Ottawa’s Superior Court of Justice

Justice Ryan Bell

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In a nutshell:

  • My house was emptied during a 2019 Eviction Scam: I lost everything I owned which was worth about $500,000 although most of my wardrobe was irreplaceable and my art, jewelry and memorabilia from motherhood …. priceless.
  • Accomplices to this crime were:
    • Re/Max Real Estate Agent Lamah El-Rayes (“Raise”)
    • Paralegal Diego Fernandez-Stolls (“Stole”)
    • Alleged landlord Habib Khaldoon-Allah (“Allah”); though, there is zero evidence that such a person exists and, of course,
    • sociopathic ex, John Kiska.
  • After exhausting every available avenue to retrieve my belongings, I brought a Civil Action against the culprits that included the Ottawa Police Services Board due, primarily, to the crimes & torts committed by taxpayer-funded Constable Andrew Reesor.
  • Of course, the culprits have no interest in compensating me for my and my children’s stolen property and brought several Motions to have my Claim struck: enter stage left, “The Rule 21 Motion”, a game played by judges & lawyers alike (see Justice Sally Gomery)
  • After Justice FName Kershman bailed (likely because he knew I would request he recuse himself due to obvious bias) and Justice Sally Gomery actually did recuse herself, Bell cherry-picked my claim, ignored most of my written and oral testimony, “misinterpreted” legislation (or, outright lied) and committed multiple crimes, including but not limited to, Defamatory Libel, to support her decision to strike my claim … without leave to amend.

Photograph of Justice Ryan Bell is currently unavailable: apparently she made connections with Ottawa’s career-criminal lawyers while working at Bennett Jones LLP.

“Can a woman be a misogynist? Absolutely. Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice is loaded with them. Liberal Cabinet Minister #DavidLametti makes sure of it!” 

            ~ Deirdre Moore, business owner, (former) CFA, BBA & childless mother of two.


  • I need to appeal Bell’s scandalous decision.
  • However, the judges sitting in Ontario’s Divisional Court have already proven themselves to be just as criminal as those sitting on Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice bench. (Insert link to Errors, Omissions & Malicious Obfuscation page for scandalous decision* rendered by 3-judge panel: J. Perrell,  J. Matheson, J. Kristjanson.

Note: The public posting of much of  my evidence against the CAS, OPS & Crown Attorney’s Office and, by default, both the Ontario Court of Justice and its Superior Court of Justice (family, civil, criminal, divisional AND appellant) has been criminalized via an illegally-obtained Probation Order** (see conditions #11-12, even though any such publication would obviously be for lawful purpose and IS ACTUALLY LEGALLY REQUIRED as per S. 21(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada!!!

It’s SO OBVIOUS: see condition #9 on my Probation Order: Mike Boyce criminalized my speaking to my children’s TEACHERS just to see how they’re doing—after dropping all material charges AND with full knowledge that I was simply the victim of a wicked #TDVCA divorce strategy. John Kiska simply does not want my kids to know the truth: I never abandoned them, I am not mentally ill nor dangerous. He is simply a wicked, impossible-to-divorce sociopath.


For details the other two crimes committed on April 8, 2019 (4+8,2+10>12,12>3,3>6) so crime syndicate to chuckle at the “666” see:

  • Calum MacLeod
  • Paule Kemgni

Feel free to request a copies of any and all court documents by sending to me an e-mail at



It will be difficult to itemize the irreparable harm that Justice Ryan Bell has caused me and my two children by ignoring my evidence and testimony regarding the 2019 Eviction Scam: we are still paying the price today. Note that, like OCJ Criminal Judge Jonathan Brunet (for my “sentencing”), SCJ Family Judge Mary Fraser (for the loss of my children) and SCJ Divisional Judges X, Y & X (again, for the loss of my children), Ryan Bell had most if not all of the evidence provided below.

SUMMARY: In reverse chronological order:


  • 20221215 Stole is now looking to milk me out of more money with a fresh, illegally-obtained, court order in his hand. Participants in Ottawa’s crime syndicate, as then descended into sociopathy, aren’t very bright: I’ve given Stole more than enough opportunity to not enable this theft of Sean, Cate & my property. (20221215 e-mail exchange is viewable here.)
  • x
  • x
  • x

Meanwhile, the non-Eviction Scam perpetrators:

  • 202205xx dropped all but one of the remaining 14 bogus criminal charges against me in exchange for my agreement to several conditions. (aka extortion: see details at Mike Boyce)
  • 2022mmdd ignored oral and written testimony in order to force me to sue separately the two individuals responsible for the damning 2019 NCR finding–forcing more delay, more costs and general denial of access to justice as is Ontario’s judicial systems’ specialty. (see Heather Williams)
  • 2022mmdd denied my appeal of the two scandalous CYFSA court orders (see XXXXX)
  • 2022mmdd denied my appeal of Pamela MacEachern’s scandalous Family court decision (see XXXXX)
  • x
  • x


  • x
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  • x
  • x


  • 201908xx Career criminal Wade Smith of Bell Baker LLP fully leveraged my unwarranted arrest and anti-Charter detention to:
    • have the long-awaited divorce trial cancelled by Tracy Engelking and
    • have the illegally-obtained, scandalous child support of merely $345/month (see Julie Audet) illegally terminated.
  • 20190726 After receiving advice from the CAS, Kiska filed a false complaint against me for Criminal Harassment. and told Ottawa Police Services that I was schizophrenic and dangerous. Due to negligent investigation &/or crime syndicate affiliation by multiple members of Ottawa Police Service (i.e. Alex Kirady, Daniel Gervais & Jean Benoit), Kiska was able to illegally obtain another restraining order plus a non-communication order.
  • Plus, due to the performances of crooked Crown prosecutor Mike Boyce and Justice of the Peace Paul Harris, I was denied bail!
  • x
  • x
  • 20190314 En route to another CAS hearing, I was:
    • apprehended and falsely accused by Quebec Provincial Police,
    • slandered by Quebec Crown Patric Cardinal,
    • forced into detention and a psychiatric assessment by Quebec Judge Joey Dubois and
    • detained by psychiatrist Dr. Paule Kemgni who detained me for 21 days while:
      • a final, unlawful, illegally-obtained protection order was awarded against me, in favour of malignant narcissist (i.e. high-functioning sociopath John Kiska) by crooked Ontario Judge Calum McLeod (see 20190408 redacted court order here)
      • my house was emptied of Sean’s, Cate’s and my contents without my knowledge—while Kiska and Raise were well aware of my predicament. (see 20190408 Eviction Notice here) and
      • she produced a 20190408 “Not Criminally Responsible” opinion for a crime I never committed and for which I was fully acquitted after everything dear to me had been stolen.
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • 20190201 Sean and Cate were illegally apprehended by Mohammend Said of the CAS and three crooked &/or ignorant-of-the-law OPS cops.


  • x
  • x
  • 20180825 The Ottawa Citizen, a PostMedia-owned publicationvery well aware of the degree of organized crime that ravages the capital of Canada—enjoyed mocking me by posting my Letter to the Editor.
  • 2018mmdd Bell Baker’s Wade Smith threatened Moore to agree to shared custody with Kiska. When she refused, he wrote an entirely false and defamatory letter to crooked judge and ex-CAS employee Tracy Engelking.
  • 20180711 The 4-month analysis completed by Katherine Bobula (of Timmins, Ontario) was released: her first and foremost recommendation was that “the mother have sole custody of [her children]”.


  • 201711xx I received permission to seek extensive damages for Kiska’s violations of both civil law & the Criminal Code of Canada in a family court setting. While Justice Summers did not permit me to amend the stated facts (which were sorrily deficient as they were prepared by Syndicate participants at Victor Vallance Blais LLP) her Honour did permit me to seek all of the damages that were tenable at law.

Guidance for Law Enforcement


  1. S. 21(1) > Parties to Offence (link to page that lists each criminal he has assisted to commit a crime)
  2. S. 23(1) > Accessory after the fact (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  3. S. 380(1)(b) Fraud (X counts)
  4. S. 300/301 Defamatory Libel (X counts)
  5. S. 366 Forgery (0 counts)
  6. S. 137 Fabricated Evidence (X counts)
  7. S. XXX False Affidavit (X counts)
  8. S. 131 Perjury (X counts)
  9. S. 126 Disobeying a Statute (X counts)
  10. S. 264 Criminal Harassment (X counts: link to page that lists each criminal she has assisted to commit a crime)
  11. S. 139(1) > Obstruction of Justice (X counts)
  12. S. 465(1)(b) Conspiracy to Prosecute
  13. S. 83.18 > Terrorist Activities || See also S. 83.01 (1) for definition/clarity

Guidance for Other Victims of Taxpayer-funded Domestic Violence & Child Abuse (#TDVCA)


  1. Negligence: _.
  2. Defamation: _.
  3. Breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  4. Knowing assistance in breach in fiduciary duty: _.
  5. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  6. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against me: _.
  7. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  8. Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress against Sean and/or Cate: _.
  9. Malice
  10. Unjust Enrichment

EVIDENCE OF CRIME/VIOLATIONS: ACTIONS AND/OR INACTIONS OF RYAN BELL, Judge who represents Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice

    1. ________:
    2. ________: