Maria Sirvar


She denied my Application for any Third-party Records:

  • CAS records, not relevant
  • OCL records, not relevant
  • Hospital records are my own: I simply need to order them … (except I am in no position to pay for any records, just like the police files I cannot access).

Only permitted to subpeona  police officers who can testify to my attempting to seek assistance within the past (approximately) ?six months?; so:

  • Alex Kirady not permitted,
  • Sebastien Paradis not permitted,
  • 20211031 officer-who-closed-file & two-OPS-sent-in-2022 not permitted (see details at

I asked this woman for an endorsement as I might appeal her decision: no endorsement, no order.

She asked Amicus Curiae Marni Munsterman to seek avenues for requesting free transcripts: I informed her that there weren’t any.