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Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

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Michelle Doody

In a nutshell,

I have been terrorized by a massive, Ottawa-based crime syndicate since 2013. In China, they call it a “Social Credit System“: in Canada, it is far more covert and wicked. I have named the terrorization process “Ottawa Swimlanes” and I’m currently and carefully (to avoid re-arrest) re-uploading all of the documents that evidence this syndicate because the syndicate has literally criminalized my publicizing certain evidence against:

  1. The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa
  2. Ottawa Police Services Board (“OPSB”)
  3. Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office
  4. Ontario’s Office of the Children’s Lawyer
  5. the Ontario Court of Justice (“OCJ”, multiple judges and justices of the peace)
  6. the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (“SCJ”, multiple judges) and, last but not least,
  7. impossible-to-divorce John Kiska

All of above break the law with reckless abandon and, as they all protect each other, they have zero fear of consequences. How? They simply ignore legislation; specifically, the Rules of Civil Procedure contained in Ontario’s Courts of Justice Act (“CJA“). This is a crime pursuant to S. 126 of the Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC“). By reviewing my evidence in order to draft their scandalous court documents, they also become liable as accessories to the crimes of those they are defending via S. 21(1) of the CCCParties to Offence.

Michelle Doody participates in organized crime via law firm Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. She is guilty of, among other things, extortion. She may or may not be related to this judge, Peter Doody, and therefore couldn’t care less about committing crime.

Yes, the organized crime in the capital city of Canada is so covert that even the legitimate journalists think that there isn’t any.

Following the negligent investigation (aka cover up) committed by OPSB officer Andrew Reesor, I brought a civil action against the perpetrators who emptied my house during a 2019 Eviction Scam. I listed OPSB as a co-defendant in my Statement of Claim and they retained Michelle Doody (“Doody”) to represent them.

(Details of this court-enabled cover-up will implicate SCJ Justice Ryan Bell and many others.)

My 20230126 Tweet on this matter to Mayor Mark Sutcliffe is here and my e-mail which went to all of Ottawa City Hall that afternoon is

Each one has descended into sociopathy and remains undetected simply because they travel in packs in order to hunt and destroy their prey. Why was I their prey? They wanted my perfect children, Sean and Cate—see pinned tweetand, approaching 50, to simply dispose of me and sell my possessions on Kijiji. 




On August 30, 2022, Doody committed extortion as evidenced by the fact that:

  1. her draft Notice of Motion—which threatened to have me declared a vexatious litigant—contained multiple errors, omissions and malicious obfuscation (aka outright lies) and
  2. she agreed to cease the Motion if I caved to her coercion (ie. extortion, a criminal offence pursuant to S. 346(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada (“CCC“) and consented to never suing OPSB for their torts and crimes (demonstrably committed against me and my children between 2013-202x) again … as evidenced:
    • by her 20220830 e-mail that agreed to a discontinuance combined with
    • her consent form which contained a condition not required by the Rules of Civil Procedure contained with the Courts of Justice Act (“CJA“) but designed to deny me access to justice. 

As policing jurisdiction falls to the location of the complainant (me) and not the perpetrators (Doody, OPSB, etc.) it is my intention to permit them to continue evidencing as many counts of their many crimes against me as possible (unless they settle); thereafter, I will attempt to have them all charged with their multiple crimes from wherever I reside*.

*Assuming I can find a jurisdiction somewhere in Canada that houses legitimate law enforcement +  legitimate Crown prosecutors + no gang-stalkers to return not guilty verdicts + a legitimate bench … as one requires all four components to secure a conviction in Canada.

SUMMARY: In reverse chronological order:


  • 20231005  OPSB Motion to be heard
  • 20230928  Confirmation of Motion due by 2:00 p.m.
  • 20230925  Factums (limited to 20 pages) are to be exchanged?!? Since when is this scheduled for the same day?!? Currently attempting to bring a Motion to address that biased by SCJ’s Master Fortier toward Mayor Sutcliffe’s OPSB.
  • 20230805 My responding affidavits are due by 4:00 AND an in-person, cross-examination is scheduled for very same day: what the heck does new OPSB Chair Gail Yenta Beck and her sick&twisted group of thugs have planned for 20230905, I wonder? (see bizarre, 2013 “double-murder suicide” aka ?OPS-assisted divorce in Ottawa?)
  • 20230706  OPSB’s Vexatious Affidavit arrived >> here is work-in-progress: Errors, Omissions and Malicious Obfuscation Analysis.

  • 20230612:  Given the manner in which I was coerced/scathed/mocked by judge Sylvia Corthorn in my 20230608 defence against Addelman & Snir’s/Nelligan Law hearing (not to mention the multiple interruptions that I was forced to endure during my “submissions” where only a fraction was permitted to be heard … and then I was accused of not arguing same during my submissions), I am quite convinced that head judge Sally Gomery warned Corthorn to be ruthless; yet, sure to have the letter of the law available to twist in order to have any later motion to appeal denied. Accordingly, next steps for the OPSB matter to seek more evidence against the Syndicate is pointless. I’ll simply wait for their self-incriminating Affidavit due in three weeks 20230707.
  • 20230606: The Motion was adjourned due to OPSB’s scandalous 51-paragraph, 20230531 Factum … so the time reserved (30 minutes) was insufficient. Details are being uploaded here. I now need to file two (or three) NEW Notices of Motion: one for a longer 3rd-party records motion and one to request the adjournment of their vexatious, vexatious Application. Labrosse’s endorsement is here: just more justice delay is justice denied.   WHAT. A. RACKET.
  • 202306xx:  I responded with another EO&MO analysis (of their scandalous Factum) by way of commissioned Affidavit #3.
  • 20230531: OPSB finally served an uncommissioned, incomplete, redacted Affidavit of Documents and a Factum laden with Errors, Omissions and Malicious Obfuscation.
  • 20230530: Motion Confirmation is here. AS OF 20230530 OPSB has served zero responding materials: they’ll be ridiculous (at a minimum) in any event.

  • 20230509  The required Case Management Conference occurred and I was advised by Associate Judge Fortier to re-serve/re-file my request for a 3rd party records Motion (this file) and a (partial) Summary Judgement (the Addelman-Snir file).


After serving and filing the required documents and selecting the date of 20230609, on 20230425 my request for an Express Motion was denied as evidenced here.

Given that on 20230420 I again provided OPSB’s lawyers with a dropbox link to the complete CAS Appeal file with all of the evidence of the multiple crimes committed by John Kiska and his multiple accomplices (partially listed at www.pfi.rocks/organized-crime/vis/), the fact that they have not withdrawn their Application to have me declared vexatious (see 20230131 below) is  beyond any reasonable doubt,

a taxpayer-funded Crime in Progress.

Express Motion Denied

  • 20230421  EXPRESS MOTION TO BE HEARD can on 20230609.
    • 20230419  I forgot a few key details from my 20230414 Motion materials. So, here we go ….. my revised Express Motion materials:
          • (amended) Notice of Express Motion
          • (amended) Motion Record
          • (amended) Factum
          • Affidavit #1 (3 pages) with four exhibits:
            • Exhibit A:  the 20230131 OPSB Application (17 pages)
            • Exhibit B:  my 20230317 NL Welfare Application (44 pages) – REDACTED (online version is here)
            • Exhibit C:  my 20230221 NL Police Complaint #1 re: court-enabled fraud (Family court) (10 pages) – REDACTED (online version is here)
            • Exhibit D:  my 20230413 NL Police Complaint #2 re: court-enabled fraud (Civil court) (2 pages + Affidavit back page) – REDACTED (online version is here)
          • Affidavit #2 (1 page – REDACTED) without four exhibits:
              • Exhibit A: evidence of OPSB Sebastien Paradis’s Obstruction of Justice and Accessory after the Fact (re: Sexual Assault)
              • Exhibit B* REDACTED**: (partial) evidence of OPSB employee Alex Kirady Defamatory Libel, Conspiracy to Prosecute and multiple crimes vis à via Accessory after the Fact and Parties to Offence
              • Exhibit C: evidence of assault committed by OPSB employee Alexander Schock
              • Exhibit D: evidence of extortion committed by OPSB legal department/counsel
          • draft Endorsement and draft Order (in MS Word)
          • Affidavit of Service
      • *aka “beyond a reasonable doubt” on page 47: I wouldn’t want to be Alex Kirady right now!

        **posting evidence against the Ottawa’s crime syndicate has been criminalized by Ottawa’s crime syndicate (see Criminal Justice – NL Style); accordingly, I have to redact evidence of crime to avoid re-arrest. 🤣  Welcome to how your taxes are spent, folks! 👍 

    • 20230414  To defend myself against the OPSB Application—and further expose the system publicly—I’ll need all of the complete, unredacted files from all of the syndicate participants. So, today I submitted my Request for an Express Motion by e-mail which contained the following documents:
        • Notice of Motion (3 pages)
        • Affidavit #1 (3 pages) with four exhibits:
          • Exhibit A:  the 20230131 OPSB Application (17 pages)
          • Exhibit B:  my 20230317 NL Welfare Application (44 pages) – REDACTED (online version is here)
          • Exhibit C:  my 20230221 NL Police Complaint #1 re: court-enabled fraud (Family court) (10 pages) – REDACTED (online version is here)
          • Exhibit D:  my 20230413 NL Police Complaint #2 re: court-enabled fraud (Civil court) (2 pages + Affidavit back page) – REDACTED (online version is here)
        • Factum (6 pages)
        • Motion Record (1 page) – REDACTED
        • draft Endorsement and draft Order (in MS Word)

… in other words, I am asking for a court order so I can further evidence #TDVCA

    • 20230309  The date was set for OPSB’s Application to have me denied justice in Civil court as well! See 20230308 Endorsement of SCJ’s Mastier Fortier:
      • OPSB Application is to be heard 20231005
      • A motion confirmation form must be filed by 2:00 p.m. on 20230928 … which just happens to be my birthday. See how systematized the corruption is?
      • 20230925  Factums (limited to 20 pages) are to be exchanged
      • My responding affidavits are due 20230806
      • OPSB Motion Record is due 20230707 
      • Estimates for documents to be submitted are 50 (750-1,000 pages) for OPSB and 100 (1,500-2,000) for me: all materials must be filed electronically via portal or ottawa.scj.courts@ontario.ca as per Rules and late materials will not be accepted

(Funny how all of the crooked lawyers have been permitted to file material late: see Wade Smith at 20200828 (CAS Summary Judgment—password protected-contact me for password—which he piggy-backed to illegally-obtain a restraining order via crooked judge Mary Fraser) and Tara MacDougall at 20190408 (where materials were filed day of the hearing, I received nothing and crooked judge Calum MacLeod refused my request for an adjournment so he could grant an illegal custody and access order as well as a restraining order. These are just two of many examples.)

Canada’s ENTIRE Legal System is a Taxpayer-funded Playground for Sociopaths

  • 20230131  OPSB doubled-down on their threat and actually issued the …

the scandalous Application to have me declared vexatious.

A classic DARVO move! (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim Order)

(Note that this occurred exactly one week following my service of my Amended Statement of Claim against two other Ottawa Shysters, Addelman and Snir. That court-enabled fraud is playing out via Nelligan O’Brien Payne* LLP)

*Interestingly, the last name of the lawyer to whom I was referred by NL’s Journey Project also has the last name of Payne. (It seems the funneling process in NL’s alleged “victim services” is up and running as well as Ottawa’s. The gatekeepers forward TI’s to the members of the syndicate who have infiltrated the organization. (Link to the Journey Project)


  • 20220830  Doody committed extortion (see top right column for a summary) to attempt to coerce me into dropping my Action against OPSB.
  • (list crimes committed before the court & link to court documents related to the 2019 Eviction Scam)
  • 20220515  Instead of scheduling Discovery, Doody informed me that she would be bring a Motion to have me declared a vexatious litigant; this, while in possession of all of the torts and crimes that had been committed against me by the syndicate.
  • 20220301  After receiving some legal guidance, amended my claim WITH CONSENT and produce a Fresh Statement of Claim


  • (list crimes committed during CAS appeal process, re-arrest, etcetera)
  • false allegations of criminal harassment/disobey order to force removal of whistle-blowing site from public view
  • Issued a Statement of Claim against OPSB: CV-21-87056
  • Follow the continuation of these crimes to newly assigned accomplice: Cheryl Hess.


  • x
  • x
  • x


  • (list crimes committed during CAS child abduction, false criminal allegations,
  • July refusal to investigate: multiple perpertrators
  • November refusal to investigate: eviction scam


  • David Veshkini of Ottawa Victim Services does zero, Tracy B. of OPS Victim Services does zero
  • x
  • x


  • Alexander Schock physically assaults me when I was simply asking him for ID.
  • Gang-stalking officers (Hilton, #2, #3, #4)
  • x
  • x


Sebastien Paradis fails to properly investigate my sexual assault complaint (insert files upon receipt).

OPSB fails to investigate Kiska’s forgery/fraud (insert file upon receipt).


OPSB escalates domestic violence following CAS involvement and burying evidence of Kiska’s abuse.


It will be difficult to itemize the irreparable harm that the OPSB has caused me and my two children: we are still paying the price today.


  1. Parties to Offence (link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  2. Accessory after the fact (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  3. Fraud (X counts)
  4. Defamatory Libel (X counts)
  5. Forgery (0 counts)
  6. Fabricated Evidence (X counts)
  7. False Affidavit (0 counts)
  8. Perjury (X counts)
  9. Disobeying a Statute (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  10. Criminal Harassment (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)


(link to Statement of Claim: in the interim two samples are viewable here and here)

  1. Negligence: _.
  2. Defamation: _.
  3. Breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  4. Knowing assistance in breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  5. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  6. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  7. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  8. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.


    1. ________:
    2. ________: