What is TDVCA?

Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

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In a nutshell:

  • I married covert, malignant narcissist (ie. a “narcopath”) John Kiska (“Kiska”) who is connected to a white-collar, blue-collar, thug-collar crime ring (ie. the “Municipal Mafia” or the “Syndicate” see illustration below).
  • They’ve stolen everything from me including Sean & Cate, my cat, my dog, my $200,000+ professional wardrobe (and everything else that the three of us owned), my successful career and my reputation.
  • In 2019, Kiska told my children that I had moved to Texas and didn’t want to be their mum anymore.
  • Having used the Children Aid Society of Ottawa, Ottawa Police Services, the Superior Court of Justice and the Office of the Crown Attorney to completely rip me from their lives, Sean and Cate now believe that I am severely mentally ill and dangerous.
  • In April 2021, Kiska convinced Sean & Cate to press charges of criminal harassment against me after I tried to see what they looked like on their Instagram accounts.
  • Then, his accomplices at Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office continued to torture me: after being falsely accused again, jailed again and extorted into removing pfi.rocks from public view*, it ingored a mountain of exculpatory evidence (see Smoking Gun of ’21) to continue its malicious prosecution of me (see #Mummygate)
  • Windsor, Ontario-based defense attorney, Alyssa Jervis, entered stage left shortly thereafter.
  • Division court played its role in the crimes of Torture and Trafficking in persons by also ignoring mountains of evidence. Insert link to Errors, Omissions & Malicious Obfuscation page for scandalous decision released December 20, 2021 by 3-judge panel: J. Perrell,  J. Matheson, J. Kristjanson.
  •  On 20220524, I was extorted into agreeing to an unlawful, 3-year Probation Order** by MAG employee Mike Boyce (which was facilitated by Jervis who duped me into it by claiming she would argue for an absolute discharge given the strength of my “Pre-sentencing Package” … but did not.***

Photograph of Cate and Sean Kiska with their mum, Deirdre Moore, months before they were fed into Ottawa’s Crime Syndicate where devoted mums are driven to poverty and beautiful children are broken.

“Can a woman be a misogynist? Absolutely. Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice is loaded with them. Liberal Cabinet Minister #DavidLametti makes sure of it!” 

   ~ Deirdre Moore, business owner, (former) CFA, BBA) & childless mother of two.


*I had 48 hours to transfer all of the evidence from www.pfi.rocks to www.twb.rocks and password protect it.

**Note condition #9: prosecutor Mike Boyce & Justice Jonathan Brunet criminalized my speaking to my children’s TEACHERS just to see how they’re doing!! After dropping all material charges AND with full knowledge that I was simply the victim of a wicked divorce strategy. Could they be more cruel? Clearly, a diagnosis of “Anti-social Personality Disorder” is more than warranted for these two. Right, Dr. Gail Yenta Beck?

***Should Ms. Jervis’ 2021-2023 spending be audited? Surely, she wasn’t bought off with something as traceable as an e-transfer or certified cheque. 


  • I left Ontario so I could re-build this website without being re-arrested, re-charged and re-incarcerated.
  • On 20220804, I landed in St. John’s Newfoundland which was an eye-opening adventure in itself:
    • I was immediately arrested and charged with violent crime,
    • I rented a room from Shelene Crawley whom I suspected was involved in gang-stalking fairly quickly as her directed conversation was incredibly obvious.
    • I learned that Newfoundland’s Chief Information Officer (likely) managed the database that lists Targeted Individuals (“TI”s).
    • I learned that the lawyers (eg. FName Payne and former Assistant XYZ Ministry CSSD FName LName) referred by FName LName of the Journey Project were also involved in #TDVCA by “covering up” (ie. not acknowledging or reporting) organized crime and demoralizing clients with incorrect and/or misleading information and/or legal opinion.
    • I was cut off of social assistance on 2023mmdd as CSSD ignored the obvious fraud.
    • Then, before I left, Crawley-the-landlady “stole” my last few thousand dollars.
  • I landed in Niagara Falls, Ontario … where the story continues as Niagara Regional Police Services chooses to have its own sub-plot in #Mummygate: meet Constable Michael Brown & NRPS’ “Professional Standards” Unit.
  • As of 20231125, Kiska still lives in our ~$2M+ home in Ottawa with Sean & Cate who have no clue whatsoever what he and the Municipal Mafia have done to me …. or them.


Entities/individuals involved in Ottawa’s Municipal Mafia:

  1. the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa,
  2. Ontario’s Office of the Children’s Lawyer,
  3. Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice,
  4. Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office,
  5. Ottawa Police Services Board,
  6. Ottawa Victim Services,
  7. Multiple law firms:
    • a) Bell Baker LLP
    • b) Victor Vallance Blais LLP
    • c) Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP
    • d) Snir Law Office
    • e) Addelman Baum Gilbert Robinson LLP
    • f) Cedric Nahum Law
    • g) Patricia Brown Lawyers
    • Galarneau & Associates
  8. Multiple independent lawyers:
    • a) Debra Scholey
    • b) x
    • c) x
  9. x
  10. x

Politicians covering up Ottawa’s Municipal Mafia

Ottawa-positioned (insert scrollbox & order alphabetically)

  1. former Mayor Jim Watson
  2. current Mayor Mark Sutcliffe (who is on the OPSB)
  3. Ottawa Counsellor Riley Brockington
  4. x
  5. x
  6. x
  7. x
  8. x
  9. x.


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