana

Cross, Cheryl

D’Aoust, François

Gervais, Daniel

Hilton, Shannon (+ other 3)

Kirady, Alex

Le, Phong

Logan, Hannah (OPSB admin)

Paradis, Sebastien

Reesor, Andrew

Schock, Alexander

Twiddle-dee & Twiddle-dum

Veshkini, David

20190201 CAS accomplices #1, #2, #3

4. Psychiatrists & Psychologists

Anderson, Keith

Cardoza, Christopher

Charbonneau, Yoland

Crawley, Nadine

Kay, Gary

Kemgni, Paule

(wip) Matheson, Adrienne

Mercer, Deanna

Saul, Daniel

Selaman, Zeynep

Watts, Joel

5. Gangstalkers

Alterna employees

BMO employees

Bell Canada employees

Chateau Laurier Employees

Collection agency employee

Locksmith Employee

Prime Burger Employees

Re/Max Employee

RBC employees

Scotiabank employees

Uber drivers

VIA Rail employees

(insert names/locations)

6. Not-for-Profit Players

Fuentes, Lorie

Heimerl, Melissa

Vishkini, David




Additional Notes

* The first one failed as I never even wanted to date him.

** Note that as of December 30, 2022, I remain the half owner of the $1M+ matrimonial home in which John Kiska remains as each continues to gaslight Sean and Cate every .. single .. day. Salivating over his “success” in the possible ruin of me, he was likely too busy to ever question the COVID-related injections. As a government consultant, he would have been forced to consent. As a malignant narcissist, he likely forced Sean and Cate to get injected as well.

*** Excerpt from Divisional Court’s Curly, Larry & Moe who denied my appeal of Mary Fraser’s scandalous 2020 decisions: “

Select articles

(draft) What is The Ottawa Ticket?

(draft) What is The Ottawa Pipeline?

(draft) This Shhh is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S

What is society’s Food Chain? Are Level 1 narcissists so oblivious to reality to realize that they’re no where near the top?

What are Chemtrails?

Are the COVID-related injections a multi-pronged bio-weapon designed for dystopia, depopulation and … devolution?

What is MAiD?

An Over-simplified Illustration of the “Pump & Dump”

Article outline: “Descending into Sociopathy”.

Draft article from 2019: “The Myth labelled Psychiatry” is here.

This issue is dedicated to Kurt Cobain, one of our artists lost.

Meet  Andeé Sea Cae Jak