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THE Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre/Central East Correctional Services 2019 Mail Campaign

Ottawa Police  ||  Crown Attorney’s Office  ||  CAS  ||  Media  ||  Political Parties  ||   (insert group)  ||  (insert group) 

#InTheNameOfTheMother: Here is the raw tracking sheet:

Fortunately, I was arrested with enough cash to keep my mail campaign going for the entire 90-days that I was forced to endure an anti-Charter detention so Kiska could use a fabricated history of my “criminality” in addition to his fabricated history of my “mental illness” in our never-ending divorce; designed for maximum emotional/psychological abuse and for-profit/pleasure trafficking, torture and terror.  

Until I was released to the Elizabeth Fry Bail House on 20191030, I diligently pursued my mail campaign; a record of which should be at Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre (“OCDC”) and/or Central East Correctional Centre (“CECC”). This mail campaign evidences, among other things, how complicit in organized crime are multiple public and private entities including, but not limited to, Ottawa Police Services Board, The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa and Ottawa’s Office of the Crown Attorney.

And, here is html version with links to source documents: the sortable MS Excel version is here.

The 20190813, 54-page Fax to the Crown included:

(n) 14-page Updated Summary of Facts:

and fax confirmation that all 54 pages were received by Ottawa’s Crown Attorney’s Office, as well as (insert name of demon-infested entity)

This is beyond any S. 7 Abuse of Process, in my opinion: this is federal crime being committed by officers of the court who are under oath.

All bulk packages sent, by date:

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All mail sent, by entity:

 Crown Attorney’s Office

 Ottawa Police

 The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa

 Bell Baker LLP

 The Law Society of Ontario



01_a-01_z materials referenced:

 01_a. 20190729 Moore notes prepared for hearing with Kreling (not heard)

01_b. 20190731 Moore notes for hearing (not heard)

01_c. 20190802 Moore letter to BellBaker cc Crown, CAS

01_d. 20190802 Moore letter to Crown

01_e. 20190802 Moore letter to Crown re OPS & Party to Offence

01_f. 20190802 Moore analysis of Crown Disclosure – preliminary

01_g. 20190807 Moore letter to Duty Psychiatrist Brothwaite

01_h. 20190812 Activity Journal while at OCDC

01_i. 20190812 Moore letter faxed to family physician, Dr. Judy Chow

01_j. 20190812 Moore letter mailed to Crown

01_k. 20190812 Moore letter mailed to parents

01_l. Forced from jail, 20190813 Form 33B.1 Answer and Plan of Care by Moore

01_m. Overview of offences committed for Kiska to obtain 20190804 CYFSA order re Sean & Cate















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06aa-06az materials referenced: